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Pre-packaged gear ?

Hi ,

Just a quick question about pre-packaged gear . When I first arrive in Amsterdam my plan is to go to Central Coffeeshop and pick up a 5 gram deal to get me started . Is this pre-packaged ? Is the Noons "High Noon Special" pre-packaged ?

Why do people not like the pre-packaged gear ? Is it usually low quality ? And can anyone recommend where to go for the best value 5 gram deals and include a rough estimate of their price . I want a couple of bags for smoking at the hotel and when I`m out and about , so I don`t wanna spend a fortune on my 5 gram deals , to leave more money for spending on top-notch gear in the coffeeshops .
Once again thanks for any help !

people like to look at large tupperware containers and maybe point at big buds. prepackaged is not a sign of low quality weed. i have never been to coffeeshop central, personaly i advise you not to go, imho you turn the wrong direction as you leave central station to get there. my advice would be to turn right and either go to de kuil, siberie, rockerji,anyday,picasso,homegrown fantasy(if its early go to barneys) or any of a handful of others. your walk will be more pleasent and you won't have to deal with as many of the street pushers. save the east side of the damrak for another day. some people turn left and have a unpleasent experiance (upper RLD) in the first few minutes others turn right and end up stoned walking thru one of the best parts of the city (jordaan).

the noons 5 gram deals are not prepackaged, they cost from 23e and up.

grey area 5 gram deals (my opinion the best deal in the city) is about 35e.

most 5 gram deals average between 25e-40e, some shops do not have 5 gram deals, most shops do.
My personal oppinion is there are too many strains to buy 5 grams of any one of them, a gram or two is more than enough for a good taste of most strains. If you really like something you can always go back and get more. I prefer weighing at time of purchase and like to look it over and give it a sniff or two before I buy. A handy thing for looking it over is a Radio Shack 30 power lighted magbifier ( $6 - $10 at RS ) The light is strong enough to make the crystals jump right out and look beautifull.

Central has pre packaged stuff, but ya have to buy ?25. worth at a time.

The 5 gram deal at Noon for the Blueberry is 23euro's and is a top quality weed and as far as prepackaged gear go and try Bushdoctors (the Blue Ice Velvet!!!) then give your opinion...Boner...
Nuts to 5 gram deals. Buy five one gram units of different strains. Thats the best deal.
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