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KLM sale IAH-AMS $349

i noticed today that KLM is now offering a 349 total round trip from houston, i only searched for jan-feb but the fare was there. this is pretty cheap from houston.
Just booked a Dec trip to A-Dam from IAD on the daily non-stop flignt. You can now use a combination FF miles plus cash to purchase tix.
Patrick, you live in houston? I do, I am flying from IAH to AMS for my trip. The only flights I could find that cheap were with a connection in Chicago and I was willing to pay a little extra for a straight flight there and back. I used expedia to book my flights.
i live near houston, klm has a non stop and so does continental. american/northwest/unitied/british air/air france/luft. all offer some kind of connection. which non stop did you choose?
sorry i need to reset this thing so it logs me in auto.
Out of all of the airlines I saw, I like KLM the best. I've flown with them a long time ago and it was really nice.

I've got a flight leaving Houston at 4pm on 11/18/04 and arriving in Amsterdam at 8am the next day (which is perfect if I sleep the whole flight and wake up and its morning in Amsterdam).

Then my return flight leaves Amsterdam on 11/28/04 at 2:25pm (which gives me plenty of time to to go buy my favorite weed, which by the end of my trip i will have picked one, and roll a blunt and smoke it before i go to the airport) and it arrives in Houston at like 6:30pm same day.

The flight I saw with one connection in chicago would have been fine since it was $80 cheaper, but the return flight was leaving at 10:30am. Thats too early for me to get to the airport on my last day in Amsterdam. I won't have enough time to get my final smoking in. The 2:25 departure from Amsterdam will suit me a lot better as i wont be rushed to smoke and get to the airport.

My flight was $450 and the flight with one connection was like $380. I went ahead and booked mine, cuz i Was watching the prices for like 3 weeks and they were $480 the whole time and for 2 days it dropped to $450, so i bought it. If you need any other info, lemme know.

i have flown that klm flight twice, its okay,

bad points, older plane (767 i think), hard to see the movie screen, usually close to a full flight. landing at 8 a.m. is only a problem if there is fog or ice.

good points, 8 a.m. arrival, easy uncrowded arrival, danish flight crews, danish food sort of, never seen a flight delayed on take off.

i also did not like leaving the hotel at 7 a.m. for the 10:30 return, thats why i went with continental.

good luck and have fun.
At least those are the only bad points, cuz i got to pick which seats i sit in, so the full flight won't bother me. Hopefully i will be able to sleep the whole way, so the movie screen thing won't be an issue. Thanks for the input.

The more reading I do here, the better I feel about my trip plans since ive never been to the dam before. I was unsure about how my hotel is since it is so cheap, but the people here really cleared that up (pictures and a complete break-down, couldnt have asked for more). Thanks again.
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