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uh oh - new? no smokin!

It could be from select plants, or simply a finer grade of resin gathered from a higher surface, or even just semantics. Your nose, and tastebuds will tell you.
lol nice one sdshadow, but does any of you so called big tokers know?
does anybody know the difference between a polm and super polm?
Super Polm grows weaker when exposed to Kryptonite.
Subsequent Dutch governments have tightened rules on the sale of marijuana in government-regulated coffee shops, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of cannabis cafes.

A ban this year on alcohol in coffee shops will be followed by a ban on tobacco in 2005, outlawing all smoking on the premises.

There are around 780 coffee shops in the Netherlands of which 270 are in Amsterdam, according to 2002 figures.


no more smokin in the shops? take it back to your room?? say it aint so joe! at least it dont make ya psycho

have to bring it all home with me lol
Its so absurd I do not believe that there will be no smoking in the Coffeeshops.

Worst case is that it becomes a non-public place. Memberships are sold - cheap, and the smoking continues.
I think the bigger coffeeshops will be alright as they can have a non smoking floor for the staff (& pure smoking only - like Dolphins) and then 1 or 2 floors for the ciggie smoking tokers, but places like Grey Area will have to do something in the lines of what ^^Chooby^^ was saying

Its so absurd I do not believe that there will be no smoking in the Coffeeshops.

Worst case is that it becomes a non-public place. Memberships are sold - cheap, and the smoking continues. yea what if its dutch only membership i'd love to see that day.
Its so absurd I do not believe that there will be no smoking in the Coffeeshops.

Worst case is that it becomes a non-public place. Memberships are sold - cheap, and the smoking continues.

In Ireland, they've made it illegal to smoke in any permanent structure (a.k.a a building) which is a workplace, with few exceptions (prisons, mental hospitals). At least one other country (Norway) has since brought in similar legisation.
From Hempcity's site.

I realize this was written a little over a year ago, and the writer is in a French Jail, but if this is the legislation the article is talking about then I don't think we have to worry.


Media message.
Haarlem, Holland. June 3, 2003.

Holland: The right to a smoke-free workspace and the Dutch coffeeshops, what?s up? As usual, the news about the Dutch coffeeshops/cannabisshops being closed because of a smoke ban is far from right, but I can hardly blame the International press, they get their information from the Dutch News Agency (ANP), who stated it the way it came out around the world, including the Netherlands.

The facts: Our new government has granted each Dutch worker or employee : ?The right to a smoke-free workspace? This means that my staff and about 90.000 other workers in Holland?s Leisure industry are entitled to work without having to inhale second hand smoke, as exhaled by the customers present. This right can be demanded, so Leisure employers will have to make major changes to their bars, restaurants, discotheques AND coffeeshops to be able to comply with the demands of their staff, in case they do not smoke themselves, that is?

The easiest alternative is to ban smoking from the coffeeshops, so the sales can continue, our customers can smoke their merchandise outside or at home, but we like our customers, so this will not be the possibility of choice. It would work however; coffeeshops make their money on the sales of hash and weed, not on the consumption of the merchandise.

For most coffeeshops the second alternative would be very easy, they could just pull up a glass separation wall in front of the bar, to create a smoke free area for the staff, the customer can just buy their hash, weed, coffee and tea there, they can leave this area to be able to smoke in the other part of the coffeeshop. This would also mean the staff would have to go out of there to be able to smoke themselves, a strange situation, and not very popular amongst our staff.

In our case, we have a free floor on top of every cannabisshop, which could be the smokers area, banning smoking from the original coffeeshop downstairs, again, not very popular with the staff, they would not be able to smoke, unless we install a smokers-area behind the bar?

Most staff in Dutch coffeeshops, however, are hard-core potsmokers themselves, the ground we hired them on! Our staff will all deny their ?Right to a Smoke Free Workspace?, because it is in serious conflict with a Right they all cherish for years, ?The Right to a Rush?, which enables the Dutch to use every drug they choose or desire, from coffee to heroin. All of our staff will deny their ?Right to a smoke-free workspace?, which means we, the employers and employees of the Willie Wortel Cannabisshops, will not have to make any changes at all, to be able to fully comply with the new regulation, like with the two aforementioned alternatives as back up possibilities. This means that there is no Smoke Ban for Dutch coffeeshops, as described in some press, and no coffeeshop will be closed for smoking inside, the Dutch gained another right, there is no obligation to use that right, if it does not suit your needs. Our staff just wants to toke and smoke, on the job, together with their visitors and friends, they have the right to do so, as I see it. The Dutch coffeeshop-owners will just have to be flexible or inventive to be able to continue their businesses, as always, they have managed to outsmart the Dutch government for over 30 years now.

I hope the international press will take notice of this, these are the facts, not some smoke-screen produced by the Dutch newborn government and press.

Nol van Schaik.
Founder of Willie Wortel?s Cannabisshops, Haarlem, the Netherlands.
www.hempcity.net info: 0031653252331
Thanks chooby can I have a job? I have years of experience!!!
Talk to Nol when he gets out. If I had coffeeshop jobs to give out I'd be there myself! Everything below the word ENGLISH is taken from hempcity's site.
I recall reading of the dutch banning all smoking in public places several months ago.

I cant beleive this will pass law, unless it already has?. Lets face facts there are only 2 reasons why the majority of tourists go to Amsterdam & Holland, Sex & Smoking cannabis. Ban the ability of public smoking & say goodbye to about 30% of tourist revenue overnight I think.

I of cause as a non smoker (fuck me a non smoker going to Amsterdam to smoke!!!) can understand the demand to ban smoking in certain places for health reasons. But to ban a freedon of action on which a lot of tourist establishments in Amsterdan & Holland relay upon is totaly crazy.

But as suggested I myself can see the situation of coffeeshops no longer being a public place & therefor becoming a private place & therefor a membership thing coming about. But there are too many coffeeshops operating under seperate polocies to work under a single membership. So likely to be several memberships types to be available or a multi membership prehaps.

Other than that give coffeeshops a total freedom & ability to trade as they have always done so.

Dave J
You've restored some of my faith folks. Thanks. Suddenly, bankrupt airlines and lost frequent flier miles weren't my biggest concern. Now I can go back to planning for april '05.

81 days 11 hours 51 minutes til the garden of eden
Is this csunlakerfan?!!???
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