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purple haze running through my brain

first timer here, enjoy the site, been to the mighty dam 10 times but not for a year and am taking wife next week. What I would like is info on purple haze and where to get the best of it in Amsterdam, any help would be great thanks in advance.
not sure. try checking out www.smokersguide.com
Forget the purple get the Hawiai haze at abraxes the best smokin some right now. cant' you tell by my spelling use there microscope it looks
Siberie has some good Purple Haze. Not the same name though. Theres its just called Purple. Abraxas as well as some good purple haze. Here its called purple power.

Many years ago the main thing in Amsterdam was the Super Skunk. I was a teen and got there by bus from Rome (shit like 15 hours), it was a pain in the ass but was cheap. The only strains you could find on a regular basis were skunk, super skunk, orange bud, purple haze and some imported crap.ht, white widow, silver haze (the next step). In italy it was quite easy to find skunk and orange bud, so we were curious about purple haze (and good maroccan hashes, of course). It looked sooo good because it was dark purple! Never seen a weed that dark, and that purple! Almost every shop had it and they were quite similar from shop to shop (eazy to understand: same grower, same owner, different shops). When we tried it we noticed that: the weed was very sticky, it had a good resin content; the look definitly ruled; the taste sucked; if you're a cougher, ya'll cough a lot as you will with many or the new strains and generally with hydro pot; the high was uplifting, different from orange bud or skunk. The haze part gives the trippy kick and that's the nice thing. For about 10 minutes my best friend turned grey and looked like he was gonna OD..."the fuck are you doin'?", gave him a chocolate bar and took him far from people and cars. He was fine in few time...
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