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Artis Zoo
Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
Website Artis Zoo

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Categoria : Museus e atrações

    Artis, the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, founded in 1838, shows its historical character even before you walk through the gates: two golden eagles are perched proudly atop the main entrance. People enjoy the 19th-century atmosphere of the gardens: the winding paths, majestic trees, the fascinating sculptures and the monumental historical buildings. Artis is a haven of peace and quiet right in the city centre of Amsterdam. Artis is a fascinating zoo. In an area of 14 hectares around 700 species of animals provide a magnificent overview of the entire animal kingdom. Amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals and insects... all are superbly represented. Artis's renowned Aquarium brings you face to face with … the secret life of Amsterdam's canals! Around the zoo you'll find many more Dutch and European animal and plant species, as well as more exotic ones. You can also come to quench your thirst for knowledge at the Planetarium, the museums and all kinds of smaller exhibitions

    Opening hours
    Artis is open every day of the year, from 09.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. During the period of 'summer time' Artis closes at 6 p.m

    Museus e atrações
    [ Museus e atrações mapa ]

    VakbondsmuseumHenri PolakLaan 9( 0.1 km )
    VerzetsmuseumPlantage Kerklaan 61( 0.2 km )
    Hortus BotanicusPlantage Middenlaan 2( 0.2 km )
    Maritime MuseumKattenburgerplein 1( 0.5 km )
    ArcamPrins Hendrikkade 600( 0.6 km )

    [ Restaurantes mapa ]

    Lofel and BurkePlantage Kerklaan 2( 0.1 km )
    PlanciusPlantage Kerklaan 61a( 0.2 km )
    AguadaRoetersstraat 10 hs( 0.3 km )
    Chez UzziMuiderstraat 18( 0.4 km )
    FujiYamaValkenburgerstraat 223 D( 0.5 km )
    GreetjePeperstraat 23-25( 0.6 km )

    [ Cinemas mapa ]

    KriterionRoeterstraat 170( 0.5 km )

    [ Estágios mapa ]

    Muziek Theater Waterlooplein 22( 0.7 km )
    CarreAmstel 115-125( 0.7 km )
    TropeninstituutMauritskade 63( 0.7 km )
    PleintheaterSajetplein 39( 0.7 km )
    Amsterdams Marionetten TheaterNieuwe Jonkerstraat 8( 1 km )
    Muziekgebouw aan het IJPiet Heinkade 1( 1.2 km )
    BimhuisPiet Heinkade 3( 1.2 km )

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Plantage Middenlaan

Schiphol Airport 11.3 km
Central train station 1.6 km
Tram 6
Bus 22


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Plantage Parklaan
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Perfect APT - Heart of Amsterdam
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The Hoop Houseboat
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Cozy near center studio apartment
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Teatro Apartments
(400 meters)
Kadijksplein 16a
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Jimmy Apartments
(500 meters)
Valkenburgerstraat 194
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beautiful bright house
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Sarphatistraat 87
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Dynasti Housing
(600 meters)
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(700 meters)
Oudeschans 15k
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Fotos Artis Zoo
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Nikolai @ Artis 14-10-2018

Sanuk @ Artis 14-10-2018
Gibbon pagoda.
Gibbon pagoda.
Autumn colours in artis zoo,...
Autumn colours in artis zoo, amsterdam.Japanese macaqua
Red-faced spider monkey island.
Red-faced spider monkey island.

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