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new vaporizer question


Anyone know anything about this U.S.-made vaporizer that is competing with the Volcano. Anyone purchased and used one yet?
The Storz and Bickel Volcano is a legitimate medical appliance, that knock-off is just a toy.
Volcano = State of the art, the real deal.
I don't care for the propriatary clear balloon part, that most likely means that you can only use bags that you buy from them and they will probably charge accordingly. For whatever its worth, Bev and I are very happy that we invested in the Volcano.

Volcano is the Rolls Royce of vaps, hands down( my 'cano is named Fat Freddy, for those of you who don't already know )
Thanks guys, but what I asked was if any of you actually knew anything about this new machine. There are about a hundred testimonials to volancos on this site already. And several users are quick to badmouth any other kind of vaporizer.
This machine actually looks like it might be able to compete successfully with volcanos at about half the price.
So thanks for the uninformed opinions, but has anyone actually used one of these and do you have a first-hand report?
I really like the Volcano; the quality and reliability you get for the extra money is worth it to me.
Since the Vapormatic Delux has only recently come on to the market, I've not yet tried it. And no one knows how it will hold up to long term use yet. So far of all the vaporizers I've tried, the Volcano has been by far my favorite.

Here is a review of the Vapormatic Delux I found.
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