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best weed around at the moment


heading out to dam a week today, i want to know:
What the best weed is at the moment and where is it sold? (Eg Barneys NYC diesel)

Also, i was sent a link to a site showing all the menus from coffeeshops, i have lost the link so can someone please post it

Possably this is the menu link you were refering to?. It's a great link, but sadly many menus are getting well out of date with no support in anyone getting up to date pics of them. Either that or the shop owners\workers have issues with pics of the menus beeing taken?.
As of last week the best gear in town was as follows.

La Confidential is the over all best, at the Grey Area. There Sour D is a very close second. There Pink Kush and Lemon Skunk are also very good.
Don't miss the Chocolope they sell there. It's the best tasting Bud in town.

The Super Silver Haze from 420 DeKull is loaded with crystals and not to be missed on your trip.

The Cheeze from Homegrown Fanastay or Mellow yellow, both excellent.

Amnesia Haze. This stuffs all over town but Hunters and Amnesia have great samples. The Honeybee at Amnesia is also very good.

The Bluecheese at Barneys is very good.

I also liked Trainwreck from Homegrown, Pot of Gold from Mellow Yellow and Lavender from the Dampkring.

You won't be sorry with any of the above selections. Enjoy your trip. Cheers
This is the sight you are looking for www. black.arts.org select menus.
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