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Visitor reviews Rookies
Visitor reviews Rookies

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    language Review by Danny from United Kingdom
    Friendly service and a ace place to chill

    The coffee shope rookies is pretty cool, the rates of selling are very good, and the service is excellent. But if your going to go, i would most definetly recomend you but your 'stuff' from the coffeeshop, then cross the road and go to rookies restaraunt. the staff were so friendly and you can smoke in there as well. The bar man will also let you doodle on te back of the coasters, which are then pinned up on the bar. It was defo one of my favourite places to smoke in.

    language Review by Melodee from USA
    Typical bar scene but...

    We were in Rookies and the place had a nice conversational buzz going, everyone looked happy. I see a guy, barstool and all, fall flat on his back with a resounding BANG. Apparently he didn't understand the right combination of alcohol and THC and he just fell out. The place got deadly quiet for about 10 seconds; the bartenders ran over and woke the guy up, and everyone continued their conversations. When he finally woke up (maybe 20 seconds later) he jumped up like "I meant to do that" and the bartenders escorted him to the door. I still chuckle about that knucklehead and the Rookies. I kinda like it for that alone.

    language Review by catherine tobin
    friendly staff good weed and one vapouriser sets you up for the day

    went to rookies for the new year 2005. stayed in a flat on that street and never wanted to leave the place. was with a group of people that lived there for years and still loved it so much we were there every day of our trip. five stars considering i fell off my bar stool after an hour there and i could not fault the staff so, friendly.

    language Review by a Visitor
    hate this place

    its just a british bar that sells (not very good) weed, i say avoid at all costs, i also hate the street its situated on!

    language Review by birdman
    why all the hype?

    the rookies reminded me a a frat bar back in america. the hasj/weed menu sucks! just because they have a pool table and serve beer and have a lot of room doesn't impress me.

    language Review by danny

    the rookies the place to see in amsterdam! thay also have a wunderfull hotel above the coffeeshop, very nice staff and pooltable terras and wireless internet boatrides in hotel and in the rookies!its like cheers at a railway station. boatrides very special! enjoy!!

    language Review by bigfattudboker
    fantastic oj

    visited rookies easter 2004. laidback staff, good atmosphere. quick, polite service, very roomy. ordered 2.2gr rookies skunk, it was average at best. 2.1gr superpolm, nice flavor and very smooth. was quite pleased with the superpolm. 2 oj's, one for me and one wifey. yummy oj. it alone is worth going back for. recieved 2 stickers, filter tips, papers and 2 lighters and a couple other things that somehow have skipped my mind for free.

    language Review by kirk caldy
    consistently good

    my most visited cs. i was staying above so this was the last stop every night. bought pre-rolled northern lights here, but i dunno, good but something was missing from them. not very giggly... ah well, wont stop me from going back for the beer which is always fantastic.

    language Review by bigbird
    good staff

    this was my first coffeeshop ever.i had a prerolled northern lights cone.got very stoned and sat on the terrace.after i sat for quite a while one staff member came out to the terrace to ask if i was allright.very nice to be a little wasted and having the staff checking on you not just worried about the bottom line.

    language Review by bigbird
    northern lights

    i had a pure prerolled cone and it rocked.i chilled at a table outside and the staff inquired about my welfare but did not hassle me.

    language Review by boner
    not very good

    had the rookies skunk and unless mixed with something stronger it was a complete waste of time (did it come from the person who supplies the bulldog?)

    language Review by a Visitor
    one of the best

    visited here end march 2004. beer was good, however my girlfriends tia maria had been cut/replaced by cheap brandy. atmosphere is fantastic - just lots of happy people. would recommend - as long as you stick to beer.

    language Review by big g
    perfect coffeeshop off the main drag.

    visited oct 2,2003 we stepped in here to get out of the rain and get high. had my own and ordered two cappicinos. nice relaxed establishment then went across the street and bought some t-shirts from their commercial shop!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    rookies skunk

    the rookies skunk that this awesome bar/coffeeshop was absolutely delicious and delightful. the hottest chicks were working that night too. very neat place, i reccomend it.

    language Review by germs
    gnome man's land

    my favorite coffee shop that i visited in amsterdam was a small place that my friends and i came to call 'gnome man's land'. it's a very small and quaint shop located on kerekenstratt. the service was friendly and the endless murals on the wall were filled with colorful images of what resembled rennisance times on an 8th of good shrooms. they had everything to offer you that any other establishment would but also had a nice 'naturistic' feel to it.

    language Review by a Visitor
    a nice place to relax

    my first coffeeshop experience, was served by a very friendly and attractive australian girl who suggested the northern lights, and now i know why.....the smoke was so good that i couldn't find my hotel afterward, but, that is what you get when you try to smoke the whole bag by yourself..... pool tables and rather friendly folk made this a nice place to stop.

    language Review by trekknhil
    great bathroom

    don't laugh, they are hard to come by. the ladies room was best in town! nice patio where we had a channelite meeting in june 2003. has a pool table and a nice vibe.

    language Review by a Visitor
    best spot to enjoy your holiday in amsterdam!!

    staff is frendly , music is good , the menu is all i needed ,great location, en the rookies hotel was perfect and the boatrides where unique !! thanx!! for everything rookies!!

    language Review by a Visitor
    what an experience!!!!

    we had never been to a coffeeshop before and had never had hash before either. rookies was friendly and we didn't feel intimidated at all, in fact the barman was more than happy to explain what to do and which substance to buy. if you haven't rolled a cigarette before its best to buy a 'stickie' ready rolled.we tried it, but my other half had what they call a 'white-out', the bar staff where really helpful and soon sorted him out with sugar water and cola. aparantly mixing alcohol with weed isn't a good idea!

    language Review by a Visitor
    more like a bar

    this place was more like a bar then a coffeeshop, the gear was pre packaged. i sampled the rookies special, it was okay but not top line. nice decor, reasonable large and clean.

    language Review by fecaljesus
    hella good

    this place was bangin... i found myself going in there at 11 am daily to get a bag for a spliff of superskunk with breakfast...crowded is fine with me, as is dank beer and liquor to go with my all-american tobacco free spliff..also,there are some really hot chicks working in the hash bars in amsterdam, many of which i tried to bring home with us (girl and me), but no dice...game is slacking

    language Review by jenni henderson
    never mind the joints - the hot chocolate is out of this world

    went to amsterdam at new year 2000 and found rookies to be my favourite coffee shop. relaxing and friendly and the hot chocolate was fantastic just before bed. we walked miles to get to it every night as it was a fair distance from our hotel.

    language Review by david r
    very good

    this was the first shop i went too in november 2002. very nice staff, very relaxed and about the only place you could get a good pint of lager with your j. good as a last stop b4 beddy time

    language Review by gazman
    nice...when quiet!

    nice big coffeshop, sells booze and has a pool table. gets very busy late afternoon (very) !!

    language Review by dave
    nice place!

    all i know is that i got stoned in the rookies, and other places, everyday for 6 days and i felt more relaxed there than anywhere else!, spent 12euro on the worst northern lights i've ever had but the hash well made up for it! tunes were a bit dodgy too, think they played song 2 by blur once and the rest was muck. relaxing place though and worth the visit, afternoon it though, well busy in d'evenins ad personally, i hate skinning up while standing!!

    language Review by bruce stone
    went there 6 days in a row fun great service honkytonk meets coffeeshop

    arrived a'dam 4 20 02 to celebrate 50th b'day went every day closest place to hotel, best service of all the coffee shops i went to. weed & hash great! gave me free beers on my birthday! highly recommend you visit my favorite place!!! thanks rookies!!!!!!!!!!!

    language Review by dogbreath
    beer bar that sells weed

    if you like beer bars, with loud music and a crowded scene, this is a place for you. it seems more like a bar that sells weed then a coffee shop. loud, a lot of yelling with that alchohol vibe. not for my tastes, but if you like bars, you'll probably enjoy this place. :-)

    language Review by canuck
    well-cured bud!

    a lot of cannabis sold in coffeshops in a'dam is wet and unsmokable unless you want to roll with tobacco. i hate that shit. the rookies (although they need a name change)has consistently sold me the best-manicured northern lights and superskunk that i have purchased in the city. not the best selection, but the smoke is sweet and soft. the service is also good. i spent 50 guilders and had a free pack of papers and a lighter handed to me by the dealer. great pit-stop with good prices. recommended.

    language Review by a Visitor
    nice place

    was in amsterdam middle of september and stopped in this place, nice atmosphere, seems more like a bar than a coffee shop, did not buy anything, just had a drink, it was busy, mind you it was a saturday night, they have a pool table for those of you interested. service was quick and pleasant.. will go back again when in amsterdam...

    language Review by rookies fan
    this place is the best

    i've been to a-dam about three times and i'm going back again soon. you can bet your last dollar that rookies is going to be my first stop! this is a great place to sit back and enjoy your high without any worries. the people there are nice and friendly and best of all...rookies skunk weed rules!!!! maybe the sound system isn't all that but the music that they play makes up for it. i hate to sound like an advertisment but if you like to have a great time in a great place rookies is the place to be.

    language Review by heath
    amazing spliffs

    My girl and I went to this hopping shop after the comedy show at boom chicago. It was a bit busy but the music was wonderful and the staff was very helpful. They had recently just ran out of some of their neat jionts but the northern lights where abundant. We sat around for 20 min. smoked some shiva and then took the joint to the park. The pull was a little hard. But we smoked the enitre thing; with sweat smells of pine and summer rain. It went down pretty smooth and took us into lala land for a good few hours. Very nice weed, have to try the hash sometime.

    language Review by a Visitor
    What's tha fuss?

    I found this place to be much touted, especially here in the forum. Stopped in around 4 times, at various times of the day/evening. Every time - noisy, crowded, etc. Felt like a sports bar, which I guess it tries to be? Chick behind the counter (with the nose-stud) was cool though. Had to shout a lot to be heard. Not my cup of tea, but if you're into it.....

    language Review by 6th timer
    Big Ass Shop with full out bar

    Stopped in last friday eve to meet up with frinds, the place was packed, but that is to be expected for Friday happy hour, did not buy any produce here, but did hang for an extended period, they have Duvel which was nice. Will def be back. Staff was fast and friendly.

    language Review by Lawrence
    A perfect day-Rookies/museums/Rookies

    If you're looking for a place to relax and smoke before going to the museums or after a day in the museums, I would recommend The Rookies. We spent a lot of time hanging there. The staff and patrons are really friendly. I'd say a stop at The Rookies before/after hitting the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh is my idea of a perfect day.

    language Review by ALF

    WHAAAAAAAW I over did it but was well looked after (NOVIS SMOKER) WHAT A PLACE ! Must have made an inpression myself......Got a free coffee the next day 'BLESS THEM !'

    language Review by Keith Hopkins
    Great coffeshop with a local feel

    Was in Amsterdam early Jan.of 01 and stayed right upstairs at the Hotel Uptown.This was one of my fave stops and I made it a regular one.Since I was there in the off season it was mainly filled with locals and people who had visited Amsterdam on more than one occasion,a good sign.I was advised by a well seasoned British couple who had been there several times to try the Orange bud for herb and the little moon for hash.Both turned out to be great selections.The orange bud was VERY tasty with a nice 'up' high.The little moon was a very nice light Morrocan hash that will 'knock your dick in the dirt' and was fairly cheap at 25 NLG for 1.5 grams.I also tried some Manali and Napalese(both black hashes) but was not overly impressed.This is a great Coffeshop/Bar and is located in the middle of what must be hundreds of restuarants and cafes.Dont miss this place as its well worth the visit. Peace

    language Review by Lucy
    Cool and laid back kinda place

    Went here quite late and still got a seat!Yeahh!! Great choons (Chemical Bros, Moby etc..) Only gripe is that there is no coffee late night. Every one was very friendly, and its bigger than most coffee shops. Enjoy the space!! Its pretty easy to find as well, compared to some of them! Looks like a regular bar, lovely beer, good weed, great staff!Enjoy!!

    language Review by KJ
    Pre-Rolled Advise

    The last review complained about the quality of the pre-rolled. The Rookies sells both with and without tobacco, the Dutch roll joints with tobacco to make sure they continue to burn. If a place sells pre-rolled ALWAYS ask if they are pure or mixed. If you say nothing you will get a mixed joint. Bye the way, I made The Rookies my regular stop during my stay, nice laid back staff and very helpful. The place has a nice local feel with a good mixed crowd. It's not a trippy hippy hang-out that plays the music so loud you can't hear yourself think.

    language Review by cagey
    Could use some help on the pre-rolled

    Visited a couple of times during my week stay. Music system wasn't as bad as I'd heard (from reviews). What do you want from a pub/bar type place. Always busy but not too crowded. My only beef was with the pre-rolled northern lights. A friend purchased one and it was a bit rough on the lungs. Not much better than your average downtown-brown skag weed imho. Guys, you ought to ensure that if you tout the best 'pre-rolled in town' that your weed is truly top shelf.

    language Review by Tom
    Just returned, great place

    Just returned from our first visit to the Rookies, on 9/17/00. We really liked it, and the pre-rolled Northern Lights kick ass. Only criticsm is that they could use a better sound system.

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