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Shroom Dosage and coming down

The smart shops sell the dried shrooms in supposedely single dosages... What is your opinion on a good weight for a single dose for a first timer trying Hawaiin Mushrooms? Or Mexican Mushrooms? I got 1 of each. I was thinking half a dose would be good for a first time... opinions if that would be enough?

Also I've heard rumors that coca~cola will bring you back down, is that true? What other methods would quickly bring you back?

Thanks in advanced
A single dose for mexican or hawaiian (dry) is probably around 1-1.5 grams. If you have fresh just multiply time ten (10-15 grams).

If you are concerned about how much to take, just take half of one type depending on how big a does you bought. Should be about half a gram. However the last time I was in the Dam, there were 3 grams of dried shrooms in the package (three doses!) Make sure you know how much you are taking, wait an hour or two, and if you want it to be more intense just take the same amount as before.
If I haven't tried a particular strain of mushroom before then I ALWAYS eat about 1/2 an eighth (i.e. 1.75 grams) dried. I never go over 2 grams if I don't know anything about the fungus. In my opinion this is a safe dose. I don't think drinking coke will bring you down, but eating food will definitely speed up the trip. A trip usually last from 5 to 6 hours after
you eat the mushrooms. But if you eat a big plate of waffles (for example) while you're tripping then the length of your trip shortens considerably. But it's not like you will be brought back instantly or anything. Your body has to digest those shrooms you ate. Just relax and let them run their course. :)
I used to take a bit of LSD back in the day but mushrooms I have never tried. I was considering buying some on my last visit but I bottled out because I dont know what I am buying. Not sure which type gives which buzz and all that.
Anyone know of the names of the strains and which ones have what effects.
The most common magic mushroom is Psilocybe Cubensis. They come
in different strains - Mexican, Ecuadorian, Cambodian, Hawaiian, Golden Teacher, B+, etc. It has been my experience that all Ps. Cubensis shrooms are similar in buzz but some are stronger than others and some are more of a body buzz than others. I've never tried any other of the hallucinogenic mushrooms - Ps. Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens. Ps. Tampenensis, any of the Panaleous varieties, or others.
Yes, if you're not experienced with a particular strain,
try a smaller dose on your first go.

I find the Mexican variety to be pretty mild and
took a double dose of the pre-packaged dry they used to sell,
and had no problems with sitting through
a long Wagner opera in Amsterdam. Did feel like my feet had
grown roots into the floor though. Made for a nice evening.

I also have tried fresh Philosophers Stones, but they didn't
agree with my stomach and I threw them up before feeling
anything other than nausea.

My best tripping experience was with the Hawaiians (Cyanescens).
I ate a triple dose of the large dose of dried they used to sell,
I think it was 6 grams. Man, I had an out-of-body experience
with that large a dose and just lay in my hotel bed for about
4 hours that night. Extremely visual. When I had my eyes open,
everything was appeared orange. When I had them closed, it
was wild and very hard to describe, but beautiful.

The effect was so strong that I think novice psychonauts would
have freaked out. When the first huge wave hit me, I knew I had
taken too many, but I also knew that whatever happened it would
wear off and I just went with it. After the visuals wore off, I was
left with a lingering feeling of true euphoria. I still remember that
feeling and cherish it. I have never felt happier. Everything was
right with the world and I wanted to run out into the Amsterdam
streets and hug strangers, telling them how wonderous this world is.
It was 3am, so I stayed in my room:)

For your first try, sample the Mexican. As you gain experience,
be sure to try the Hawaiians, too.

Reading over Gidget's post on this thread, maybe I took 9(!)
grams of the Hawaiians? I remember the shop selling the packages
as multi-dose, depending on how much you took. I just bought
three of them and took them all at once, crumbling them into
a glass of hot water and letting them steep a bit until gulping
the whole thing down on an empty stomach.

Would I do the same thing again? No, don't think I would:)
I agree with many psoters that the haiwaiians are the most visual.....and they are a good time......but I say try a variety....i thouroughly enjoyed the ecuadorians.....i also liked to mix say 10-15 FRESH grams of haiwaiian and 10-15 FRESH grams of equadorian....different shrooms give you different FX.....so mix and match for optimum giggly visual hilarity.

P.S even though some (very few) smartshops sell dried mushrooms,keep in mind they are considered hard drugs and you could get in trouble....thats why i ALWAYS buy fresh.....why carry around something thats illegal when you can get the legal equivelant instead,and then not have to worry.....just some sound advice.
So, we gotta buy them and dry them out? Shitty. I wanted to just buy and eat. I don't want to eat 15 grams of wet nasty mushrooms. Man, I miss those days of taking a couple doses and off I went for a good 6 hours!

Are there any shops that sell dry? Or is that law in effect now?

you don't have to dry them, just buy them when you're ready to dose because as soon as they come out of the fridge they will start to get nasty.
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