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Visitor reviews Rasta Baby
Visitor reviews Rasta Baby

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    language Review by rasta from Ireland
    loved it

    First time in the dam and realised that rasta baby was just around the corner, great deals, friendly staff, and your well able to relax chill out and have a few smokes. this was the first cafe i was in and was by far the most comfortabe because a lot of cafes dont want ya there just to smoke, especially if they arent supplying it, also the white widow in rasta baby is by far best stuff we tried

    language Review by dj ontime from United Kingdom
    relax coffee shop and nice people

    its always are first stop when we arrive in the dam.the smoke and deals were sweet,and the people that work there will help you as much as they can.we wonder around different coffee shops in such a stoned state its a last call in before we get on the bus good stuff and see you soon

    language Review by Dave J from United Kingdom
    Beware of drink prices!!!

    We went here in 06 after reading various reviews. Fully expecting it to be the sort of place I'd personally like, a reggae based coffeeshop. Sure, it had that typical kind of coffeeshop feel that I like to a point. But after being charged €6 each for a pint of lager (by far the most expensive of the trip back in 06) I felt most ripped off to even look at the smokes menu!. I mean various reviews elsewere had rated this place on the decentreasonable price of the beer. So we drank up and left for more respectable and less likely to be ripped-off coffee shops. Not good as this was our first coffeeshop of the trip to!!!. The music was pretty good as I recall.

    language Review by ravenfunk from United Kingdom
    nice place to relax

    i found this place great to relax in after many miles of walking round amsterdam. the smoke quality was superb i bought 2g of s/skunk and a large coffee and spent the next couple of hour sat watching the world go by. the music was good and not too heavy. a nice place to chill!!!!!

    language Review by polina from USA
    extremely chill coffee shop

    if you are looking for a place that is small, but spread out, busy but not packed with a low maintenance feel this place is for you. i've been walking around and other bars seem so trendy and uppity. this place is mellow and the bartenders are friendly. the smoke is superior, if you aren't from here you may want to be careful as it is potent. i've been here for two days and have been there 3x. the price is affordable, coffee and tasty treats extrordinaire. i would go back a fourth time, in fact i think i will!

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