What is Mousk ?

With Mousk you can use the keyboard as a mouse. The arrow keys function as the mouse pointer and 2 other keys are the left and right mouse buttons.

(Please note, NOT the arrow keys on the numeric keypad.)

Why use Mousk ?

If you don't want or can't use a touchpad or mouse on your computer, Mousk is a good alternative.

The concept, how does it work ?

When working with Mousk it's important to realize that the arrow keys are used both as arrow keys (moving the cursor) and as mouse pointer. Therefore these keys have a double function which you turn on and off pressing the left ALT key (or Caps Lock, depending on settings). It takes a bit of practicing, but after about 15 minutes you will notice it works very smoothly. You will often turn Mousk on and off to switch between the use of the cursor or the mouse pointer.

It is free, what is the catch?

When I bought a netbook I started looking for a Mousk like program and could not find what I was looking for. Most of these programs want you to use the numeric keypad which does not exist on a laptop or netbook keyboard, or the key combinations are not user friendly or interfere with other programs.

Mousk is free, no pop ups, no messing around in your registry, no ads, no memberships, no email letters, no scumware. Just download, put it in a folder or on your desktop and run the program. The only thing I ask if you like Mousk: send me a postcard, donate something through PayPal or book a hotel using Channels.nl