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Katsu visit: Golden Sage, ah, nice...

Stumbled into Katsu yesterday as part of an official coffeeshop crawl with Delta9 and Weezil. I didn't even recognize the market street, Albert Cuypstraat, on a Sunday since the market was dismantled and the street was filled up with parked cars and the market had vanished. Unbelievable how different it looked, heck, I had just walked that market end-to-end on Tuesday, and couldn't recognize it on Sunday. Only in Amsterdam.

Found Katsu with help from Delta9, ah, it's been years it seems. It really has been years. I was in search of "Sage", but it wasn't available, they only had "Golden Sage". Golden it was, too, sticky, nice, tastes great. I can't recall if it was 9.50E or 12.50E a gram, I didn't even try to remember but it was one or the other. Still, a tasty nugget of a treat, golden, sticky, very sticky and worth whatever I paid. One nice nugget with lots of resinous bulbs, verified later in the DeKuil microscope.

We got a small table, and then a larger one when Weezil showed up. I did not detect any bad attitude towards us all all and enjoyed the visit. I think we smoked a joint there but we smoked many that day and I don't have exact details but it was good. And, I've been hitting the Golden Sage bud since morning and it still tastes good.

Enjoyed my Katsu visit, the Golden Sage was nice, recommended but a little hard to find. Last time I had it was outside of Rookies on a Spring day with Cat and 2 of his lady-friends (relatives I think they were) who had brought some and smoked it with us. Ah, Sage again, so lovely...

Yes that was a nice diversion Otis
and despite some reports Katsu was nice and attitude-free
for the record the joint in Katsu was golden sage mixed with monkey from Vianen
It sure was tasty for a first joint , We all needed food after!!
I hope Delta had a good time as well
I know how the city puts a snag in most plans so it was nice to play it by ear once we were all together
Until we got Tram-jacked on our way to the centrum
but that is another story for some other time ask Delta

Slightly slower than normal on a monday,
Did you sample / see any of the South African cream? I'm intrigued to know what this hash is like.
Yo! I'ma try it next week, as I catch the cheapest flight!
Sorry guest I did not try the SA cream but I do highly recommend the Crystal Clear , expensive (I think I paid 15e a gram)not sure though too many joints that day
really strong hash not much taste on the intake but a nice "hashy" taste on the exhale if that makes sense
even the locals in the countryside were impressed
Otis I will save some in case we meet up this weekend
Hi Weezil, I hope we are meeting up this weekend and I'd love to try some of that cool looking hash. I was fairly weak today, we smoked such a large dose yesterday. I had those hash bon bons, then that hash hot chocolate, phew just recovering now I think.

HEY! Bring some of ThAT stuff to the Rusland on the 19th. Or De Kuil on the 20th.....please?
Love ya guys! See you two again very soon!

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