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km converted to miles?

OH Fred that was great info, I was wanting to know the distance
from the train station in Zandvoort to the Golden Tulip where
we will be staying. Although I need to translate 1 km into miles,
is that less than one mile? I am hoping we will be able to walk
it cause we are gonna be there for two weeks and we will be using
the trains/trams/buses ALOT!! Everyday we will be going into
Haarlem or Amsterdam to try all of the best coffeeshops on the
list I put together from all of the research I have done.

www.goldentulip.com Click on "instand bookings on line" and keep clicking until you get to the Golden Tulip Zandvoort. It tells the distances on their website. 1KM = approx. 6/10th mile. Just multiply km times .6 Therefore, one km is about 6/10ths a mile. BTW, why are you not staying in Amsterdam. The hotels are usually very reasonable in November? Then you could take day trips to the coast, etc. rather than taking daily trips into Amsterdam. Also, the train service from Amsterdam to other places is very easy, very reasonable and there is a great deal of service from Amsterdam. Or, have you considered splitting up the time, one week Zandvoort and one week Amsterdam? There are several Golden Tulip hotels in Amsterdam, also many other good properties (Sofitel, Swissotel, Radisson, etc. etc.) that usually aren't too expensive in November. We were in Amsterdam a couple years ago late November. It did get unusually cold and windy. I mean really COLD, and we live in the North country.
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