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vase full of weed

can i buy a vase and fill it with weed anf fed ex it overnight to the usa, i will do a good packing job, what do you think, moneys no object
You can do what ever you want, Will it get through is another thing, I say not happining, but you never know.

I say you should also pick up a wheelbarrow to carry those giant cahones around.
I am sure you could buy a vase, probably inexpensively in one of the local markets, the weed would be no problem, the packaging no problem, and the posting or shipping pretty standard. The customs folks in your home country is where things could get real sticky.

max flowers, i was going to buy a couple of pounds of weed, pack and ship by fed ex or ups, the worst i could lose is several thousand dollars, but i might get a couple of pounds back, by the way my cahones are gigantic, they got to be
welcome to stupidland...next......buy 500 tea candles and fill the vase with molton wax after ya pack it with yer pounds of weed..lol..itll give customs a project for a bit....or dont be stupid...much better and cheaper smoke here ....remember, moneys no object,you should be able to get a great lawyer..they(DEA) will set you up for federal time if they catch it...20 years for some weed?.....im doing a bong hit and laughing at you....have a great weekend...

I fail to see the point in trying to hide the "gear" in anything like this way for obvious reasons. The main being it's all organic. So whilst the vase would rightfully show up as a different colour, prob grey or just the outline etc due to pretty much being non-organic. The filling however, would show up as organic, a brightish orange colour. The contrast of organic (orange) in another item would most likely tell them it has been filled with something.

Plus if the shape of the weed or hash dont give the game away as to what it is, the shading of what weed or hash would be would give the game away (or at least rise there suspicions) as they would certainly be able to make a well educated guess to what shades are cannabis than not via there training or several years of experience!.

It would be far better to mask the weed or hash in a much more denser of organic matter. I suggest a load or pouches of tobacco may well mask the cannabis to a better level of non detection!.

Well thats my personel thoughts anyways so possably wrong with some of them than knowing for sure!.
surely customs cannot x-ray every single package?
big vases sent overnight...sure they can...with money being ulimited fly to california and make a friend and hit the shops,buy all ya want....you can buy a doctor to prescribe it to you too..........ah to have unlimited funds..the possibilities......hehehehe
Yeah, that california shit is such a SCAM
i figure that if i put the vase inside a strong garbage bag and use several pounds of weed for packing material, that thy might just think it is packaging material so the vase don't crack, anyone think this a good idea, i could only lose a lot of money
You could always give it a try, assuming you are willing to loose the costs at both ends of cause. If you do I'm sure everybody would love you to post how you got on trying it!.

I myself often think that trying the easy more simple\less complex methods often might work better in the way that they tend to look more deeply at the more complex ways people might smuggle cannabis back home and miss the obvious in doing so.

You may do better to research on whatever such websites that exist on what genuine organic like fillers might be used that could be misstaken for cannabis or give that false impression of an innocent filler.

I mean is there such a thing of packaging material thats pretty much organic?. Straw possably I guess so you certainly have some chance of cause. Just as long as you might use a similar filler to protect the outside or mask whats on the inside at the same time!.
thanks for your opinion dave, i appreciate it, and you are thinking in the same way i am. here in the usa we use plastic peanuts to use as a filler so nothing moves in the boxes, if i stack the box to the top they might just think it's a filler of some sort
uuum, why don't you just enjoy yourself in Amsterdam and smoke to your heart's content, instead of this weird plot to be a potential 4th rate drug smuggler? To be honest, I actually do understand the desire to maybe sneak a joint or couple of grams back (when I was there, the weed was so good, I sneaked back a couple joints of Amnesia Haze), but trying to bring back a lot is risking real prison time. Even if they catch you with a little, they won't stress you out about it, but if you bring a large stash, I don't think they'll look the other way. Furthermore, you'll be in Federal jurisdiction, where EVERYTHING has a minimum mandatory prison sentence, unlike the local yocal police in your time who, at worst, would give you probation (if anything) for weed. Don't risk it. Enjoy trip and stop trying to be Pablo Escobar or something.
j egar hoover, thank you for your opinion, i think you are 100% correct, and it's advice that i will take, thank you for yor concern
I for 1 would certainly love for such a easy method to be tried and tested, just to see how well it works out. As even if it dont work, the number of weight involved would almost certainly make the local or even national press either in Europe\Amsterdam or over in America that end. Of cause the scent alone to mask would be a completly different matter and a challenge in itself. Cheap granulated coffee is the best and cheapest known option of masking the scent of cannabis to man\woman of cause. The coffee method would never likely work with dogs of cause.

Plus encasing the lot in a wooden box may also help mask the filler to a point of cause, but not enough in itself. Mainly I'd say anything that is listed as having come from Holland or Amsterdam and is either listed or scanned as organic in the slightest would raise suspicions. So thats deffo a reason for thought. Prehaps if you have the time send a smaller test package first in the same way you would the main package to see how that goes.

You would have to bear in mind the possable sentance of cause if you got caught the other end. Just because you might get that knock on the door for the package that has arrived safely it dont mean your in the clear. As you could then be waited on to sign for the package (weather at home or collect) and then jumped on by the likes of the FBI.

Then there is the weight of the item, dont take the piss. If the filler weighs a lot more than the item (may not seem to relevent unless you have to list the filler of cause) this will or may be looked into. I mean what should be an average of say a 2KG vase (taking the size into account) weiging in at 8KG will be cause for concern to customs possably?.

Either way dont post about when your going to try a month or 2 either way of the date of your trip as this site is nothing like secure to be sure it is never monitored by any countries local authorities!.

Or am I simply too suspicious by nature?.
Maybe if you packed a big bag of cocaine in small bags filled with marijuana buds, they would take the cocaine and send the rest through?
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