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Topless Hairdresser

Is there a topless hairdressers in Amsterdam ?
Is this yet another stupid Amsterdam related question?
Not that I am aware of

Someone else may know differently of course

Bet a Kamer girl will cut your hair for the right price if you aren't too picky about the cut. Btw, long or short hair?
one would think so....i would guess nude as well
one would think so....i would guess nude as well

And a cut above all the rest too I imagine

The only place the I KNOW there is something like that is Vegas, fuck there is tompless shoe shine there as well, that is a riot, to see those fuckers bounce back and forth as you are getting your shoes polished!!!!! Too Funny!!!

There is a place here in Michigan where I live that has topless hairdressers..And most of them are extremely good looking..Very nice way to get a hair cut every now and again..
I wish there were topless dentists for my haircuts.

Never heard of any OP, I supposed you could get one of the multi talented rld ladies to take a bit off the top eh eh nudge nudge wink wink.

There is also one in Bedford or Northamton, England, I believe.

Cut and blow etc
surley a Dutch "nudist colony" would have a nudist hairdresser, by keeping your eyes fixxed on the top half, in your mind they are top-less....now where to find a Dutch nudist colony?
Well there's of course if it's still open

Well there's of course if it's still open


Sure it's open(there are many better ones). Nude Sauna's are a way of life here. It should be a bi-monthly treat at least. I have never seen a hair dresser at one.
well "guest poster" congratulations, seems you've stumped the panel, see BAS for your consolation prize
Isn't that place down around Ypsi? My step dad told me about a place like that over there.
Do they trim your pubes?
Do they trim your pubes?

Wouldn't that be nice... Just weed wack around the flag pole, will ya??? It may need a polishing when you're all done - be a good little girl now.
What an interesting question!
Nude Sauna's are a way of live here

are the nude sauna's gender mixxed?.....
Nude Sauna's are a way of live here

are the nude sauna's gender mixxed?.....

Most are. Some have days just for one gender while other days are mixed.
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