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Valentine's Weekend in Amsterdam

We arrived in Amsterdam on the Thursday and stayed to the Sunday. It was my second time in the city and my boyfriends? first. We intended to have a good time.

Having getting directions from a local Irish bar in Leidesplein we arrived at the AMS Hotel. It was a fairly big room (downside was 2 twin beds), with a tv and it was nice and warm. Even though it was twin beds, they were very comfortable. We unpacked and decided to explore the city. First we decided to go to the RLD but on the way we stopped at a coffee shop called ?Rookies? which also serve beer and have a pool table. We do not normally toke any more, but decided to give it a go anyway. I ordered two pre-rolled ?stickies? from the bar with grass and we sat down with our beers in the dark coffee shop. After sparking up and taking a few tokes I felt ok ? so I had a little more ? what a mistake! I began to feel very weird and stoned until the point were I was gonna fall off my stool. I just about made it into the bathroom before I lost all sight and had to hang onto the cubicle door for support. After a few minutes I felt my way to the toilet seat and sat down. I talked myself around and managed to leave the bathroom ten minutes later. As soon as I made it back to my seat I told Kevin we had to leave. I knew everyone knew we were wasted. I left my beer and we went outside. Then Kevin started to feel the effects so we both sat down outside the coffee shop. I?m sure we were a great advertisement for how good the gear was ;) The bartender kept coming out and giving us drinks of water and sugared water and it was very helpful. After a while we had to go back to the hotel to lie down for a few hours and eat lots of potato chips ;). How come you forget how potent the grass is? It happens to everyone. The bartender said it happened everyday and most of the time people fall and bang their heads of the bar! Ouch!

After a few hours we weren?t as stoned anymore so we walked into the RLD and did a bar crawl, looked at the women in the windows and the street dealers. Then we got some snacks and wine and went back to the hotel for a relaxing night.

The next day we woke up about noon and hired some bikes. We cycled out of the city to Oosterkerk and took some pictures of windmills (culture thing) and back to Amsterdam again. Boy our asses were sore ? but it was fun and great to get a bit of exercise. We then went to ?Tuchinksys? old theatre in Rembrantplein. It is a movie theatre now in a beautiful setting with high ceilings and I recommend going to it. You can even buy beer whilst watching your movie. We went to a lovely restaurant afterwards called ?Indian Memories? and the food was good. I was really tired and so we spent another night in the hotel and saved our energy for the next day.

The following day was Valentine?s day and we got up early to check out some museums. We went to Van Gogh and the Heineken Brewery. Both were good but I have to admit we spent more time at Heineken! It was great value for money for ?7.50 you got a tour, 3 beers and a free gift. I would recommend it. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting lost trying to find an old brown bar called CafĂ© Chris beside Westermark, and when we found it ? it was closed. We consoled ourselves with going to an Irish bar in Leisdesplein to watch Ireland play France in Rugby. Ireland got beat 

We had tickets that night to go to Boom Chicago and even though it was a good show, it was a little scripted for my liking. The suggestions from the audience were predictable and the actors must have improvised them a thousand times. I don?t regret going but I was keen to get out and go on the Canal Cruise at night. Before we went on the cruise we took a couple of herbal ecstasy with natural caffeine. I did not think they would work one bit ? but I was wrong  The canal cruise was lovely with candles and champagne, Kevin and I sat outside on the back of the boat looking at everything in the fresh night air and waving at people in fancy restaurants. It was a lovely experience and very romantic. Other couples came out to talk to us and it was a superb 90 minutes. Maybe it was the champagne or the herbal stuff ? but I can barely remember what I was talking about to all those people! Truly great!

After the cruise we were in the mood to party so we lined up at Paradiso ? but after 30 minutes and reaching the front of the line, we were not prepared to pay the ?30 entrance fee to get in. Apparently it was ?special? night as lots of people were dressed up as pimps. We took a taxi to the Arena club instead and it turned out to be a good move. It was ?15 in each and the music was pumping ? we had an excellent night danicing until 5am. We were offered to go to another party but we decided to go back to the hotel and get some sleep.

We slept until 10 am and had to get up and go to get ready for the flight home. On the way to the tram we stopped off for some souvenirs and felafel from Maoz which I had heard so much about. It was delicious. What an excellent trip was had. I felt like we had did so much and experienced what Amsterdam was truly about? great people, fun times, good food and always something new to do!
Thanks for the report, sounds like yous had a magical time. And got to experience a touch of everything Amsterdam had to offer.
excellent report, thanks for taking the time to post it.
It sounds like you guys spent some time on what I dubbed the "stoner stoop". It is the concrete stairs right next to the door at the Rookies. I did the exact same thing on my first trip in 1999. I purchased some hash which I consumed the Dutch way, with tobacco. I soon "went green" and had to go outside and sit on said stoner stoop until I regained my balance!
Pax and thanks for the great report.
Cool report and what a lovely way to spend valentines - might have to take the wife next year...Boner...
What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's day. Really enjoyed reading your trip report. Thanks so much.
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