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Vermeer's White Widows Week #7

Greetings all,

At the request of a few enquiring minds (who want to know), I will make an attempt to keep you updated throughout the summer as to the development of my beautiful WW triplets. In order to do that, I made some changes to the website a bit today. I split the links by specific week and added 5 more pics to the site for week #7.


As you will see there has been significant growth this week. The girls are very much past the shock of the pruning and have starting to fill out quite nicely. They are very much in the growth spurt stage and look different every day.

I actually had to rearrange all the plants on the rooftop this morning as they have started to outgrow the space which I originally allocated. At 7 weeks they are already almost as big as the Afghani girl of last year.

Things are going well. I will keep you posted.


Those are beautiful. Will you save a nug for the week of the cup? Do you ever worry about your neighbors? I have plants stolen out of my yard a week before harvest. I hate when that happens.

Thanks Milehigh,

Actually my neighbors could give a rat?s ass what I grow on my roof. They actually find it amusing that I would want to grow weed in the first place. What they don't understand is that I grew up in a place (Utah) where I would have been "hung out to dry" if I was ever caught growing a plant.

As for getting ripped off, hmmmm, someone would have to climb 6 stories straight up to get at them. My babies are 100% safe (except for the birds).

Dude, I will save you "several nugs", do not worry about that. These girls are for sharing. I will happily turn on any Channelite who I have the opportunity to meet up with. For me, that is basically what it is all about :)


Nice Emerald triangle.

Using any fertilizer?
Very nice...

Those are some real beauties!
What a beautiful site!

Damn..... wish I was going in September/October! How long are you planning on curing them nugs? Hopefully at least a year.....so that I may have a chance at getting some! ;-)

Nice plants, Vermeer.

Damn..... wish I was going in September/October! How long are you planning on curing them nugs? Hopefully at least a year.....so that I may have a chance at getting some! ;-)

Nice plants, Vermeer.


Hey seouleast,

Last years stash has been in the frezer for 9 months already and it is still gooo oood. If you get over here some time between October and next year, I will have a nice little care package fer ya.


Sweet. Now, to talk to the wife. How am I going to break that promise? Anyways, we'll see. Thanks Vermeer. Even if I don't get any, I will bring you something nice from Korea..... maybe a long peace pipe?

Hey 'meer - how well does storing your surplus goodies in deep freeze work? How much taste (especially taste) and effect do you lose after say, six months, a year?
Hey octuvidian,

Well after about 9 months, I can certainly notice the difference in taste, although the buzz has not reduced. Actually, for some strange reason, it seems to get more potent with age.

Maybe it is just my imagination, but I find last years bud a bit on the strong side now. I am a "bottom of the menu" kind of guy (Top 44, Orange Bud).

Anyway, the nice thing is that I always have plent of stash and have not had to make many purchases in almost a year. That's a good thing.


I have a friend in Oregon that grows his own and he has said the same thing, that it gets more potent with age. He has several mason jars curing many buds. They are all labeled as to when to when they were harvested. He has this one jar with nugs that he has been curing for about 2 years. Boy, is it ever potent. Some wicked stuff!

Anyways, he doesn't freeze it, but keeps it in a very cool, dark place.

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