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finding camping gear & D.O.A.

Hi! I'm planning to backpack Europe and visit A'dam May
2001 and I want to find out if there are any places that rent
out camping equipment (basic tent & sleepingbag) or even
if there may be a private party I could rent gear from so I don't
have to buy it or carry my own all over Europe. I am planning
to go to the Dynamo festival and am also looking for party companions
and/or any advise I can get from people who have been there and
know what to expect. I can't wait.I'd love to hear anything anyone
has to say about this. (also please feel free to e-mail me privatly
Lxe@iname.com) Cheers!

If it were me I'd invest in a lightweight goretex or toddtex "bivy" stateside, also a lightweight synthetic liner for warmth and allowing your body vapor moisture to pass through. Cheap bags get damp quickly after daily use....and you want to remain dry so you stay warm (or plan to suffer). A bivy eliminates the use of a tent and bag proper. I use a "Bibler" bivy on long motorcycle trips. Roomy and excellent protection in heavy rains and winds. Allows body moisture to pass through and evaporate. Get up next morning, shake off the dew, roll it up and move out. No big production when you're ready for a flop after a long day of trekking. Very lightweight and easy to pack. Consider spending a bit for decent sleeping gear as cheap gear sucks and you just suffer to much and wind up tossing it in a dumpster after a very brief period. A self inflating backpacking mattress is also a necessity. Unless you are someone who can sleep "anywhere" "anytime" and under "any" conditions...well then comfort is an issue when on the road. (check out Campmore.com) Happy trails.
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