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Street dealers in amsterdam

Was there in March 04 too and their Royal Dolphin made our Top 3 Hashes. Wonderful stuff.

What ever happend to Bobo? Must be they sellin' it again.
Was there in March 04 too and their Royal Dolphin made our Top 3 Hashes. Wonderful stuff.

What ever happend to Bobo? Must be they sellin' it again.

Never did get back to you guys.....well I didn't buy any gear there just a hot choc. and smoked other gear. But I did like the place and I am more than willing to try gear from there. Plus the free WI-FI was very cool considering every hotel I was at (Rad SAS and The Grand) were charging more than 25 euros for internet access.
Having a nice hot choco....not a bad place. I'll try to post a report later.
They are selling the famed "White Dolphin" again.
Hopefully they have some of their yummy Royal Dolphin hash for me in the spring. I love soft, pliable moroc's and theirs was one of my favourites
in March '04. Glad they're selling gear again period though.
Not had any dealings myself, but as a regular visitor i keep seeing the ugly side.

Example, top end of warmoesstraat, rld end, always seem to see this area frequented by street dealers, the most ugly thing i have seen however was a woman, well to do in appearance purchase a pill, green and white it was, just as the transaction was concluding, dealer snatches money and drops pill onto wet dirty floor !

How charming !

Whilst i understand that these street dealers are here all the time this is an ugly and dark side to a city that does indeed have a few rough edges, don't use em and don't trust em, they ruin it for us all !
it's settled then, he's a dick
Would agree with the posters that said that buying it off the streets in Amsterdam is pretty much the same as anywhere else.

In my naive youth I have bought paracetamol, c, chalk and xtc off a street dealer in Amsterdam. But that has happened in my native country too.

You can get what you want, but the risks (both in terms of prosecution and not obtaining what you want) are that much higher.

And in terms of going back to the dealer if you get sold crap, these guys are masters at blending back into the crowd within minutes of leaving you.
the drop technique, i see crack dealers on the corner doing that too, but not to all their customers. they get the money and then throw it on the floor. they must do it for a reason other than being a dick. maybe they don't want to be seen passing it to the customer?
hi mafu,

yes i have seen this as well, but not an unwrapped product, it looked like it was a deliberate act of darkness !

I have read in another thread, and many times here about how the street dealers get you arrested or sell you crap. Does anyone that posts here have any good experiences with street dealers to talk about?

My very first trip in 99, I bought some coke from a street dealer and it was pretty good. The last time I was there, I know of a couple of people that bought coke and ex from a street dealer and were very pleased with the quantity and the quality. I have yet to meet someone that got ripped off, but they must exist because of all the advice here to avoid them. I guess I am under the impression that if you know your drug, you can get an idea of what you?re buying before you hand over the money. I have not ever seen the police taking someone away from a street dealer meeting either. I am sure it must happen, but I have not seen it. It seems to be the same guy on the same corner or bridge every night. If he ripped you off, wouldn't you be able to go back and confront him?

I would just like to dispel the myth of the Amsterdam street dealer once and for all. It seems ?buyer beware? would be a better advice.
I never give street dealers any notice but once when I was crossing the bridge in front of the Old Sailor there was an obvious transaction going on until 2 undercover officers swooped in on the deal and had the dealer in cuffs immediately and were giving the tourist the third degree.

My experience with San Francisco fake drug dealers is that they always have an enforcer nearby that will beat the shit out of any ripped off customers that return to complain about being taken. Caveat Emptor indeed.

Of course this doesn't mean you won't get a good deal as MHD relates, it's just that you're taking a big chance of things going badly wrong.
lol look at things outide of the box, i mean this doesnt just happen in amsterdam, every time you buy off the street ANYWHERE you are taking the risk of a beting ,a rip off or getting busted. so dont bitch about AMS dealers when you could bitch about the ones back home lol.

peace out,
I've seen the cops sweep in on people there several times. I've never bought from them myself and I would never say that you won't ever get the real thing from a street dealer and get away with it but it's about the last thing I would go to Amsterdam for. Weed and hash are pretty easy to judge the quality of on sight. Coke, heroin, and ecstasy leave you mostly at the whim of the dealer unless you want to duck into an alley with him to break out a test kit or melt-point tester. I feel sorry for the guys but I chuckle every time I'm sitting in a coffeeshop or bar in the RLD and hear someone sitting next to me bitching about how they should have known better because they were ripped off. My cousin has lived there for years and he won't even go to them for the one thing that is mass-produced in the Netherlands, ecstasy.
Did he live there when Vondel Park was called "Needle Park"? Where does he buy his heroin and opium?
have bought cocaine of them, no problems whatsoever.
pssst! coca? ex-ta-see?
Pssst! No thanks. I don't drink.

I always thought the majority, say 80% of them were just a con. Did'nt know they, well some were really genuine.

Not that I would try anything off them, alough I know people who would. I'd prefer sticking to the weed & hash from the coffeeshops as I'll know exacally what I'd be getting.

Dave J
During one of my first 2 trips I saw the local police arrest quite a few street dealers that were hanging outside Grasshopper, and I've also seen one or two get arrested on the 'peddlers bridge' personally I'm not into chemicals so I wouldn't know if what they were selling genuine or not but I wouldn't take the chance even if that was my thing, not worth the hassle if you ask me!

I remember back in 81 & 82, when I frequented a place called Cafe Africa on Zeedijk, the police would come in several times a day and make everybody empty their pockets and show their I.D., looking for heroin. They would see my hash, and pipe, and then leave me alone. There were lots of junkies there back then. Things have changed for the better, wouldn't you say? No good weed either. Only one place had "good" buds. A place called "The Jet Set." It is now called Amnesia. They had real Hawaiian. The typical weed was dry, crumbly columbian and senegalise, or lousy Dutch weed. Good for mixing with delicious Red Leb that was widely found.
Just imagine the consequences. Would you rather go through the system in the states? Or a foreign country you were visiting?
You could get away with buying some, I mean I'd love to, but the risk seems so damned high.... doesn't it?
Wouldn't you have a better chance at scoring at a club? Or at home? Why go all the way there to risk it? Just MHO.
If you are going for the coffeeshops, then I'd stick with that.

Did he live there when Vondel Park was called "Needle Park"? Where does he buy his heroin and opium?

Hehe...well I don't think he does buy heroin or opium at all. I think he moved to Amsterdam around the mid 90's and lived in Tilburg for a few years before that.

Was there back in May '04. They were not selling.Ithought that it was not possible to get a coffeeshop license back once it was revoked. Loved the decor, though!
Do. Are they selling weed again or what? Variety
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