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poison and fog

There is fog in Utrecht today and not from smoking weed! Will I ever see the sun and be warm again? Made a cold stroll into Amsterdam last night in search of several nice comforts. Well at least it wasn't raining or snowing. I found some comforts, too, but stayed cold. Almost got warm in Old Church coffeeshop. The bartender was so nice, so sweet, in a friendly way. Bruce Springstein tunes played at a nice volume, and it was just me and her for a bit. I liked that! Uh-oh, watch out, I felt "mission creep" entering my mind and got back on track to smoking and toking. It sure is a nice place to stop, uh, I think I'll go back tonight and see if she is still there dancing and singing. I like to hear the churchbells and watch the traffic there. And, smoke.

It's a funny thing, but as many times as I've done it, dozens for sure, I still get the rush when arriving in Amsterdam Centraal, especially when exiting the station and seeing the skyline of the city. It's just a wonderful feeling and place to be. Things like that are what makes a great thing great and keeps it that way. I think of Pavlov's dogs, salivating at a ring of the bell cause they know food is coming, and think for a moment I'm just a highly trained dog, and I know that I'm gonna get some tasty weed. But it's more pleasure than that, it's a sensory-smorgasborg of many delights.

Bought a few grams of some lovely Poison from Picasso. It's got nice red hair and lots of white crystals on it. Very smooth. I've only begun smoking it with morning coffee, and only had a few hits, but I'm really beginning to like this stuff. I'll keep testing it, but it might be a new favorite. The dealer was really nice, let me pick the buds, and gave me a good price. Photos and a photo of the menu go out to the gear-list soon.

Visited Bushdoctor but they were all out of Jelly Hash, which was listed at 30 Euro a gram. I just wanted to try it, for experimantal sake, ya know. See what the big deal is. I ended up with 1/2 gram of Kali Mist Ice Hash for 12.50 Euro. Guy said it would expand and make me cough. I've smoked for 30 years and figured I could handle it. 5 minutes later I was coughing. It sure does expand. Only took a few hits and got pretty stoned. Needs more testing...and I will.

Of course had to get another big, fat, stinky bud of Matanuska Mist, too, from Nes coffeeshop. Guy let me pick it from the bowl, without question I picked the biggest fattest bud in the bowl. Twas fun. Smells nice. I'm stocking up for a lot of heavy smoking coming up.

Heavy-smoking anyone? Ja, soon.

Man that sounds great! All of it!! The only thing is we can't see it. It would be great if you would post pictures a la Rafes1 http://overgrow.com/edge/showthread.php?s=&threadid=395338&pagenumber=1 . Register at some site that you can post pictures and let us have it!!!! I know everybody would appreciate it. Please give us our picture fix!!!
Too stoned to register and sign up for another thing, and I'm fading out of this business, but I'll email them to you and you can post if you want, I hope that's okay with you. PM me and I'll put your email on the gear-list for photos, and I won't sell or share your email. I'll just spam you with pictures of hash, fine weed, menu's, and the like for a few weeks then I'm done and would really appreciate someone sending me some, once in a while, so I can drool then. I'm going to miss all those fine smokables.

I'm already missing it.....and I haven't arrived yet. If you want, I will go with you to the airport to have that last smoke before the plane ride back to prison! ;-)

Talk more and smoke more when we meet!

I loved the Poison from Picasso...and the dealer...and the deal he gave me.

Good weed indeed!
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