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Santa Marta Trip Report - Part 4

I must be caught up on sleep now as I was wide awake at 6am, watched the news then had the hotel breakfast. I then went to the Greenhouse near Waterlooplein--they remodeled it since the last time I was here in June. It now has a the dealer's counter right at the entrance followed by a turnstile that leads to the seating area. The menu was unfortunately sparse, they had no dark hash, and several weeds and light hashes were also unavailable. I got some A5H haze and checked out a joint there. It was nice to see two elderly couples come in, order and proceed to partake--they were at least seventy.

I then took a nice canalside walk into the Jordaan area and stopped by the Real Thing cs, my first time here. I was the only customer, the dealer and I hit it off quite well, so he ends up bringing all his wares to my table to show me and tell me about them. I started out sampling some nice weed, then some Maroc, then Nepal temple and finally tried their best--ice hash. Needless to say I was quite cooked when I left there. The dealer also grows his own and makes his own hash--quite the nice chap. I purchased some Afghani polm their, a brownish hash kinda in between light and dark hash--it provides a nice ampy, energetic buzz.

I had to take about a two hour nap from 4 til 6pm to get recharged. I then went to Amnesia cs (one I learned about from fellow Channelites) and got some Nepal temple that was quite nice. I really like this cs, it has a nice menu, the dealer is knowledgeable and it is comfortable to hang out in. I went across the street to Arendest, an all Dutch microbrew bar. I met a nice Scottish gentlemen who was in town for the Soccer matches. He shared some books on cafes/bars in Holland with me and we chatted over a few brews. I had several great beers, including one from Haarlem and a Dutch Bock beer all recommended by the friendly, owner/bartender. There is a Belgian restaurant next door that I will have to try next time, because I am now in the mood for Italian food.

So, I head to the Dam area and stop at an Italian restaurant and got gorgonzola salad and gorgonzola veal--love that cheese. I walked around a bit then to CS to take a tram to the Ledseplein area. I want to check out one of the bars that was in the Scottish guys book. The bar is directly across from Global Chillage cs on Kerkstraat and opens at 8pm. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the bar. It serves some good Belgian on draft and has lots of different fruit jenevers, which I tried for the first time there. The crowd is young for the most part and the place fills up quick because the drinks are cheap. I met a Dutch woman there who turned me onto jenevers, (1.70E per shot glass filled to the brim) and tried to teach me some Dutch. The place also allows mj smoking so I fired up a joint of A5H and chased my peach jenever with a peach belgian beer--what a treat! The bartender took a liking to me and gave me some free jenevers also--so I stayed until closing, then back to hotel to bed--another good day in the Dam.
Nice report!
No dark hasj at The Greenhouse?! Hmmm...
Did you try the Hawaiian Snow? It looked great last Jan.

When I think of Amnesia, I also think of Baba: I called these the 'red shops,' because of the prominent red motif. Amnesia also has a great setting; very peaceful.


Thanks Santa, for sharing that lovely slice of your time in Amsterdam.
Good report...glad your having fun
Nice report!
Did you try the Hawaiian Snow? It looked great last Jan.

I was there just before the cup which is when they introduced the Hawaiian Snow, so I just missed it. Hopefully, I'll get to try it next time as it sounds like a real winner--I've always had a thing for Hawaiian--like OHD, one of my faves is Hawaiian Haze.

Apprciate the feedback. Thanks

Santa Marta
Wow, they remodeled the Greenhouse, That I got to see. Thanks for the report. Makes for some nice places to put on the list to visit. Can't wait to try that Belgian Restaurant.
Thanks Santa Marta.
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