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Politics; American-Style.

I (primarily) spend most of my 'net-time in various political-forums,
here in the U.S. .
I've just been "informed" that the reason for
the low AIDS-epidemic-rate, in the Netherlands, is due to the
fact The Netherlands is populated "strictly" by "whites"
(Anglos). Pretty hard, for me, to believe such an old seaport-area
hasn't "somehow" managed to get beyond the whole racist-gig.

Either way, I'd appreciate someone (there) turning-me-on
to a website (there) that'd show the breakdown of the various
ethnic-groups, in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam 48% of all scholars have at least 1 parent that is not born in the Netherlands. For Rotterdam this is 45%. Untill the 20th century Taiwan, Indonesia, New Guinee, parts of South Africa, Suriname and Carribean Islands like Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao have been Colonies. In the 19th centure Ghana (Ashanti) and Zaire (Congo) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) were Dutch colonies. Needles to say we have immigrants of all these countries and a reasonable part are black.The Netherlands have also immigrants from Marocqo and Turkey. In Amsterdam for this reason Mohammedanism is almost the biggest practised religion. Amsterdam is a gay capitol for Europe, just like San Francisco is for the Americas. In general, in relative figures, the Netherlands are letting in far more immigrants than the US, Canada, or Australia. Just look at the canals overhere.In my humble opinion the aids rates you mension has to do something with culture. I don't want to be negative about the US, but every time I see a Hollywood movie they have sex with their pants on! In the Netherlands there is no taboo on nudes or sex and kids are getting extensive information about both functional multiplication and recreational sexual behaviour in all kinds; including pics and sometimes movies.All kids are also instructed on drugs. The information they get is not moralistic but pragmatic alltough they might get a shocking confrontation with a volunteering HIV positive prostitute on school for example. (Yes indeed, 'Oh my God'; it cures all curiosity)In the Netherlands there are extensive campaignes about using condoms that don't beat around the bush and that are quite full with 'Dutch charm' (just kidding). Every junk can get a free new needle so he doesn't need to use an old one again. This is paid by a pragmatic national health care which in the US probably would be called 'socialistic'. Where the US is the country with most teenage pregnacies and high figures of abortions, the Netherlands figures are the lowest on earth. But then again: my country beats the US in almost every fashion as it comes to important health care figures due to the 'socialistic' system.Unfortunatly I can't help you with a URL. If you would understand Dutch you could try to find CBS (Centraal Bureau voor Statistieken). Hope this info is helpfull for you.John
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