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Pip Pip, Cheerio

Once again, you've gotten me (and the sun never sets on
the British Empire, eh, wot?)
You know, old bean, all I wanted to know is if the US is
the only country that drug-tests everyone from fry-flicker at
Wendy's to Lame-Brain in the White House. Maybe that's the reference
that got you. But even Castro remarked that he hoped Bush wasn't
as dumb as he seemed.
The only response I seem to get is you going on about your
right to bear arms. I was in Florida in the 60's, spent a little
time in San Antone and just spent some time with some Texas chaps
who were quite nice indeed. Simply didn't go to their opinions
about guns and politics. Also didn't dare light up.
You would have not fit in with this bunch, or would you?
Fact of the matter is, when I would excuse myself for a spot
of moonshine, I'd tap my nose and wink at you.
I'll write more about what I've seen in America.

Just wanted to say I think it is the insurance companies and those who pay for worker`s compensation who are behind the testing....i recently had a mishap on the job which required a few stitches and was relieved from my duties after testing positive(from the night before mind you). No big deal....Mr. Greenjeans simply pulls up his bootstraps and plugs on. So I get a temporary to permanent job through a temp agency for a supplier for a well known german auto maker....knowing I have to test, I call the agency to set up the time....I drink my flush stuff as directed and go tinkle in the cup for the lil` woman....guess what.....not good. Standing there in disbelief, dumbfounded, with visions of the poor house, I demand a re-test. I whizz again and explain I have to get my kid by 5:00p.m. and could they be so kind to call my cell # for the results? 5 minutes down the road she calls and said I`m 'fine'. I said, "so it came back negative?" and her response was "your fine". Left me scratching my head as to whether I was really fine or was just given a break.....Anyway....point of the story....Mr. Greenjeans is employed again but ain`t relying on flush drinks anymore!!
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