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Beer stores in Amsterdam.

Hello, I've spent quite a bit of time reading a small fraction of the threads on the channels here the last few weeks and the wisdom in these threads is pure gold.

I'm going to Amsterdam for my very first time in June, 3 weeks total, however we will spend at least a week in cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam and the like.

My parents came to Canada from the Netherlands after the war and this trip is a bit of a pilgramage (sp?) as well as meeting relatives for the first time.

We hope to travel again in 2006 while the World cup is in Germany and nip over for a game or two.

Anyway enough of the introduction and on to my first question.

I'm aware there is a Beer/Spirits store at Paleisstraat 125, what will I find here?

Where else is beer sold in Amsterdam? The Albert Heine?
What sort of selection are we looking at?

My sources (DK Amsterdam) also mention a tasting bar called In De Wildeman at Kolksteeg 3. How much is the admission and how much may you taste?

Any information on retail beer sales/prices would be appreciated.
Here's a good one: http://www.europebyphoto.com/images/03AMS/new/gollem.jpg
And to find out everything about beer please go to Gadreel's fine site:
Drink 'em if ya got 'em.
Good links BO, thanks.

Making me thirsty before I get there.
The shop at Paleisstraat 125 is the Bier Koning (http://www.debierkoning.nl/) , they have hundreds of beers from all over the world.
Albert Heijn has a somewhat limited choice , mostly the big names (Heineken, Grolsch,Duvel,etc) .

Enjoy your trip.

A few excellent references: Biercafe's in Nederland, this is a free little booklet that we got at 't Arendsnest, Herengracht 90. Also, The Serious Drinker's Beer Cafe Guide that is available at Bier Koning, and the book, The Good Beer Guide to Belgium and Holland by Tim Webb. Our Amsterdam favorites are: Wildeman, 'T Smalle, Hoppe, Doktorje, 't Aendsnest and Brokke Ground (wonderful Mei Bock).
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