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Fiets? www.viavia.nl

If you don't mind stolen bikes, behind the train station
there is usually some junkies out there selling stolen bikes
for as little as 25 guilders.
If a haggard looking person rides by you slowly and says
"feets" they are trying to sell you a bike. "Fiets"
is Dutch for bicycle, and it sounds like feets.
You can also find the street hookers there behind the station
) Not me on either count! I don't hang around back there.

All kidding aside, I think for 500 guilders you could get
a nice new bike. Remember that Dutch bikes look like something
out of the 50's, though mountain bikes are becoming more popular.
The Dutch bikes are 3 or 4 speeds, you sit up straight, and the
lock is built in.
Check the VIA VIA classified ads. I don't know if they're
Jim Lohse, atyourpace.com

Hi Jim,......via via is online....www.viavia.nl The registration is for free and there is an english version. Its great for finding apartments, motorcycles, a date (a bit dodgy I'd say), or whatever. Later.....Cat
Special offers

Prices from EUR 115

Please note that there is a cat present at the hotel..... >>

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