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finding x

MDMA is such old news. Funny how it is back with a new name,
new packaging and a butt load of hype for a new generation to
buy into. But as in the bad street drug 70's....quality control
is iffy, and street dealers will probably rip you off with bogus
goods and laugh all the way to the bank. Fuckem.
I understand that some smart shops will test it for you.
Lots of x is manufactured in southern NL by organized crime shitheads
who mix their chemicals in filthy cans. But then you may also
find better quality X from someone cool. Ask around in a club.
If a particular brand name is good, word travels fast. But its
a crap shoot really. Have you considered natures own mushrooms.
Probably a better investment, and its natural.

The going wisdom is DO NOT deal with street dealers in Amsterdam!!! You will either be ripped off or mugged.In that land of tolerated cannabis plenty it astonishes me that anyone would prefer to take the risk of bad drugs, rip-offs, arrests etc to cop other drugs! Keep on the grass and stay safe!Bear
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