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Coffee Shop near the Airport?

Centraal Station.

I'm flying through Amsterdam next week, but sadly can't lay over like normal. Any coffee shops near the airport? I've got a tight enough connection that I don't think I'll have time for a trip into town.
ther is nothing thats all that close to the airport your best bet is to take the train under schipool to central station, its like 3.20 or something and takes less than half an hour. From there you only have a one or two minute walk to central coffeeshop or picasso two of the best in the area
There is one that is closer to the airport by taxi. If you have in terms of time, under 2 hours, you cannot go to Central Station and be back in time. I heard that if there is a line in this c/s you get to go first. It has been discussed before you should be able to search, I know I found it once.
First time i was in amsterdam was just for a plane change. I went into the center and was back at the airport in two hours with a few grams of gear. I hide it in my pocket and smoked it when I came home. Good times.
sorry to bump this up but i would relly like to know if there are any coffee shops near the airport? where is the closest one? if any of you good people who live in amsterdam could research this one i would be very greatfull. thanks
Check the knowledge base on this topic. The advice you have been given above is correct. There may be coffeeshops a bit closer than the centruum but as fo ease in getting there, well, unless you take a taxi CS is still your best bet.
A long while back I posted about Coffeeshop Sensimilia as being the closest shop to Schiphol but it's been closed for a while.

I went to www.coffeeshop.freeuk.com where there's a coffeeshop street index and looked for coffeeshops in the New South and beyond section that were close to a motorway exit. I settled on the Amstelveenseweg exit from the A10 motorway where I found Coffeeshop Jabba and De Kade. Both are about 10 blocks from the exit in the Stadionplein area.

I don't know anything about these shops but they're in a pretty decent neighboorhood. They look to be about a third of the distance compared to Schiphol--
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