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Day #6... Can You Be Arrested For Smoking a Joint???

Sorry it has taken me so long to get to day six.....I have been working non-stop for over a month now, and we have remodeled the living room, and a closet to accommodate a new wide screen TV we just purchased. Just to name a few. We put up new drywall, painted, installed shelves,’ monster’ this and’ monster ‘ that . The TV alone has 19 cords coming out of it......WHEW. Of course any spare time we had was eaten up in the bedroom as LH gets really fired up with any construction around our home, so you know a project this big turned him into a real ‘Home Improvement’ kind of guy.........

We were blessed with a glorious day, the sky was as we say........’Carolina Blue’ and very few white fluffy clouds. Breakfast downstairs had become a ritual by now and I sometimes wear my night clothes......Not my sexy one’s mind you, my lounging ones....No one notices... I could wear them out and no one would notice. Today I decided I would people watch more than I had been. I am always a people watcher, but in A’dam, it took a backseat to all the awesome sights I had seen so far. So I decided today, I would try to get back to my usual people perusing, to see what I could make of some of these people here.

There had been plans made to meet Puffin13 and StemsnSeeds at the Noon CS at 11 a.m. As we are always on time, we arrived about 10:45 and both of them came shortly after......By 11:15 we were laughing and talking like old friends......LH did know Puffin, and we felt like we knew Stems’ by now. Puffin got a coffee, I a coke, LH a Looza, and Stems’ got a beer. The afternoon quickly passed with all of us swapping stories, tales, and local humor. They are both great guys. We were honored to now be in the presence of two locals........LOL.......I purchased my first Blueberry and it was Sweet!!! It was a laid back stoned, until you needed to maneuver, and you were perfectly okay with that also. Dam, I really liked that stuff. I could use a big LH joint of it right now to help me finish this day ..........WOW

With farewell’s said, LH and I made our way back to the hotel. I felt like the Blueberry was too good to pass up the opportunity to go back to the room and ‘play’ a bit.......I know, in the middle of the day!!!!!!! Have I no shame????? Hell no. We were like something out of a Harlequin Romance......Almost ripping each other’s clothes off, falling in the door onto the bed, and let that Blueberry Ghanja have full control.. I felt like I was doing a Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo commercial and almost laughed a couple of times. LH doesn’t even know this yet, and it surely would have spoiled the moment. But I did not laugh, in fact I was almost crying by the time we were done. Dam this place is too much sometimes. It had turned me into a wanton woman. Really, I kid you not. It had me ‘wanton’ more and more. As Lesley Horwinkle said from Cheech & Chong, “I plead insanity,, I’m just crazy about that stuff”. It really does turn one into a totally sexual being. At least it did us.
So we ‘rested’ a bit and decided since we were ‘naughty’ during the day we would do some laundry. I know it sucks, but such is life. Earlier in the week we had noticed a laundromat close to the hotel and decided to check it out. Fabulous. We could either do them ourselves for 3.50 Euro, or they would do them for 6.50 Euro.......Not much to decide there. Of course we left them and they said to come back for them at 6:30.....Sweet. That gave us 2 hours plus to kill. We walked around a bit and ended up at Alfonso’s Mexican restaurant, per Stems’ suggestion. Once again, a meal that was off the charts. I had to go all the way to A’dam to get food like I used to get in Texas or Colorado. LH had the shrimp fajitas and they covered the whole table by themselves. I had the chicken and cheese enchiladas, with rice and guacamole. It was fantastic. If you like Mexican food, I wholeheartedly recommend Alfonso’s. You will not be disappointed. We lingered there for a while and enjoyed each other’s company and the atmosphere.
It was now time to pick up our clothes. We retrieved them and decided to go to Rembrandtplein. This is where I really first noticed the women. I had seen them looking at LH before, and as he is a fine looking man did not think much of it. But today, as I said before, I really began people watching. The first one to stand out in my mind was at the tram stop. She walked right up to LH, stopped and I do mean right dead in front of him, and looked him up and down for a good two minutes. She then turned to me and made a disdainful sound, something like hmphh!!!
I just stood there speechless, and let it go. Then it wasn’t but a few minutes and we met a woman walking and she stopped completely, put her hands on her hips and perused him for another two minutes.........Now, I am not, nor have ever been a jealous person. But, dammed if this wasn’t getting old. Later, we were in a store and same thing, only this time I gave it right back as good as I got!!!! She stared a hole thru LH smiling, and then looked me up and down and another hmphh!!!! So she got it right back. I stood there until I could catch her eye and did the same thing to her. It may sound childish..........but like I said, I am not jealous, just don’t get in my dam face with it..........”Even IF that is fashionable, somebody’s got to go”.(Thank You, Charlie Murphy)
Tomorrow is the crawl, so we headed for Internet City to check the board and make a few posts. By now it was about 10 pm. We decided to head for home, and make our usual nightly stop at Stix CS, since it is one of our faves. We began talking to the Budtender as usual, and there was only one other person making a purchase and he left. The Budtender told us the guy had just gotten busted for having a joint outside a coffeeshop. They tried to make a deal with him, to pay 125 Euro as a fine and it would be dropped. He refused, so he has to go to court this week. So it really is illegal to have a joint outside a CS. Dam, the law’s can suck in A’dam as well as here. What a trip!!! I smoked some 4077, and LH smoked some Grey Mist. We had our usual ‘hot cokes’ and said our goodnite’s. It’s only 3 blocks from the hotel and I was certainly glad. The crawl is upon us............

Will I make it??? I will do my level (LEVEL?) best to hang with LH. I guarantee you he will have to give me a pep talk or two along the way....... (I have deliberately kept this one short, cause I know LH is almost finished with the crawl and it’s quite the monster read)...............Have at it Sweetie, You can now finish Day Seven.
I’ll see y’all on day eight, if I was able to take any notes after the crawl, I really don’t remember..........

Peace..........Maid Marian
MM thanks for the great report, I'll be checking out Alphonsos next june when I finally get back to the dam, can't wait. Too bad about not being able to smoke outside the coffeeshops, just be careful where you smoke, like in the US. You really brightend up my day thanks a bunch.
Nice one, MM

There is something about being in Amsterdam with a sweetie and really getting into that hot, steamy passionate sex.

Life doesn't get any better.

Dogbreath :-)
It was a rather 'hot' day indeed. The passion did roll on, so to speak. Moments like that do make life grand. "If only they could last forever."
Excellent Report, and rather steamy I might say.
Sounds like another great day in Mokum. And without further ado, I'll be expecting your crawl report shortly!

'Afternoon Delight' in A'dam can be wonderful. I have to admit though, I always get loads more sex when the wife and I are on vacation. Must be something about a change in environment.

WOW, a ticket for toking outside a CS. That cop musta' been having a bad day and just had to take it out on somebody. That sort of law enforcement behaviour would have put a real damper on our June 2003 crawl, wouldn't you say LH? Thankfully our faux pas didn't result in the same action.
We are going to be in Amsterdam in November, and would love to know were Alfonsos Mexican restaurant is, it sounds great. Love the reporting.
Nice one MM!

I love that point at which things sort of slow down, and everything starts to gel; you hit your stride, and the city and the people take on an entirely new glow.

As for the sex part, well, I'm going to spend 10 days there with Mrs. X this Christmas. We'll see...

Best Wishes to the both of you,


.... git a camera.....

Send Pics.

Thanks and wonderful read Mar.

I'm with ya sister! Mr. NN and I have had some of our best sex in amsterdam. !4 days and counting. Thanks again for another great report ....looking forward to reading LH's crawl report. 14 days and counting!

We are going to be in Amsterdam in November, and would love to know were Alfonsos Mexican restaurant is, it sounds great. Love the reporting.

Alfonzos is on Utrechtsestraat, opposite side of the street from Stix Coffeeshop, and just down a bit. Rather nice I must say.

You know it DannyMac, that would have been a Crawl Stopper, if those officers had nabbed us up at Popeye's that morning. Whew!! who would have known??? The fellow in question, arrested for smoking a J in public near Waterloo, was a young Dutch fellow. I imagine if they do have to hassle the tourists, it may just be an instant fine. With that fellow they knew where he lived, and that he would be around. Maybe there is some magic cloak over the tourist, but I bet it won't last long... We remember all too well the Popeye's event of 2003, so we know something is coming D'Mac.

And Yes, the crawl is next!!! I got to dig out some pictures from that day to update the web page with. I believe Naughty Nurse had asked about that earlier, as well as D'Mac. I'lll try to do that this weekend. Sorry all, been very busy.
Short n sweet. Nice read. Looking forward to crawl day.

Excellent MM. Is the mexican food really as good as here? If so, it will be like a home away from home. Mexican food is my staple here. At least 4 times a week.
Sounds like a better then good time to me. Don't hurt that poor poor LH with your acrobatics, lol... At least his typing hand... Thanks for the great report.

Very nice report MM, Amsterdam brings out the best/beast in what seems like all of us...

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