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Original Bubblegum......is it still around ?

Anybody know if the original strain ( or near as dammit ) is still around and available in any of the Coffeeshops ? The Dampkring were sold out of their take on the stain when i was over in September and the nearest thing i have managed to find in the last couple of years was some outdoor grown from Grey Area, which was ok but not the sugary sweet delight that i remember. Apologies if this has been covered in previous threads.
I searched for 10 days this past April for some. I had none such luck, sorry. I realllllly want some good bubble gum, so let me know if you find any.
What would you know about the realness?
What would you know about the realness?

ok, why do people feel they need to talk shit on my for no reason IE, YOU, and Dano. Why dont you to go fuck each other.
as with any old school strain clones will go for many generations and you then run the risk of loosing the potential of the genetics.

maybe this has happened to bubblegum, if i see some nice looking stuff next week i will definetly check it out as its a fave strain of mine.

hunters bar comes to mind actually.
Coffeeshop Crush on Marnixstraat (sp?) a couple blocks off the Leidseplein had Bubblegum a few days ago. I was going to buy it, but the weedguy pulled out a huge bud of blueberry, which was excellent.
What would you know about the realness?

Is there any fucking need to be so rude ? You appear to be an habitual cyber bully. Give the lad a break . You were young once .

Yea...Good old Hunters. Dunno why, but i always forget about that place. Shall keep an eye out for any posts from your good self on any sightings.
Crush isnt a place i know but will give it a go when im over. Sounds like the sighting of some nice looking Blueberry was enough to change your mind on the purchase. Tough call i guess !
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