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Sativa vs indica

Ladies, jennelmen & everything in between...
i am a moderately experienced smoker at home - africa - there i smoke whatever I can get...but when I have been to the dam before I have mainly smoked white widow i think its called...this seems to give me a happy, energetic high without me getting too bonged out and just sitting down and losing out on all the other fun stuff while i recover.

For that reason each time I have been to the dam I buy the same weed and dont f*** around with trying different stuff(i have only been twice before)

So...in your wide range of experiences what can the readers and contributors here recommend that will give me a happy, converstaional high without too much of a "wasted" experience??

In the same vein - I see references here to those of you who like SATIVA and those who like INDICA. I have never been into the technicalities of weed and dont really get what is being said here?? Whats the difference? In a nutshell..
Thanks and stay happy, high & hedonistic!
Sativa gets you high
Indica gets you stoned

That's a general rule by the way.

Head for Coffeeshop Amnesia on Herengracht.

Ask the dealers to see their choice of sativas and you will immediately be presented with 5 or 6 very nice containers.

My vote goes to the Silver Blue or the Stella Blue.

You can't go wrong mate with these two.
This is from the FAQ at www.smokersguide.com :

10. "What is the difference between Indica & Sativa?"
Indica and Sativa are both cannabis strains. Indicas are notably squatter with more crystals while Sativa is more elongated with its crystals kept in the core. Indicas are much more heavier than sativas. The high is more of a body stoned effect versus a more cerebral high from sativa. Many feel that Indica is going to make them sleepier, while Sativa gets you UP... Indicas are easier to grow, Sativas are tougher, but well worth it.

Personally, I'm not enough of a conoisseur of pot to say either way. Hopefully other channelites will speak up & confirm the above. I'm just wondering if anyone out there would claim that there are other factors involved.
Pardon my ignorance, but does the Indica/Sativa difference apply to hash, or not? Would hash made from Indica give you an "Indica" high & likewise with Sativa hash?
Also if you are a grower.
Indica are normally short and bushy with thick broad leaves and will flower in approx 60-80 days

Sativa are normally tall and skinnt with thin leaves and take approc 80-120 days to flower.
I see that you say Sativa's are a more cerebral high and Indicas are a more body high....can ayone put there strains I have bought in Amsterdam before in a catagory??

Red Hair
Orange Bud
NYC Diesel
Hawaiian Snow

I cannot place the difference, but I know how I felt after smoking each strain. Is a sativa high a more mellow high??

Hey guys. Keep in mind that many of these 'Name' strains are crosses between Indicas & Sativas.

If you're interested, check out this site: http://www.cannagenetics.com/

For instance, it has this to say about White Widow:

White Widow is a 60/40 Sativa/Indica hybrid that produces fantastically crystal-covered buds that are a joy to behold for any cannabis connoisseur. The Brothers Grimm began working with this amazing strain several years ago, when we purchased dozens of seeds from Greenhouse Seed Bank and planted them all. From this huge sample group of White Widow individuals, a single outstanding male and female were chosen after much evaluation. Some BG hybrids (Rosetta Stone, Sugar Blossoms, ect...) have already been created from the selected male plant and the public's response to them has been extremely favorable. Now after almost two years spent cubing our special female which was used to create Grimm White Shark, we're proud to announce the release of the most stable White Widow seedline the world has yet seen.
Legends!!! All of you. Tank you!!
most of the pot in amsterdam has both indica and sativa genes...very hard to find a pure sativa in the dam...

Quality almost Pure Sativas would be like a Kali Mist or the infamous Haze #1 from Katsu...
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