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Help finding Bootleg CD store

Hi everybody - does anyone know where bootleg or concert import CDs can be purchased in Amsterdam? Thank you in advance for any help.


p.s. - I checked the knowledge base on this site but didn't find anything.
Sorry Lyn, not gonna happen. Holland outlawed the discs back in 1993. I was there just before it happened and bought 3 shows on sale. The guy behind the counter explained that they had until the end of June to get rid of their stock and after that they would be fined 500 guilders per disc. I have been in the same shop since, and others and haven't seen a single bootleg. I do know of a shop in Ventura,CA that has some mixed in with regular stuff, very expensive though.

I didn't know they were outlawed, but I know I've never seen them at any stores I've been to in the Dam. You'd expect to maybe see that kind of thing at the Waterlooplein Market, but I've never seen any for sale there, either. If you're from the States, the best thing to do is go to a record convention in your area. You won't have any problem finding those "live European import" CDs at a record convention... For what it's worth, maybe the Dutch authorities have cracked down on live reordings, but I've definitely seen and bought bootlegs in Amsterdam and Utrecht. A lot of the 60's Nederbeat reissues and compilation records are bootlegs, and I've bought lots of that stuff.
Are they there or not?
I was in Prague about six months ago and the first two shops I walked into had Boots - nice selection, too. Everything fro Linkin Park to the Stones.

Thanks for the timely replies.

Well, yes and no... I guess you misunderstood the part of my post that said, "A lot of the 60's Nederbeat reissues and compilation records are bootlegs, and I've bought lots of that stuff." FYI, there are two types of bootlegs: illegal live recordings; and illegal "re-issue" studio recordings that aren't licensed by the re-issue label from the original artist and/or label. If you're looking for illegal live recordings, you probably won't find any. The other type of bootlegs are plentiful, in my opinion. Here are some examples of bootleg compilation records:


These types of records probably fly under the radar, as they may appear to be legitimate releases (unlike live recordings). They're also pressed in fairly low quantities, as there isn't much of a demand for them outside of a relatively small circle of hardcore fans and record collector geeks.
Hello again -

I did find a very nice music store called Concerto near the rembrantplein not far from the fredrikplein and found pretty much what I was looking for...I'm a blues lover, and blues musicians often cut deals with local european labels to issue CDs of concerts and such. I picked up a great live Taj Mahal CD that I've never seen in the states and an Albert Collins concert DVD - again, not available where I live.

But Beelzebozo was correct - Concerto didn't have 'traditional' bootlegs from mainstream artists like Dylan and Springsteen (two of the most 'booted' - to coin a phrase - musicians.

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