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Keukenhof/Artis Info

Hey bO, Thanks again for the info on the Keukenhof, we went
on Monday, it was soggy but friggin' outstanding, even if it
was not in full spread. Just so everyone knows, you can buy the
Keukenhof train, bus, entrance fee package at any of the NS ticket
agents at Amsterdam CS. The price was 48fl, 23 for the train
to Leiden and the bus to the Keukenhof, and 25 for the entrance
fee. It was absolutely the way to go, very easy and convenient.
To catch the bus walk out of Leiden Central and make a right,
the bus stop is #1 all the way on the right of the bus queues.
The train takes about 25-30 mins,and Bus takes about 25 mins,the
bus drops you off at a seperate entrance and you walk right in.
Lots of places to eat, drink, and relieve yourself. What a country!
I am very jealous of those of you who are going in April, because
that place is going to be a carpet of color. It was still worth
going now, hope the wife doesnt get any ideas about having me
do the two color grass border thing :-))
The Artis was the best zoo I have ever been to, simply put.
You can see every animal from a very up close vantage, as opposed
to the law suit distances of US Zoos. The beautiful weather certainly
helped make this one of the best days we have ever had in the
Netherlands. The aquarium, included in the 26fl entrance fee
was an absolute hoot. Especially the first tunnel, and the canal
life display complete with the stripped fiet chained to the bridge
guardrail and the car with the boot and ticket. It is a very
cool place to spend a day. Check it out, BB

The zoo's aquariums are outstanding, but i had a hard time with the "African savannah" exhibit with wind/rain/40 degree weather...guess i'm spoiled living in FLA...the lions are kewl because they are so close...great picture taking if you like big cats.the red and yellow buds are out in force on the train to leiden and some soft pastel purples, but the bulk of blooms havn't kicked in yet....i did find some great postcards depicting the fields in all their glory.everyone must go at least once!cc
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