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Its a matter of compassionate individual choice G.

At one time people would say you cannot legislate morality,
in some areas of Dutch life, they are trying to prove these people
wrong! Euthanasia no matter how you look at it is, killing, sugar
and spice it all you want, it is still taking a life. It is strange
that the Dutch wouldallow it, being they were under a brutal
Nazi rule,. that promoted the same ideaof ending life of medically
unfit people.

An individual or family has the right to chose in this matter in conjunction with physicians. How do you want to deal with it when faced with horrible suffering....are you a yank? Do you think americans have access to good painkillers and long term care when faced with terrible pain and chronic conditions? How do you want to "live" when you are suffering terribly? Don't you want the option of meeting your end as you see fit? Most people in horrible agony just want to die anyway....don't you know that? Being "medically unfit" as you stated below has nothing to do with compassionate choices for terminally ill people in horrible pain. Wake up G. Think about what "YOU" would do under such circumstances.
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