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USA vs. Netherlands Life Cost

Ok. I have been "lurking" in the shadows of "channels"
for a little while, and I myself am in the computer industry.
If anyone has the same thoughts as myself, online is a wonderful
place to search for jobs in NL. Especially the larger corps.
like HP/Agilent etc...
I am currently planning my first visit ever to Amsterdam
late April early May, and am making arrangements to stay a month.
I will be living-out an aging desire for seeing the beautiful
city, and actually see the dutch masters' actual work! I have
given myself a month to casually look around and see if the cost
of living and job opportunities seem to be a good deal for me.
I agree with Frank, I think that was his name, who stated that
the cost of living varies a great deal here in the states, and
in the end, it would be the quality of life that should be the
deciding factor. If it is true that the companies in NL are in
need of technical (semiconductor/internet) labor force, then
I might just be calling NL home for awhile. I am sure the work
visa/housing issue would be helped-out by the company that eventually
makes an offer to any of us in this field, but then, it would
mean that they are indeed desperate to fill the positions. Thinking
outloud now, so I pardon for my babbling.....I just can't WAIT!!!
I see a number of posters are actually meeting each other in
Amsterdam. Is there anyone planning on being there in May? -Kevin

I agree as I am in the field also. did the same thing and it is possible. good luck. I will also be there this May from the 13-21. Drop me a line if you want to hook up or for advice. have been there four times in the past 18 months.
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