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upload file

any one know where i can upload a file of my trip to amsterdam so i can share it with all of you peeps !!!! ps the file is 52mb
If It is for your pictures then you could try
That lets you store 10(?) pictures and then you can copy the properties in between the ubb codes.
100 + pics and sounds.....................help
Try yahoo. I posted over 50 pics and they are viewable only to the people you want. I am about to post more....and I haven't had any probs with them.

Yeah as soeuleast said sign up and start a Yahoo Group.
try this link

That has loads of space for files and pics.
it will only let me up load 20mb what i have done is make a screen saver with 110pics and a nice bit of reggae dubed over the top the file is 53 mb
there must be some whare i can upload this HELP.............................
Start your own website or FTP it to people. I like the website idea. Very easy nowadays.

Would creating a group at http://groups.msn.com/home help at all? Other channelites can join and post their pics on there as well.
msn only offer 3mb lol of space dam it
Hey, I would really enjoy seeing your pics. Please let us know if/when you get it up... er, I mean when your pics are posted. hehe
here are a few....... when i find some whare that i can up load 50 odd meg i will do so. http://amsterdampartone.mysite.freeserve.com/
500meg and 15 day free trial here http://www.xdrive.com/

It's only 15 days but at least we would get to see them.
you need to give a credit card num.............. i dont have one lol never mind thanks any way
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