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Pressed or unpressed?

What's the difference? I read an interesting website on the making of hash, and it covered the old skool way of screening, as well as newer ways such as pollinator and iceolator/bubble bags. It was very informative, but it was rather vague when it came to the subject of pressing. It intimated that pressing made the hash somehow different. Does it really do anything besides stick the crystals together, or is there some sort of real change that it undergoes (chemically or effect-wise)?
My knowledge isn't vast, but AFAIK there are various different binding ingrediants producers use when making hash. Honey is often used in Morocco, as well as more sinister stuff in the soapbar that reaches Britain (blood, boot polish, henna).
Dunno how pressing something could make it undergo some kind of chemical change... surely impossible? ANy chemists out there?
I'm no chemist, but heat can definitely cause chemical reactions depending on the chemicals and the degree of heat.
you don't need heat...just pressure. The pressure will burst the glands and causes them to stick together. Heat speeds up the process though.
I was lead to believe that to press the hash you used a combination of heat and pressure, but whats for sure is unpressed and pressed hash both gets you stoned so I can't obviously see any reason to press them - just my 2 euros...Boner...
Pressed is easier to smuggle and doesn't spill as easily.

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