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First timer

Hey, first time to Amsterdam, love this site!

A couple of questions-- how much cheaper to buy from dealers on the street than coffeeshops? I heard they have better stuff.

What part of town are the coffeeshops in?

What's the best one?

Can I bring my 10 year old son with me? it's time he learns how to smoke.
Coffeeshops can be found everywhere really... on this site you can find addresses of those that are seen as the best ones.

I don't know how much cheaper it is to buy it on the streets... the quality might be better sometimes, but the opposite might also be true.

And I don't think they'll let someone who's 10, and looks like he's 10, smoke probably... not even with a parent.
I hope the 10 year old was a joke and i shall take it that way.
I heard the same thing about the street dealers before i went but its not true they will try and stroke you. Why woudl you even consider buying smoke of the streets when its leagal to buy in shops. If you havent been before you will probably be amazed and pleasantly surprised by how open the coffee shops are and how friendly everyone in them are.
DO NOT BUY from street dealers, it is highly illegal. Why take the risk when there is such a variey of quality weed and hash available in the coffeeshops?
Remember, that scruffy street dealer might just be an undercover cop. Most street dealers sell hard drugs,which you want none of.
Coffeeshops are literaly everywhere, you will have no problem finding one. As to which one is best, that is a personal choice. A couple to avoid are Grasshopper and Bulldog, both are tourist traps.
Forget about taking a ten year old into a coffeeshop, they don't want to loose their license for underaged people on the premisis.

I usually just sit back and read and learn on this forum. This one I've got to say something.
First. Don't buy off the street!
It would be a sad day for your boy to watch dad get busted by undercover cops posing as drug dealers.
There are so many cool things for a kid to see and do in Amsterdam. You can take him to a real castle with a real moat around it. How cool would that be for a kid. The last time I was in AMS there was a Carnival at the Dam. Don't worry you will find it. The museums might be somewhat boring for him or not. Take him there anyway he will remember it for his life. There are Windmills and little country dutch towns. There are canal rides and parks. Heck you can rent a tent and sleeping bags at the park and have camp for a night. There is a zoo and so many other cool kid things to do. I am sure other channelites can elaborate and expand the list of things for 10 year old to do.
As was mentioned before, I hope you are kidding about getting a 10 year old high. Expand his mind with the culture of the Dutch not dope. Thats his friends job not yours and hopfully thats a few years away.
It would be alot more fun than you dragging around some stoned out of his mind kid. What the hell are you thinking. Any coffeeshop that would let a kid smoke should be shut down and you won't get into one with him anyway. Whats next buying him a hooker? I have harsher words for you but I will bite my tongue and hope you are not serious.
Yeah why dont you also buy your 10 year old son a bong while your at it too.
Anyone who is serious about bringing a 10 year old to amsterdam to smoke deserves to be ripped off buying drugs off a street vendor.
I just hope you dont plan on using your 10 year old as a drug mule to bring back stuff back to the us.
It's useful to be able to recognize a blatant troll.
totally shocked, i'v witnessed even young loooking 21 yaer old have a hard time getting in a coffee shp, never mind a 10, year old
Man, some of the more senior members just like fish in the water. They will bite at anything. This was not even a real good troll.
Whoa, 10yrs old is not the time to learn how to smoke. IMHO right now only thing a 10yr old should concern himself(and you) about is his education and playing with his Tonka toys. Weed is an adult indulgence, let's leave the little kiddies out of it. JMHO though.
DOESN'T ANYONE GET IT HERE? I was not going to post on this thread as the original post was soooo obviously a "flame" but so many people (who should have known better) have responded as though it was "serious" I feel impelled to point out the obvious. RIP thread.
Ok I bit and you got me.
Just to be clear, it wasn't me that posted the flame. I have more respect for this site not to mention better things to do, lol
Just to be clear, it wasn't me that posted the flame. I have more respect for this site not to mention better things to do, lol
PaxThat clarification was timely and spot-on, BO.. lmao!
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