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Otis's last day

Had another wild time today, running on about 3 hours sleep from last night and won't get any till I get on the plane at 8:00am tomorrowing morning. I'm frantically trying to pack. Left it to the last minute of course.

Had a wonderful day at Amnesia testing samples with Old Hippy Dave. I mean, really testing samples. That is one wonderful coffeeshop and I think it will be a new favorite of mine considering the menu items.

I'll post more from Tennessee when I get there. I had a blast here and want to thank all those who I've met up with and have had the pleasure of smoking with. I spent my last days puffing with Old Hippy Dave (great guy), StoneyDude, wild-smoker-Miguel, and the rolling-Weezil. A quality bunch of people and I mean it.

Well, I gotta pack. Last days hurt, ya know. Even for me. Smoke one for me.

Take it easy, Otis. You are a legend!
Damn Otis,
I was hoping not to have to soldier on alone.
Life is calling you, Pick it up and answer, you owe it to yourself
We had a lot of fun the last few months, Kinda like a smoker/ex-pat support group.
The stories will live on....both on this board and in the tales we will have to remember for a long time to come.
I think we represented Utrecht quite well in the various meetings.
And I think your willingness to be our ambassador is noticed,both by the people who post here as well as the people we have met in person.
Thank you for the company and may life bring you only the best!
Anytime you are back in town we will party you have my cell #
Dont miss the party... it never ends. It will be always be there. Do not despair! You accomplished something a lot of people dream about.
Our paths will cross again.. I have that feeling, Here's to April '05
Until then I will dedicate a hit from each joint to you
Godspeed my friend, return to your family and loved ones and enjoy life!

Puffing solo soon ,

Now to head to Otis' apt. for last evening festivities.. everyone post him a nice sendoff Please
You have had a wonderfull adventure that very few others have experienced. I am just glad that I could be just the smallest part of it. Maybe you could pass the "gentlemans pipe" off to Weezil for safekeeping. I'll be back in the fall and will think of you often.

How about that,your farewell post is number 420
good luck on your endeavors
have a safe flight
really gonna miss those daily gear photos,,,

And most of all Otis' daily adventures in Mecca...

A Teary Eyed
How about that,your farewell post is number 420
good luck on your endeavors
have a safe flight

WOW, now that IS a Trip!!

What a way to go out ;)

Already missin' the gear pics,
Hey Otis,

It will be really strange not to read your regular trip reports sorry to never of met you maybe one day and when in Ams I shall smoke several for you..

Thanks for the advice as well as painting the atmosphere for my trip in June.

Have fun and don't forget to write!
"Poor Otis dead (well living in Tennefrickinsee) and gone, left us here to sing this song. Pretty little girl with the red dress on. Poor Otis dead and gone" J. Morrison, The Doors.
Pax and R.I.T.
love you man

see you in Nov.


the question is where is Otis's grinder
wouldn't you love to have the legend's ginder


I thought no one saw me put it but I was there tonite and saw another camera

so someone might of saw me but my back was to the cemara and I made like I was tieing my shoe

I saw the camera just about an hour ago downstairs at dolphins

AW FUCK -----SHIT-----

now you know it's at dolphins along with the hash etc

Stand by for the exzaked location

I would have loved the feel of your cock up my ass. Damn, sure wish you could be there......me
er, Sharon you dirty slag! What brought this on??
Otis, we'll miss ya' and I'll miss the gear photos too.
I'm guessin' you've already caught the plane and won't be reading this 'till you get to Tennessee, so here's hopin' you had a nice flight and you have a great new chapter to your life.

Don't be a stranger to these parts now.
Thanks to all for the kindness and friendships, I have 3 more hours in this apartment then I'm on my next journey. Can't wait to visit in late November or April 2005 for the big reunion.

I passed the "gentlemen's pipe" to Weezil, which I originally got from FlyByNite, per his request. Gave gray mist crystals, from BonBonBilly to my Dutch student friend.

I miss coffeeship Amnesia already.

Hey Otis,

Have a good trip back 'home' might meet up in April05 and thanks for the pics..

all good things must come to a end and its the same with the wildwood weed.

i am very happy i got a chance to smoke with you and look forward to april 2005.
Bye Otis and thanks for all the advise. It will come in handy. Take care and good luck to you.
Have a safe trip back to the USA.

Good luck in the new chapter of your life. All the best Otis!
amsterdam will miss Otis........ i for one will miss your reports and them lovely gear pics you send.... all the best Otis take care...
Otis good luck back in the states! April '05 won't be that far away...
Hi to all my channels-buddies! I made it back to Tennessee after an almost 24 hour journey. Went to bed at 2:00am on my last night, alarm clock woke me up at 3:00am, taxi picked me up at 4:00am, was at Schipol by 5:00am, plane left at 8:00am. Took about 2 hours to go thru customs and agriculture inspections at Detroit (they actually checked me very little, but made me stand around and wait, just like 100's of others), 5 hour layover, 1.5 hour drive back, and crashed big time. Only had about 4 hours sleep in total my last 2 nights in the Netherlands. Can't waste time sleeping if all that partying needs to be done!

Woke up next to a sweety this morning, it's a very nice way to start a day.

I'll miss all you folks...but I'll keep in touch and I might be there November 2004 (if Hippy Dave and StoneyDude go), and April 2005 for the channels party.

I have a lot reflections and thoughts about my 8 months spent "in country", and will post them as I gather my thoughts and life here.

Thanks for all the support from everyone.

And Weezil, thanks for all that rolling support! I'll sure miss it. My lungs are crackling and need to rest a bit and heal. My last day Hippy Dave and I tested 8 kinds of weed at Amnesia and had at least a joint of each as part of an evaluation we were working on.

Otis, in sunny Tennessee, with very good memories from "Amnesia". Odd, isn't it? Say hello to the owner at Amnesia from Otis!
Odd - no, an oxymoron -quite possibly. ;-)
Sleep is overated anyway!
Glad to hear you made it back safely Otis.
Cheers Otis!
Best of wishes; good luck; live long and prosper; etc, etc, etc.
Hate to sound cliche, but 'thanks for the memories.'

Your friend the hash-monger,

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