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Budget Hotel Neutraal
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    Rezensionzahl : 1176
    Durchschnittliche Bewertung (6.1 /10 )
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    language Rezension von einen besucher aus Grossbritannien
    A mouse in the room!

    Seriously, there are much better hotels for this price! me and my best friend came to get wasted and have a good time but when we got in the hotel our first words were "what the fuck!". The floor was filthy (making your socks brown) the sink leaked, the window wouldnt open properly, the beds didnt have a duvet, just a throw over. We deliberately left rubbish and cartons in the room to see if they would be cleaned and they werent. The bed sheets werent changed in 3 nights and the people on reception were rude. but apart from all that, we made a new friend! a mouse. living under the left bed in a hole under the radiator... Which came out at night chewed on our things and left shit on the floor! great!

    language Rezension von Tommy Rees aus Vereinigte Staaten
    Not bad/ 4 a house party :)

    Ive stayed in several rooms at different times. (new years 3 years in a row) the best room, top floor facing the canal/grasshopper/or central station... If hanging out the window. Peeps working there were very cool as i also set the smoke alarm off several times. I was also noisy as i stumbled home from the disco every night with a fine deutsch hottie. if your there 2 have fun and really party hard i fully choose this place!! p. S. even better now with mickyd's so close

    language Rezension von einen besucher aus Frankreich
    Worst value for money ever

    Rooms and bathroom dirty. People not very nice. Breakfeast was disgusting. And the price was not even related to this crappy hotel !

    language Rezension von richard seechim
    great location, shit accommodation

    yes, it's relatively cheap. we arrived into a twin room, big enough for 2 small beds and a joint. went out, returned an hour later to find portable cd player, music and sunglasses had been nicked. no sign of forced entry so i can't claim on insurance. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

    language Rezension von claire potter

    there are lots of other cheap hotels that are much nicer. we booked a double but were put in an incredibly cramped twin the with beds end to end and very little other space. then the next night we were moved but there was glass on the floor and i cut my foot. also the walls are so paper thin, if anyone is in the corridor it sounds like they are in your room which does not help a good nights sleep

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    cheap and pretty bearable

    ok for staying if your out all day and out the way from the hotel. only good enough if you are only having a few hours sleep in it at good for smoking pure grass joints in as it sets the smoke alarms off. ideal if you want a cheap place then you have more money for smoke.

    language Rezension von dave
    beware the gates of hell

    i stayed at this place and when i entered was asked to pay (3 nights booked in advance). when i got to my room, there was a huge wet patch on the floor and the room stank (and i do mean stank) of vomit. i went downstairs and complained, to which the guy came upstairs and just denied any smell existed. i asked for my money back, no luck. since i was there and on my own, i ended up staying in that vomit smelling room for 2 nights......horrendous. please do yourself a favour and book a night on the street before you book a place here!

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    i must of had the best room

    my party consisted of two couples and we both had rooms at the front of the hotel and they were great, a view over the canal and queens day in full swing, clean, our own toilet and shower. no complaints apart from get to breakfast early as the good stuff all goes tckt

    language Rezension von StillStoned!!

    I only had the pleasure of spending one night in this s&*t-hole. Three of us stayed there in tiny v. cramped room. Filty facilities! Felt unsafe. Didn't bother with breakfast nor brave enough to use loo!!! VERDICT:I would never ever go near the place again!! Ended up staying in Hotel Beurrstraat, right next to the Grasshopper in a side road. It was really nice hotel...definiely stay there again.

    language Rezension von einen besucher
    What do you expect for £40?

    We stayed for four nights at the Neutraal. Contrary to other reviews the rooms were clean and beds were bug free. Our stay was fine, the staff were friendly and the breakfast edible. The showers and toilets were cleaned every day too. Very convenient, very cheap. Great for a budget visit. And I hid a big bag of grass somewhere in room 24 when I left.

    language Rezension von Gaz Edwards
    Budget to say the least

    If you're thinking of sleeping, think again. The beds bowed in every direction and it seems every door slams. Not as dirty as everyone makes out and no bed-bugs. Breakfast was very basic (bread, ham, cheese) but nice. If you can't afford anymore, then the location of this great, but i definetly wouldn't stay here again!

    language Rezension von Peter
    Good enough only for very short stay

    I spent there few nights and here is my impression: maybe it wasn't this what I wanted, but for this price you can't expect anything better. I visited Amsterdam and wanted to see as much as possible, actually I was using the hotel only during the nights. And that was enough. Breakfast are rather modest, the rooms are basic,they seem not to be cleaned (but there are no lice).

    language Rezension von anna
    just ok

    There are only few words I can say: - very very basic - too dirty - but nice people

    language Rezension von einen besucher

    On reading the other reviews I felt rather scared to have booked this place, however I found neither were true. The rooms are very basic, but clean (beds changed daily, and no lice!) The shower was as clean as a shared shower gets and the staff friendly (however not as friendly as the other review sugests, and if it were true I'd like to see the reviewers idea of a bad weekend!) In a nutshell it aint luxury, but for 120 a night slap bang in the centre of the 'Dam, nay bad.

    language Rezension von John Gower
    Oh what a rumpy pumpy weekend

    Our initial impression of the Hotel was one of excitment. We had not been inside the hotel for more than 3 minutes when a waitress stripped naked in front of us and the rest I'll leave to your immagination. The food was awful, the eggs were uncooked, and the bacon was still alive. Overall a pleasant trip!!!!

    language Rezension von Mark Turnout
    Wank me off

    I've had better nights stay in a bin bag. The desk clerk smelt of cheap perfume and the cleaning lady had no teeth. There were lice in the bed linen and the bath had evidence of cum on the shower curtain. I will not stay in this hole of satan again.

    language Rezension von Gustavo aus Schweiz
    Per 40 euro a notte

    Hotel in generale molto scadente ma per 40 euro a notte andava bene. colazione mai fatta anche perchè nn era un bel vedere. la televisione nn funzionava il frigo-bar pure. molto economico ma la qualità scadente. comunque il gerente è molto disponibile.

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