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Common sense is starting to rear it's beautiful head in places other than Amsterdam. This from the city of Oakland in the republic of California:

"Under city policy, medical cannabis patients may possess no more than 3 pounds of processed weed, or no more than 72 indoor plants or 20 outdoor plants. "Caregivers," who grow for others, may have those amounts for each of the patients they are supplying -- provided they have proof of a doctor's recommendation for each patient."

A step in the right direction.

You got to love those Kali People. That vote that happend years ago, was a grand step in the right direction. It kind of pissed off the Feds, at the time the 8th State passed Prop.#215, they decided to vote 8 to 0, against the plant, thereby making it still illegal from a Federal standpoint. The persistance of their oppisition never stops amazing me.
Nonetheless, still the 8 States got the vote off and can choose to fight off the feds, like the grand State of California did, also years ago... It was sweet to see Clinton's boys run out of town, on the news nonetheless. Hell, I loved seeing that more than smoking this J'... Goodness, we love the Kali People for taking a huge stand....
Long Live the 'Replubic'
I am not currently smoking, but medical marijuana will always be a huge issue for me. I have TMJ which used to cause constant headaches. I mean constant, I woke up with a headache and went to bed with a headache, usually to the point of nausea. Marijuana was like magic, it had simultaneous pain relief and muscle relaxant properties and the headaches basically disappeared when high. Smoking every night made me kinda hungover in the morning and more "flighty", I guess I would call it. Of the drugs the docs tried me on... The first (elavil) made me foul tempered all the time, gave blurred vision, made me feel groggy ALL the time, etc.. The second (baclofen) had to be tapered onto and tapered off of. If I had stopped taking it abruptly I risked convulsions. It made me feel like I had been on a 3 day drunk constantly. If I sat down to read, or watch TV, or drove, or in any way got inactive, I had a tendency to doze off.

Doctors have even made public statements to the effect that, no, pot is not without side effects, but if you compare it to the side effects of any drug we have with its pain relief potential it is very benign.

If you've ever had a constant pain syndrome you would realize that when they take away patients pot, they are basically stealing their life away. Taking away the ability to lead a semi-normal life and sentencing them to hell.
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