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Only smoke in coffeshops?

I'll be visiting Amsterdam for the first time this spring and definitely want to sample the wares in the coffeeshops but I'm not too keen on smoking. Do any of the coffeshops feature edible weed and hash in cookies or brownies?
Some do. You might be interested in a vaporizer ( Volcano is the most popular brand ). There is no smoke involved, but the stone is just as intense, sometimes even better. Most shops have one. The budtender will usually do the honors for you. Watch him/her well and you'll be able to do it yourself next go round. The weed or hash is heated to just the right temp to vaporize the thc but not burn the plant material, ie NO Smoke just thc vapors. On the inhale you can hardly tell you are getting anything at all, on the exhale you will get the great taste of the weed or hash. A few minutes later you will feel the high coming on.

some info on vaporizers


Click the vaporizer button.

An excellent Amsterdam 101 site is .

When you have your travel dates confirmed, let me know and I'll post your trip on the Whos In Town page.

Great links, thanks! I'll probably spend hours on that SG Collins site. I will be in Amsterdam May 26-30. Already have my place reserved, nice little houseboat on a small canal. I was in Amsterdam twenty years ago but never partook of the coffeshop culture. Plan to make up for that this time around.
At least you'll know to look on the corners of buildings for street signs. Thank you for the info, you are now posted.

The problem with eatables is there is no consistency, one place uses a quarter gram, another uses a half. And the lower quality hash is usually used so there goes any chance for predicting the buzz factor.

Try a vapo, they work well and you don't smoke anything.

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