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If one of these deadbeats approach's you never I repeat
never acknowledge them. Even if you say "no thanks"
you have said too much and invite them to retort. There is a
lot of talk on this board about how to dress and I agree that
wearing black and leaving your hightops at home is best however
as soon as you open your mouth all bets are off. If truly want
to blend in with the locals do as they do and treat the junkies
like they don't exsit. Only tourists answer them and the dealers
know it.

Yes, wearing black Levis and walking like you know where you are going helps. Many many people ask me directions, thinking I am a Nederlander.My two best responses to panhandlers, beggars and others of similar ilk are a very firm "NAY!", or variations of the same in the gallactic Klingon (star treck) language. Totally confuses the hell out of them..... try "nada" with choking sounds. Especially effective with street drug dealers.It is common knowledge that the root language basis of the Klingon dialect is, of course, Dutch.I do confess that some of these beggars are by any definition pethetic, and often compassionate feelings overcome my dislike of being badgered for spare gulders.:-) Dogbreath
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