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Is It November yet!?!

A long day/a long read. How many of us wouldn't kill for a day like that here, especially when the town is dry! I will be checking out a couple of the places on your list, not to mention Overkant Hortus, that place sounds like a hidden gem. MM, you're next...

Sounds like a really great day! I'll be trying to hit 4 or 5 of those shops in june when I'm finally back there again. Thanks for the great detailed report, brightend up my day.
LH: What an excellent report! One of the best, makes me feel as though I were there with you and MM.
whooooo just reading that make me feel stoned, love the reports and the serious smoking endeavors...what skills you have :-)

It was a really long day indeed!!!
Max it was a pleasure meeting you as well. MM really liked talking with you that day, as she was sitting right beside you, and got to talk with you more.
Chooby, sounds like another meeting in the horizon for sure.
Moe, that Overkant Hortus, which was not on the crawl, but was visited later, is a hidden gem. I have had to change my strongest weed vote to Juicy Lucy Bud, from Overkant Hortus. It nugged out the Grey Mist just a shade, and the flavor was really nice as well. Kinda like a fine wine with its robust flavor.
Thanks Hank, Gidget, BlueBerry, and Bollocks. However Bollocks, seeing how you are partially right on the 'female flower' thing(Female Flower=Real Meaning of the "M" word). Just to be more specific, we were smoking dried female Hemp plants. The "M" word is not specific enough, as many varities of plants have male and female. Just looking to break the 'mind set' of that one word paradox. (Always Thinking, Always Thinking!!!)

Best Regards,
Great report, thanks for taking the time to share with us. Your reports inspire me to get started on our report! I'm sure it won't live up to the 20-shop crawl, but I don't think I could make it to 20 shops in 1 day without passing out half-way thru! Thanks again for writing and we look forward to more to come!
A definite masterpiece, LH! Damn son, you make a plan and stick to it! I woulda had enough after 3 shops! I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip!
Great report of that day's events. Had it been left up to me, I would have had to leave out a few........several few.

When we met up with Nogbin, it was one of my many stupor's!!! After a few more CS...........I was a lot better. Again at about shop 15, I was a bit 'lost' again. Buy by 17, I was doing fine and knew I could make it.

It was the hardest and sweetest thing I've ever done...

Great report and details Baby, thanks for keeping up and your wonderful notes.........

I could not have done it without you.........Also thanks for refreshing my memory ............Wonderful report, and a truly wondeful day..

I'm right behind you, with Day eight,,,,,,,,,,,as usual......LOL

Love & Peace.............MM
Way to go guys! I now know that I am a true lightweight. I met Nogbin, Trekinhil and a few others at DeKuil last fall and after a hit or two from the vapobag (my first) I was "gone". I am quite satisfied with the strong effect that ganja has on me and if I am ever present for a crawl I hereby volunteer to be the chronicler/judge/timekeeper/photographer, just don't pass the joint to me too often, lol

Day #7 The Day Of The Crawl... The Time Had Come.
Wednesday June 30, 2004

Well, Well, Well, the time had come. Ahh, the things that keep us child-like. A year ago I entered my first crawl, and found such the wondrous people to share a very interesting day's events. Everything from laughter to over-consumption, and again keeping us 'child-like'.

As with anything in life there was controversy, as to the exact number of shops we pulled off the minimum requirements in. Was it 18, was it 17, was it 13? When all was said and done, we had a top visit number of 18, but some of the times caused them to be culled from the official record. This leaving the 2003 groups best efforts along side the efforts of the original 'Coffeeshop Crawl Team'... 13 is the number of official count, and two groups share that title. Those specific rules were to spend a minimum of 45 minutes and smoke at least a half a gram per person, in each shop.

Reasons for attempting this feat yet another time, range from serious to down right silly, Reasons for not doing a crawl seem to not have the same range of insensibility. However, for whatever reasons, be it the spirit of competition or a sense of finishing what was started, the show was about to commence. All the planning, walking over the route, checking hours, rolling perfect 1.5-gram hooters, had led us to this day. We could have, at any moment, said 'NO'. Don't think for one minute that the thought had not entered our minds, just to pass it up that is. It seemed that it was not in the stars to just walk away from this one. To begin with, the signs were definitely in our favor, however there would be an interesting twist or two in the trail. No matter how well you plan some things, they will take on a life of their own, and throw a stone or two in your path. Such is 'Life' and it is to see how well you get around or over those stones.

Now, more to those joints I rolled up aforehand. They were all rolled in the last 4 days of this wonderful trip. Acquiring the weed products at shops we would be stopping at, and having some early morning roll sessions to wrap up the right amount of joints to make this thing work out.
The list of products:
2-grams Parvati Creme Hash from De Kuil
Siberian Tiger 1 from Siberie Coffeeshop
Dutch Special from Utopia Coffeeshop
Grey Mist from Grey Area
Grey Mist Crystals from Grey Area
4077 from Grey Area
Shiva from Stix Coffeeshop
Shiva from Dekuil
Blueberry from Noon

With things in place, let us crawl on...

Barney's Coffeeshop; Stop #1
Official Entry/Start Time: 7:35 AM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 8:40 AM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption; 1.5-grams
Barney's Footnotes:
This is a prime beginning coffeeshop, as 9 times out of 10, they are the first one to open on the Haarlemmerstraat. It seems as they had a bit of a wet floor right before we arrived, something had leaked water all night. Nonetheless, the Budtender said it would be a while if we wanted breakfast. I had discovered that being patient on the morning meal till arrival at La Grotte later, would be a better option. Not only is the breakfast better at La Grotte, but they do not sell weed, so purchasing a meal fulfills your 'customer obligation', so to speak.
MM had a coffee and I had a cola to get the day going. "Hey, give me a lighter as well" I said, "No Problem", he replied. While ordering that I got 1 gram of Amazon Queen for 9 Euros. Now, I just put that in the back of the weed wallet for another day. Seeing how the joints we were smoking had already been so meticulously prepared days prior.
The two fellows working this morning were rather busy, so we spent time talking amongst ourselves, and giving each other a "We can Make It" inspirational speech. The joint we were smoking was undoubtedly the 4077 from Grey Area Coffeeshop. It has a real nice flavor, and is great to start the day off right. Speaking of "off right", all the signs looked good for a positive crawl. Sure, we were up early, but seemingly fully rested. Although, another hour would have been good...:) Not to mention the weather is going to be just beautiful.
Smoking up the last part of that first 1.5-gram hooter of the crawl, gave way to the floodgates of the next 19 shops we had hoped to hit. We really took our time in Barney's because a key part of the crawl is the second shop. When a second shop will open is always at question. That is why we didn't bother arriving at Barney's earlier. Good thing as it turned out, we would have had to wait outside, while they squeegee the floor, and seeing how Barney's has no terrace, that would not have counted as time in the shop anyhow. You cannot see down the road to any of the shops from the window, and you cannot leave or your time will be unofficial. I learned this little tid-bit from last years Crawl, that the second shop is the key to a continuum in your crawl efforts. If you make that initial smooth transition from 1 to 2, all else will fall into place. Provided you can endure this days consumption that is.

Well, feeling lucky, and having the hooter now burning the paper filter... (I use a Euro type rolling technique), we head out to see what is going to be the next shop open. We go to the right out of Barney's to see if Blue Velvet is open, but it looks closed, so we about face and head up the block... Well, what do you know??? Pink Floyd just opened its doors.

Pink Floyd Coffeeshop; Stop #2
Official Entry/Start Time: 8:44 AM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 9:31 AM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.25-grams
‘Pink Floyd’ Footnotes:
Not two steps in the door I recognize the young girl that was working there on last year's crawl. The one that was so friendly showing their wonderful hash off, then got emotionally broke up on the phone while we were there. This year, a different story indeed. Seemingly, a 'no more tears' kinda year. She was very cheerful and promptly got us a coffee and a mango looza,,,, now lets pray the phone does not ring.

Heading up the steps that lead to the upper level, as I have never checked it out. We were the first customers in the place, so it seems we had the run of the place. They had a set of Bullhorns mounted on a plaque with the words "Come Back" on it as well. It was almost like being back home, except it was missing the word "Ya'll". (You can use that Ya'll in the beginning or end of 'Come Back'. Nice comfy seats like the ones downstairs, if memory serves me correctly. Fortunately, the phone didn't ring and the second shop came off without a heartache, nor a tear shed. We did leave just a trace of the hooter left, but not enough to light back up and get even 2 hits off.
The music was really nice, as they were playing some old Rock, and the clarity was exceptional. Of course, they had a set of speakers mounted in the upper level where we were.

Well, the time had come to roll on to the next Haarlemmerstraat shop, and I was getting hungry so it better be La Grotte. BTW, that Mango Looza was just awesome, and had a very creamy texture. (Always make sure you shake them a little extra, as sometimes at the oddest moments they may forget to. It doesn’t happen much, but when it does, the good goop is on the bottom.)

La Grotte Coffeeshop; Stop #3
Official Entry/Start Time: 9:33 AM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 10:30 AM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram
La Grotte.
Hey, the older fellow was on duty, and what a wonderful sight it was to see him again. He makes the best breakfast in the area, as far as I know. Okay, admittedly I am rarely out this time of day, and usually when I am awake, I eat at the hotel. However, I have been out a few times, so with the limited breakfast view I have, La Grotte takes the cake. I was in fine form by now, and decided to stroke
his ego a bit. Exclaiming how several people had written about his excellent breakfast on the web. I remember we ordered a couple of meat and cheese omelets, and were just eagerly awaiting them to be served.
It seems the old fellow's son was in there at the time, and began talking with us. We began telling him how wonderful the shop was. All the while we were passing the joint between MM and I, he was telling us that he appreciated how we expressed liking the place. He was a chipper acting fellow with dark black hair and dark eyes. Now, 'Pops' is bald, but I imagine in his day his hair was just as jet black as juniors is. We were gathering in the ambiance and looking over the shop, with its stucco walls and Italian decor. It seems a little like the Outback Restaurant we have back home. It has an upper floor, more like a balcony, but to tell you the truth I have never sat upstairs. It is about half the size of the main level floor, and with what appeared to be the same charm.
The piping hot food arrived to the table with 'Pops' just-a-grinnin'. (He is such a chipper fellow) Man, what can I say, but this is awesome. My happen to be ham and cheese, and was simply cooked to perfection. It's just and omelet, how can he mess it up, you say??? Well, if you are in there when the younger girl is at the helm, then have her make you one... You will see, there is a difference indeed.
We had nearly finished 2/3 of the joint when the food came, so we just snubbed it and dug in to the hot plate of grub. We kept hearing his son and another customer talking about the 'Football'(Soccer) game coming up.... Uhhh Ohhh, what can this be??? Yep, you guessed it, another game was being played today. Dam, what a twist this could add to the crawl. Aiming at 20 shops, and doing it during a Football match, in which Holland is one of the teams playing. Well, you had to know this was going to present a new set of challenges. I quickly began scanning over the crawl list, and alternative shops that were placed in for just such an issue. I added the times we would be where, and figured we could still pull this off. The only problems may be De Kuil, seeing how the timing would work out, as they have a new widescreen TV mounted just above the ghanja bar, and may draw a crowd in lieu of the game. Hummm, it was going to be close, but I was even more determined. I was so in a state of concentration that we elected to not even add to our already 1-gram total in smokage here at La Grotte. We left it at the 1/2 gram minimum each and enjoyed a ciggy after the meal.

Popeye's Coffeeshop; Stop #4
Official Entry/Start Time: 10:31 AM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 11:16 AM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.5-grams
Popeye's Coffeeshop
This is the shop that caused much the situation on the last Crawl.... This time it was 4th on the list and very much open.
Several other times last year I had visited Popeye's and the vibe was easy going and smooth. I am afraid this time it was a little different. First of all, they have moved the weed and drink bar down to the first floor.(That part was understandable.) MM and I made a minimum purchase here, consisting of just 2 colas, and handed him a five and said to keep it.
Now the interesting part starts to unfold. Two apparent regulars were talking with the bartender, and they were joking around in a friendly kind of conversation. Eyeballing something in the microscope, then raising up and saying several lines in Spanish to each other. Not the Spain dialect either, a dialect from Mexico I recognize all too well. It seems they would just, in a playing way, exchange curse words, and called each other a few names and such. Then another customer came in, and I think this was the turning point of the conversation. He was a short fellow, and not that I have anything against men under 5'-3", I think they have more issues. This fellow was more of a braggart. The kind of fellow you could say you had jumped your motorbike off a cliff at 100 feet, then he did it at 150',,, blind folded. I am sure you have heard the tales grow longer.
Nonetheless, the bartender and the other two fellows were seemingly on the same level of sportsmanship, but the latest fellow was determined to prove he knew more about weed(Or anything in general) than the others. Claiming (AND, this is what he said, cause I never heard of it), He had a heat rod he smoked his hash with, that did not even burn his product. The bartender exclaimed "Vaporizer!!!", the fellow told him no, it heated it in the open. Then he claimed that it was state of the art. In a matter of minutes he had claimed several different outlandish stories, to which the bartender just uttered a few words I didn't hear. Then every few minutes the bartender would yell out, "This is Mexico." I am not sure what the meaning was, just to say that he kept doing it every minute or two. The best I could gather is that the short fellow was from Spain, and the bartender and two buddies were not. It was not a violent situation, just one of those strange happenings that you can't understand how or why they happened.
Well, I can say all this scrimmage caused the time to pass by rather fast, and we opted to head out as soon as our 45 minutes was up. I think we actually smoked that whole gram-and-a-halfer, in 20 minutes with all the continental action going on. What a trip!!! I felt like it was an episode from ‘Twilight Zone’. Proving once again that hitting Popeye’s on a crawl is always an interesting and strange time indeed.

Picasso Coffeeshop; Stop #5
Official Entry/Start Time: 11:18 AM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 12:05 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.25-grams
Picasso Coffeeshop Footnotes:
The music was rather nice that they were playing, although I didn’t recognize who it was?? Not quite as loud as when they have cranked it up in the past. Not that they do that much, but the Budtender can at times let it go, so to speak. We grabbed two Loozas and headed upstairs. Mostly Dutch locals in the shop this mid-morning, and everything seemed rather chilled. It was just another day at the ‘chill factory’ and business as usual. After toking up nearly all that hooter we just kind of mustered our wits up and discussed if all was still well, and of course we were not in the mood to give up at this early point. It was easy to finish our drinks and forge ahead to the next stop on this, what will be, very long day. Although the last five minutes were capped off with the most wonderful hash smell in the air. Whatever it was, and whoever was smoking it, it sure had a nice bouquet to it. Filling the air with an intoxicating aroma that I still think about to this day.... Okay, on with the crawl,,,, but I still wished I knew what that hash was?????

Rokerij Coffeeshop(Singel); Stop #6
Official Entry/Start Time: 12:07 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 12:52 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram(Parvati Creme)
Rokerij Footnotes:
The place was just starting to get hopping. We got our drinks at the bar in the back and sat in one of the little tables. As usual, the interesting seating provided a most low profile view. It is kind of like an antique romper room with its tiny little chairs and such. Although still a most wonderful coffeeshop, I still get a kick out of the low seating. Of course, it would make crashing to the floor, a short trip. It does make me wonder if they didn’t have that in mind???
With a strong buzz kicking in right about now we opted to only finish just over two thirds of the Doobie at hand. Making the minimum is good enough at times. Plus it made for a more interesting people watching event. I noticed that when people, including ourselves, would stand up, that they would have to compose themselves to make their way to the bathroom or the exit if leaving.
I could hear at least three languages being spoken in earshot, and none of which was English. I heard some French, Dutch and German words were bouncing off the walls. You know, I could barley catch a word or two here and there, but the expression of universal happiness in a coffeeshop is easily translated.
I had brought a small glass pipe that made it perfect for smoking up a gram of Parvati Creme. It made for a bit of an uplifting buzz, however a time or two MM said she was fading a bit. I thought she was doing rather well though. After the smooth hash was consumed, we were headed right next door for the 2nd part of the ‘Singel Hat-Trick’.

Bulldog Coffeeshop(Singel); Stop #7
Official Entry/Start Time: 12:53 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 1:39 PM
Total People: 2 + one Channelite Visitor
Total Consumption: 1-gram(Parvati Creme)
Bulldog Footnotes:
Weather you like it or not, the middle peg in the 3 in a row on Singel is the Bulldog. Now, first I have got to say, the place is not that bad at all. In fact I was expecting to be hassled and surveyed over, but was rather surprise when we got by with a soda and coffee purchase. Of course, a small tip to the bartender, and we were off to the back of the shop. Actually it is not a bad shop at all. Kind of like a bar atmosphere, but a nice corner bar type vibe, if you will. I felt it was all too easy as we were just smoking up.
Hey, once I caught Maid Marian fading for a second. We just laughed it off. Well, maybe it was too easy as I see a figure coming up to our table. (I was thinking to myself, so what I will buy a gram of something and be done with it.) I looked up with a stoned and I am sure strange look on my face. Wait a minute, and it seemed to take a minute in reality. I know this guy,,,,,,,,,, I’ll be darn, it is Nogbin. Man, how are you doing, and it is so grand to see you. We have been trying to catch up with him for the last day and a half.
It was my pleasure to introduce Nogbin to Maid Marian and he grabbed a chair at the table. (You know this is about to completely remove my ‘Poser Status’ in MM’s eyes.) (Of course I told her later that I paid some guy to pretend to be Nogbin, to keep up my “I have never been here mode... :)
Nonetheless, Nogbin was his usual illuminated self. In fact it was part of the reason I had such a funny look on my face. Not just the fact that I thought he was a bouncer, but he sort of had a glow about him. The light was coming in the door of the low lighted establishment, and kind of gave a glow off the white shirt he was wearing. I didn’t mention this to him, as he might have thought the crawl was kicking my arse, more than it really was. It was good to see him, and I thought I would actually be in AMS without a ‘Landmark’ meeting with Nogbin. Hell, I have come to rely upon seeing ‘The Good Luck Professor’ of Amsterdam.
I should have known that somehow our paths would cross. As MM and I still toke away on our allotted bowl of hash, I offer Nogbin some of the bud product I have. However, as usual Noggy is rather stocked up on gear and has plenty to smoke on. I had to explain that we had to smoke from the bowl as to not cause any controversy over how much was actually smoked by the contenders. He completely understood and we all continued to talk. Mostly Nogbin and I were chatting away, in between tokes that is. Of course, that has been our usual meeting conditions, so we are veterans of the smoke and chat.
Time had crept up on us and it was now time to say goodbye to the Bulldog and move the next shop. I must say in passing, that the Bulldog proved to be a very nice stop and I think we all had a wonderful time in the establishment.

Door's Coffeeshop; Stop #8
Official Entry/Start Time: 1:40 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 2:26 PM
Total People: 2 + 1 Channelite Visitor
Total Consumption: 1.5-grams
Door’s Footnotes:
The three of us headed on the long walk...LOL..., next door that is, to the Door’s. The place was just a bit over ¾ full and we were rather fortunate to get a table right near the back. Nogbin was kind enough to make a minimum purchase for us, and I got us some drinks. Of course, it was time to get toking on the joint. (Man, this smoking never ends on a crawl!!!) These events are properly named though, and crawl is about the best pace to travel while attempting this.
We seem to pick up the conversation right where we left off at the Bulldog, as it such fun to have lively chat. It is always a pleasure to have company on such an event as this. A half a gram was purchased, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. I put it in the back of the weed wallet, and proceeded to smoke the joint with MM. The time really flew by in here, and we found ourselves headed to stop number nine. Nogbin said he could travel with us one more shop, after making a quick phone call to his significant other.

Siberie Coffeeshop; Stop #9
Official Entry/Start Time: 2:28 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 3:15 PM
Total People: 2 + 1 Channelite Visitor
Total Consumption: 1.25-grams
Siberie Footnotes:
Well, we immediately ordered some toasti’s, hot chocolates, and colas. We were getting the munchies and Siberie was not that crowded at all. We were fortunate to be able to get our food rather quick. After a few bites and some more chatting Nogbin had to roll on. We hated to see him go. You know it is a shame that he couldn’t have done the whole tour with us. I am most positive he would have made it to the finish line. Bidding him farewell and gobbling up the toasti’s, we set fire to the joint which MM and myself had already started on before the food had arrived. BTW, those ham and cheese toasti’s and hot chocolates were off the chart. We had not eaten since La Grotte, so we were ready for that chow. Siberie has always been a most friendly place, and with the occasional long lines for purchases, it is usually a most warm and friendly shop. Seemingly always on my top three list.
I really hate to leave when our time comes, but we are on a mission. On with the tread and heading for possibly Rasta Baby. However, a strange turn of events leads us to steer away from Rasta Baby. A full three table terrace, with a load of rather loud young people. I figured that no good could come from this. There was road construction going on right in front of it, so the next stop was gonna be a total surprise.

"Coffeeshop" Coffeeshop; Stop #10
Official Entry/Start Time: 3:18 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 4:03 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram
“Coffeeshop” Footnotes:
Now, I am none to sure why I have not ever come inside this shop. Although, it may lose point for the non-original name, this one is an unexpected pleasure. It is located on the corner of Nieuwendijk and Singel and really seems to never be crowded. The shop smelled nice inside, and was spotlessly clean. I kid you not, it was quite the well kept shop. Seeing how I had never been here before I felt a little obligated to make a purchase from their weed counter. It doubles as their soda and fruit juice bar, so two birds with one stone. I saw Afghan Hash on the menu, at 11.50 Euro for 2.5 grams. That was a sweet deal, so I grabbed it up and tucked it the weed wallet for another day. It looked really nice and not dry to a crisp either. It was flexible in texture and really smelled nice. (Later in the trip, I talk about this chunk of hash.)
Nonetheless, we walked all the way through to the back where there were mirrors and a side window. Really sweet view, and I never noticed this window from the street as many times as I passed by this way. Overall, you must give this little place a try. It is really neat inside, and has bright white tables, so if you are rolling one, you wouldn’t miss a single sliver of ghanja.

Double Reggae Coffeeshop; Stop #11
Official Entry/Start Time: 4:05 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 4:50 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram
Double Reggae Footnotes:
This was yet another off the wall, by the seat of the pants call. As it turns out, it was also rather cool. Some times when I have passed by this one, I have gotten bad vibes, and admittedly I have never been inside till right now. I was rather pleased with the music they were playing, too bad I can’t remember what exactly it was??? It was really cool to slide in, grab a drink and coffee, slide the bartender a 2 Euro, and be allowed to toke up you big hooter. This place was decent size and had banners of foreign currency hanging from the ceiling. A giant wooden bar along the side wall was plenty spacious. I guess they sold the weed from the end near the back, but I didn’t see a purchase made while we were there. We only smoked a gram between us, as we were thinking we would get our second wind sometime soon. Okay, second wind maybe stretching it a bit...LOL... MM holds her ciggy rather softly, and at one time she actually dropped it on the table. Fortunately, it was only for a second, but you know I had to crack on her, just in a light-hearted kinda way. We laughed right much as we sat at the table at the back of the shop.
The time had come to move on, and we were beginning to think we could indeed do this thing.

Old Style Coffeeshop; Stop #12
Official Entry/Start Time: 4:52 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 5:40 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.25-grams
Old Style Footnotes:
Here we were in my home-base of coffeeshops, and on the list of today’s events it was the 12th hit. It was good to be amongst the familiar. Always a welcome when arriving here. I remember getting a cola for MM, a Looza for me, and 2-“Old Style’ Shirts for 33 Euros. None the bother, but I better hang on to them during the rest of the crawl. Of course, the weed counter in the far corner is still boarded up, and what a shame that is. I really wished places like this and Dolphins get their license back. It is troubling to think that such a thing can happen.
Anyhow, during our visit I didn’t dwell upon that, but rather enjoyed seeing several of the regular members of the crew of Old Style. They seemed to be happy, especially seeing how there was going to be a game this evening. In passing, we gave extra care crossing the street, as the Pirate still has not made a challenge for the sword. :)

Blues Brothers Coffeeshop; Stop #13
Official Entry/Start Time: 5:44 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 6:30 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.5-grams
Blues Brothers Footnotes:
There were only three other people in the shop and we had the run of the place. It seems to this point we have had no trouble getting seat, and making our mark on the pages of crawl history. I hope all goes well the rest of the way. :) This was a shop we passed over last year, and really it is a nice place. In my humble opinion it is a lot better than the option of La Canna Coffeeshop. To each their own, but this was an interesting shop.
We sat at the back of the main level, near the back. There was this big yellow Kayak with a blue stripe, mounted to the ceiling above us. MM says she does not remember it, but I kept thinking that I hoped it didn’t fall.
They had an upstairs, but we never ventured upward. They were currently playing some old rock tunes, and the volume was not blasting, but easily heard. We smoked our entire gram and a half hooter while enjoying the nice vibe of the ‘Blues Brothers’.
This was the shop that now three groups have come to complete under the consumption/time rules set forth. It was all tied up, of sorts, and the next completion would leave us headed for the new record. Off we go...

“Quick stop for snacks at the place beside De Kuil... What Good Munchies.”

De Kuil Coffeeshop AKA: 420; Stop #14
Official Entry/Start Time: 6:38 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 7:25 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.25-grams
De Kuil Footnotes:
Well, with a bag of munchies and the two first bar-seats as you come in the door, we were unpacking our munchies, and man they were awesome. I ordered a large cola and MM got her a beer. This was prime eatables and didn’t take but a few minutes for us to consume a full. Load. Just as I was lighting up the joint, guess who would appear??? If you guessed StemsnSeeds, you would be dead right. The place was pretty loaded, but he did stop briefly and ask what was up. We had to remind him that this was the day that we had elected to do the crawl. He wished us luck, and asked what number we were on? We quickly told him 14, and he again wished us luck. He was meeting his friend here, so he headed off for the back of the shop.
This was the one shop I was worried about, due to the game, and them recently installing a widescreen TV. It was indeed full, but since we had got there in time to secure two stools at the bar, we were vested in this 14th shop. Easily smoking a quarter gram over our quota, and MM had her second wind. She seemed chipper after the munchies give us a little energy. I felt grand as well, yet a haze does roll over one in the midst of a crawl.
As we left, our stools were taken immediately, by two other needy customers. All is well, and we head to the next on the list, right across the alleyway.

Da Kroon Coffeeshop; Stop #15
Official Entry/Start Time: 7:26 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 8:12 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram
Da Kroon Footnotes:
I have always meant to check this place out, but when leaving De Kuil you usually are not in a hurry to find another coffeeshop. I got us a couple of drinks, and while he was getting them I looked over their menu. Nothing grabbed my eye, so I just slid him a 2-Euro tip and we got us a table. Not a huge crowd, and it seemed rather quiet at the moment. The Bartender was occupied by looking out the window at De Kuil’s big TV at the game highlights.
Several other couples were in the place, and every one seemed to be having conversations with their respective table partners. The place was rather nice, and now I can say I have made visits to several new coffeeshops on this day. The place was medium lit and perfect for the stone eyes of a crawler. I would put all of the new shops on the ‘will visit again’ list. Rather interesting what you can see, hear, and enjoy checking out a new shop. I know a few of these were not on the original list, but on a crawl, be prepared to adjust your schedule if things like a game that day should arise.
After finishing a gram of the joint we had elected to sit back and relax the remaining minutes of the time. We knew at this point we could do it. We felt it in our reach to carry on to the desired number.

Betty Boop Coffeeshop; Stop #16
Official Entry/Start Time: 8:15 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 9:01 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram
Betty Boop Footnotes:
With only half full capacity we have lucked out again. We immediately grab the window seat at the door, to catch the nice breeze that is flowing in. It felt just wonderful blowing through the shop. People were all just so happy and bouncing around. Although, we were not that charged up, it was nice to see others had not pushed the smoking edge quite so hard on this day. I have to agree with the thoughts that smoking this much weed in one day is a bit on the crazy side. However, just one day is all we got to make it through, and really I must say “Thank Goodness” This place is always bright and cheery, with interesting conversation going on all about. It must be a meeting point for friends that live near by???

Grasshopper Coffeeshop(Nwz. Voorburgwal); Stop #17
Official Entry/Start Time: 9:03 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 9:49 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.25-grams
Grasshopper Footnotes:
The Grasshopper was half filled with an older crowd this evening. Most people range in age from 25 to 60 or so. Although, I am on the older end of that spectrum, I am always amazed at how many of us toke up. The shop was a rather happy shop this evening, and we got a seat on the left upon entering, on the glass front part. It is always nice to have a street view when in a coffeeshop, and sometimes try and figure out some of the looks you get when smoking a big joint.
We were low on ciggys and they had a machine right downstairs from our booth. However, be careful the head clearance is very low down there. They have a sign that says: ‘Mind Your Head’. It seemed funny to me and just as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard MM’s ‘could be fight-invoking laughter’. She was buzzing pretty good and it really hit her as funny. You also have to get an ‘Age Coin’ from the bartender to be able to get a pack from the machine. No problem, and I think I only had to take three big hits to catch up with MM. I have been in this Grasshopper and the other one near De Kuil, and never bought any weed. I may have to buy some one day, just to say I have. I have always heard that their weed is not as good as other shops, but don’t know this to be true first hand??? (Okay, I’ll get a gram one day and see.)

Homegrown Fantasy Coffeeshop; Stop #18
Official Entry/Start Time: 9:51 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 10:37 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.5-grams
Homegrown Fantasy Footnotes:
Well, mostly younger people were here tonight. That was okay too, as they were rather nice and having a grand time. Several couples were smoking and talking between themselves while we were smoking up our joint. Several people were playing scrabble, and I didn’t even notice if it was in English or Dutch??? (The things you think about later.) One young girl in particular had a spiked dark auburn dyed hair. Rather interesting, as usually it is the slightly older European Woman that selects this color. Maybe it is just me though, and the joint of course. This joint was laced with some of the crystals from Grey Area, and had a rather strong blast to it. As the music played on, we finished up our Banana Loozas and looked at the nice paintings on the wall.
By this point lively conversation is not a highlight to the crawl. You seem more like you are in a haze like state. It seems all downhill from here, and sometimes you head downhill as well...LOL... Nonetheless, we were headed right across the street for number 19.

Utopia Coffeeshop; Stop #19
Official Entry/Start Time: 10:38 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 11:24 PM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1-gram
Utopia Footnotes:
The same Bartender/Owner was on duty as when we came in the other day. We had posted a few posts on the board from here, and even got a short lecture on how ‘Spice Ice’ was not on the menu anymore.(I still would have loved to have tried that stuff.) he had a girl trainee, and he was showing her the ropes of the operations of the establishment. She seemed rather attentive and seems eager to please the boss. We gave her a nice tip, as to encourage her on her first steps of a new venture. We sat at the front table by the window to check out the crowd and see how the cab situation was flowing on the street. (A cab would be the way to the last stop of the evening.)
Things looked good, and at this point few things could stop us. Even if we were unable to grab a cab, Any Day Coffeeshop was right around the corner block on the Spuistraat. This bird was in reach, and we were one stop away from the 20 mark. Smoking the joint to just over the two thirds point, as this one was the most laced with crystals joint I ever smoked. The evening at this point was quiet and calm, with very little foot or street traffic.. We had sliced through the streets like troopers. Even with the game being on this day, we were able to be just in time. I could the song ‘Killing Me Softly’ playing on the coffeeshop stereo. Ah, the day was just to the point of the finish, so onward we go... There were two cabs right outside the door, and I waved at the first one in line. He immediately pulled up and we jumped in.

Stix Coffeeshop; Stop #20
Official Entry/Start Time: 11:34 PM
Official Exit/Stop Time: 12:21 AM
Total People: 2
Total Consumption: 1.5-grams
Stix Footnotes:
This cabby knew his streets and had us there in no time flat. Might I say earning that 5 Euro tip as we jumped out and headed in. Here we were, the final stop, the ending point of this very long day. The number 20 of 20 and we had decided to finish the whole joint before leaving our final shop of the day. Why leave the last one unfinished, were our exact thoughts. Also, lingering in our minds was the thoughts of how finished we were, literally. I can remember ordering 2 cokes for myself, and a hot chocolate for MM. I reached into the plastic bag inside my weed wallet, and there were two joints left. Seeing how we started the day with 19-joints, and 2 grams of Parvati Hash, it is befitting we have 2 left now. I rolled it in the slim chance (AND, I do mean SLIM CHANCE) that we would go for 21-Shops. Ahh, we better consider ourselves lucky we lived through 20-Shops...
This last shop was such a welcome sight, being it was a few blocks away from the hotel helped a lot too. We finished the joint to the filter, grabbed a few colas for the cooler at home and the crawl ended at 12:21 AM.
By some sheer miracle we still had the T-Shirts from Old Style. It was so strange........sometimes I would forget them and MM would remember, and vice versa. Just to do the whole crawl, but to still have the shirts was sweet. I do know we helped each other most of the crawl. MM says she definitely could not have made it without me. As for me, I would not have done it alone. So, all worked out well.

That concludes our 2004 Summer Crawl. This is the kind of thing that when finished, makes you wonder how/why you did it. This leaves you weary, tired, and ready to go to bed. Not likely you will go right to bed, as you feel as though something is undone. Whether it be the need to unwind, or maybe bounce on a trampoline a while, you feel worn out, but restless in the same measure.

Of course, I mentioned to MM that I may not need to smoke at all tomorrow, and she concurred that she felt the same. (Now, you got to know in reality, that is not going to happen. Sure, a drastic taper off will occur, but the Ghanja go untouched,,,,,,,,,,, Not Likely.)

I somehow remember crawling into the shower. Even though I crawled the shower does not count of the list of shops. Besides that, I do not think I met the consumption quota while the water ran down my face. Now, it is true a shower can bring down your buzz a bit, but I believe the shower couldn't last long enough to wash this buzz down. Even after a long crawl we had the energy to blend together for several hours. Wow, sheer panties, what a wonderful way to celebrate...

Oh Darlin’ Save The Last Crawl For Me’
LastHamlet & Maid Marian
20 Shop Crawlers... And Actually Lived To Tell Of It!!!

Now, if I could just spell, even 'WORD' don't catch all my errors???
Wow & wow!!! Thats about all I can think of to say..........

Great report LH..you and MM can go all night both in AND out of bed!

nice story about your adventures. i think i've done several crawls myself,i just didn't know what to call them. anyway i'm glad that you survived and had a bib time. i leave on the 29th..

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

I almost caught a contact high just reading this.

Thanks for the report.You mentioned several coffeeshops I have not heard of before.
Damn, you two! What a feat! Only wish I coulda' been with you on this one.
Of course, you know the only thing left now is 24 in 24! Although we may have to relax the rules on this one. Here's hopin' we can pull the next crawl off together.
Are you turning up in April? Because one day I must meet you - your stories are great and you sure know your priorities - I like your use of the word Ghanja - words of a true connaisseur!
All I know to say is that crawl nearly kicked our butts to no end. We made it and by the skin of our teeth. 24 in 24 may be the end of us all,,, but what a way to go D'Mac. Hoping the same thing on the next crawl, if I should ever get the 'muster' to go again..LOL... Thanks Boner, NaughtyNurse, D'Mac, BrandX, Hebe, BigBird, and TheGuest, and all other Channelites(The list is huge!!!). It was a long report to have to read through, but it was one long day to do. Wished we could have had all of you on the crawl, as it would have been one 'Smokin Time'.
TheGuest, I am affraid it is not in the stars for a trip in April next year. I have a bunch of things I have got to take care of, and it may be 2006 before a return visit. I hate thinking that, but some things are unavoidable. Thanks for the high regards, many in return.
Still Wondering How We Made It???
Best Of Regards,
It was a tough job but someone had to do it, Way to go LH and MM.
I was honored to meet you guys there, even if it was for a flash. Here's hoping all of our paths cross again.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Max Flower
word up.

man youse guys smoked a lotta marijuana.

Absolutly fantastic accomplishment! a good read through and through.

2006 eh? that is when we will probably return as well.

Perhaps we will meet again.
All I can say is... WOW,, whadda Crawl ;)

Damn, you two! What a feat! Only wish I coulda' been with you on this one.

mebbe you can make it when we go...

goin for at least 24 in 24 (okokclam;)

<and relaxed it will be ya bollocks!
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