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Underage sex in the RLD???

Alright , so I'm going to Amsterdam in few weeks and I really want to get the most out of my trip.
Is underage sex allowed in the RLD, i'm 15 and this will be my 1st time, so will i get into any trouble???
If it's posible then where will u suggest me to go???
And also, i don't speak any Dutch, only English will that be a problem.
And just as an idea will 50-100 euros be enough to spend on a 1st time experience???
Thanks for all the advices!!!
50 euro will be enough for you buddy. 50 euro gets you 15 minutes, but you probably won't last 5. Look for the blue lights in the window...that means that the woman in that window prefers
...prefers to de-flower young boys. One of these girls will give you a first experience you will never forget...ever!
Dont look for a blue light unless you want to end up like Poosie
Is that Smelly Poosie?
Is that Smelly Poosie?

Laughing like fuck at Uncle Fucker. He tried to be a smartass but ended hitting submit before he'd finished writing his message. He then tried to continue his message in another post. But it was too late.
He already looked like a dick.
So i guess it's not illegal. i can just walk up to a door settle a price with her and then fuck her?
just like than?/?
and by the way, does she have condoms or should i buy one????
So i guess it's not illegal. i can just walk up to a door settle a price with her and then fuck her?
just like than?/?
and by the way, does she have condoms or should i buy one????

She will have one, but you will probably climax as she is putting it on. Still worth the 50 Euro in any case. I have no idea about the age law but I always assumed you had to be 18.
Could you find out about the thing with the age, coz i don't want to walk up to she and ask for services and then be shown the door.:D
Maybe you should check out and it's FAQ page

Just have a go you langer, if she turns you down: how bad.
Valy, the laws seem to require the girls selling sex to be at least 18 however I don't think there are any laws which would require a customer to be of a certain age. Having said that, there may be laws against adults providing anything banned for minors and the girl may be liable not the customer. If the girls think you are too young they will probably flirt with you but then tell you to come back in a few years. If you do look old enough, they are there to earn a living and your money is as good as anyone else's. You'll never know until you try and the worst case is that you keep your money in your pocket.
Im sorry to have to tell you this Generous but no sex (nothing) took place. Its all a mad sad joke.

Nice to see your still thinking of me though! x
Is that Smelly Poosie?

Depends who it is Tx, say if it was Brad Pitt, it would be 'moist'. Say if it was Generous it would be 'snappy'. Say if it was your new best friend for instance it would be 'wet, wet, wet'.
What a comment to make to a wee young lad. Just cos you keep getting 'turned down', he's probably better looking than you anyways. And got more sex appeal. Maybe you should put some makeup on and a dress and offer yourself up for the event. Im sure you could find a wig somewhere or even use the dog. Mike will lend you an handbag.
I think the age of consent in NL is 14 as long as your within 2 years of that 14 year old. If you look 15 doubt theyll do ya. But then again they suck guys for money so who knows..
first time wi a whore????? there a story for the grandkids!!
Somehow unless you look like the Sprouse twins from Disney,
who are almost 16 now but still look and sound 12, you won't
have a problem. I can't see them asking for any ID, just the

(first time = jerk off 20 minutes before you enter the kamer)
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