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Possible new way to beat jet lag

This could come in handy for people flying from the west coast to A'dam, or any place else for that matter. I'm willing to give it a try.

I usually prefer to get absolutely fucking steaming on the flight then sleep for 17 hours on arrival.
What, and miss that yummy airplane food!

All that for a 1.5 hour flight?

Ah, no. For long haul, obviously.

And it's only 45 mins from London to Amsterdam.
The best way is to take short naps the night before you leave (Put the alarm clock during your last night. ). Keep on doing that when you've arrived on your final destination until you've reached the proper 'bedtime'.
Works all the time :-)
As soon as you get settled head to Vondelpark. Get a broodje & a beer and relax on the lawn. You will unwind and feel better for the day. You will see me doing just that on June 16th.
When leaving from Salt Lake City utah. We have to be at the airport at 3 am. I tend to not sleep the night before our flight. I have that feel like im 8 years old, and its the night before X-mas. Staying up till the international flight is tuff but once I get on it. I normally asleep before take off.

I woke up a few hours before the plane got to Amsterdam. So i watch one of the movies, or pull out my PSP. Eat some plane food for breakfast, or a left over hamburger from McD from the last airport.

Its worked out for me for the last two years.
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