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Kali Mist, Special K where to purchase?

I keep hearing that Kali Mist is a favorite of many people
on this board. On our recent trip in March, Greenhouse Effect
was out of it, so we tried White Widow. What are the best coffeeshops
to try to get Kali Mist? Also, is Kali Mist very similar to White
Widow? We like the more "up" feeling. Thanks. P.S.
I still love you Dogbreath and welcome your response to my questions

Both Dobbs and jz nailed the locations. There are probably other locations, too. If Greenhouse centrum does not have it, try their two other coffee shops. One on Waterloopien and the other a little further from the centrum. Dutch Flowers coffee shop has also been known to carry it, usually but not always.Also, if you see weed refered to as Special K, it is Kali Mist, only with a different name.I agree with the comments about Neville's haze at Greenhouse centrum. Had some my last trip and must say it exceeds even Kali Mist. Pricey at 30 NLG a gram ( US $12.00), but worth it, especially when on a vacation in mecca.Siberie has a good sativa, Siberien Tiger 2..... which used to be my stand-by weed when Kali was not available. Personally, it is now my #3 weed, after Neville's haze and Kali mist.At Gray Area I asked if their moonshine was indica or sativa. Unfortunatly, the answer was indica. A real shame, so I passed on it.If you will be going in November before the cup media marketing event, then the coffee shops may pull it off the market until the cup starts, as they have in previous years. If that should occur again, then I would visit other cities such as Haarlem or Maastricht in the quest for superior sativa strains.Actually, the search for these special strains is just like the specialty beer drinkers who seek out those hard to find limited edition brews from Belgium Monastaries or german brewmiesters. Adds some fun to weed smoking.The quest for the ultimate holy grail remains. The sacred sativa weed being *fresh* Thai weed (not the imported type). I still have not been able to locate it in NL, in spite of rumors from unreliable sources. Sort of reminds me of the search for the fountain of youth.:-)
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