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Testing weed for THC content...?

hi, random question- is there any way you can test your weed to find out how much THC is in it? can this only be done in a laboratory, or is there a simple home test you can do, or a device that you can buy?
cheers allĀ¬!
smoke it!

nah, sadly the only way to test the thc contenent of your buds is in a lab
THC is not the only active ingredient in cannabis. If you test only for high THC content you risk being ripped off for repeat custom.
hrm pity! There should be a little 'bud tester' that you can buy.. that would be hella cool.

thanks for your responses guys, if anyone has any more wisdom to impart on the topic do continue to post...
There sure is a way to test your herb for it's THC content and other cannabinoids. It's called Cannalyse; Cannabis fingerprint and THC test kit.
I was given a demonstration of the testing procedure, at this years Highlife Hemp Fair and it looks very easy to do the testing and read the results. It gives you an accurate fingerprint of the herb; measuring not only THC but also THCV, CBG, CBC, CBD and CBN. They come in a 12 test kit or a 50 test kit. They are available thru http://www.kulutrading.com and there is additional info (in dutch) at www.alphanova.nl
ZOMG< that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I knew someone at the channel would be able to answer my question. thanks csaholic, i'ma go check that out now!
and i remember high times articles 10 years ago stating that the gas chromography testing necessary to accurately test the potency of thc and other cannabinoids cost 5 digit figures to calculate........oh how the times and the truths change :)
There are problems with determining content the active content accurately:

consistent extraction of the chemicals from the weed /hash. This could be dependent of the user.

Even using HPLC / GC* will require preparation of calibration curve to allow determination of content (alternatively an internal standard may be used).

Depending on the structure on the chemicals any chemical tests may not be totally accurate.

*(HPLC / GC = High pressure liquid chromatograph / gas cromatograph).

PS. I used to be a research chemist.
glad to hear that its still not as simple as some new "products" would like you to believe it is.......
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