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revues de visiteur De Rokerij
revues de visiteur De Rokerij

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    language Revue a un visiteur
    Pretty good place to chill

    I didn't have as bad of an expirience as many of the others have had. We purchased the Orange Bud and White Widdow. The OB wasn't great, but the WW was tasty. They also had great drinks. The seating was a little odd, but comfy once you got used to it. Overall, a nice chill spot to enjoy a smoke. (This review is for the location next to the bulldog.)

    language Revue a herbNmagic de Canada
    Didnt live up to expectations

    I went in and the dealer immediately asked me to take off my hat, which was cool. He was respectful and I was happy to oblige. I got some Great White Bio and it was stale and pretty shaggy. Didnt try anything else off the menu, but Ill give em another shot next month.

    language Revue a kim
    arogant and unfriendly

    i went to the one in the elandsgracht and got bitched at for wearing a cap...apparently that's part of their security policy, but instead of telling me nicely, the barbitch actually shouted at me. the dealer was extremely unfriendly, when asked if he could recommend a weed he muttered if we couldn't read as there was a menue. the weed we bought was nothing to write home about, it took them ages to serve 2 cups of latte ( which weren't hot....), while we were waiting for our coffee we watched the dealer being an ass to a couple of other buyers - and after they left the shop the dealerguy bitched about 'stupid tourist' at the top of his voice with the bar girls. i'll spend my money elsewhere, i think.... so i'll not grace that shop again.

    language Revue a fredbloggs

    its dark place and those steps are dangerous when your mashed. people seemed friendly enough and happy to chat, smoke was good went for stardust very good indeed top stuff for me anyway. went back several times and each time it felt cold in their or perhaps iam beginning to feel my age;-)

    language Revue a c.b.
    no big deal. rokerij iii

    the space was pretty. the seats were too small and uncomfortable. the music was too low and uninteresting to enjoy. the staff was aloof, unfriendly and too 'cool' to be bothered by you. (i sure didn't see any beauty queens like others have posted about.) the weed and hash are sold down a tiny, awkward staircase, behind what looks like a bank teller window by an unfriendly bald guy that doesn't want to be bothered by any questions. be careful walking down the stairs, as the wooden stairs are worn smooth and have no traction. the weed just made me sleepy. didn't really get a good buzz, which was disappointing. all in all, it was nothing special. i can get better quality weed from my illegal dealer back home in the usa.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    not a nice guy

    great lookin shop and staff but the guy at the weed counter talked 2 his friend 4 ages while people waited 4 their bud after about 10 minutes of waiting i had the cheeck to ask 4 a menu the guy went beserk saying i was rude 2 interupt sorry mate but thats what your job is even the really nice girl behind me said he was out of order.wil go back but hope the dealer is new

    language Revue a drumdemon44
    avrage shop with numerous locations

    i went to at least 2 diffrent rokerij shops. the smoke wasnt anything to brag about. my friend that was with me wore his hat in the building and the bitch behind the bar was not very nice about their no hat policy. the dealer was ok , but the bar stafff was rude and when you asked for a drink it was like you were bothering her, there are better shops with better service

    language Revue a becky g
    waiting to return :)

    on my 1st trip to the dam last march (4 my birthday) - we got taken to the one by leidesplein by a friend - it was fantastic :o) although my boyfriend doesnt smoke - he really enjoyed it - great music, great drinks, great staff, great smoke and great atmosphere! :) im returning on march 2nd this year to make it my home for amother 6 days :o)

    language Revue a cameron
    worth a visit

    rather dark but pleasantly so. gorgeous women working the bar. friendly bouncer, drinks are a little spendy though. i visited this place many times and never had a bad time. did notice the weed tender sometimes takes his time but never had a problem.

    language Revue a trekknhil
    where's the dealer???

    three times i have gone into the leidsplein location and have had to wait for the dealer. what the hell? i am not in the mood to wait. so, i stole about 100 of their coasters. that's what you get for making me wait.

    language Revue a david
    best shop in amsterdam

    the moment you walk into this tranquil candlelit shop, with it's nepali influence and excellent art/designs, you getr a feeling of peace - ahh, this is where i am supposed to be! the people are friendly, the waitstaff are the finest women in europe, the music a mix between reggae, acid jazz, classic motown & more, all adds to the perfect blend of high-grade weed & hash to make this the most enjoyable shop in amsterdam ... we visited 5 times, and once stayed for about 6 hours, having fun with the staff and enjoying the smoke and music - do not miss this atmospheric treasure!!!

    language Revue a bazmeister

    what is it with people? we're all smoking weed in amsterdam. that's what we do, and we like it. weed makes you relaxed, freindly, nice. so why, why on earth do backpackers insist on like, taking up two chairs each, dumping their huge backpacks on another, and then pretend not to notice you when you're looking for a place to sit? anyway. the rokerij was clean, the lights and the music all kinda added to the smoke experience which was also decent enough. a good enough place to see out the end of the night, or see in the new day... recommended.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    the one on singel

    its great and with 2 other shops next door and several others within sight and then to mention it opens at 10 a.m. sharp and is within sight of central station and serves beer and has a large selection of grass, all that adds up to one of my favorite places to stop. try the northern lights haze.

    language Revue a nick
    review by nick,16.08.2002

    this place is so great and the dope is very strong, it makes so high and the athmosphäre was good. the room at centre station is small but clean and good musik. go in it! nick

    language Revue a cyberchuckie
    nice place, friendly atmosphere

    nice place to hang for a few, decor was of stone age which was really cool. music was good too. felt comfortable just kicking back and relaxing with my friends.

    language Revue a dave
    mc rokerij?

    paranoia's not a good thing, even if you haven't broken the law! first time i went here all went well, including the weed, until the girlfriend pulled out a bottle of water, staff pounced from everywhere and started freaking at us, we were mad wasted on their grass, they should know better!! decided to try it again with two friends (4 of us in our mid 20's) so we walked in, were i.d'd straight away by some 17 year old, we didnt have passports etc with us so the staff start staring at us and wouldn't decide whether to serve us or not, bugger that we said and left! when i told people about it they all said it was well dodgy, one thing though, pity too cos the drum n bass was great!! maybe we were unlucky and if we were, nice relaxed sort of place, great tunes and decor (leidsepleine, dunno about the others)

    language Revue a bruce stone
    good idea but to smallran us off at closing time goodies just okay

    i liked this look but some of the dealers in this town should try traveling other places because a'adam isnt the only place on earth to get killer weed and some of us americans can outsmoke any of you guys. turned 50 the week i was here in a'dam the weed was ok but the hash kicks buttwould come to this place again just because of the atmosphere and good lookin babes. dealer was a bit of a ass but still liked this place again hash rules

    language Revue a eyeluvbud
    please dont put ur feet on the furniture

    my wife and i visited here in may. the material was top quality. the atmosphere was pleasant, but dont put ur feet on the furniture no matter how tired u r from walking. the staff was polite and willing to engage in conversation. i will be back soon, this will be one of the first places for me to visit.

    language Revue a mike
    i'm stunned by these reviews

    i reckon all the reviews here were written by novices - best smoke in the dam - you must be kidding. ever thought of looking a bit further than the main tourist drag?? rokerj is admittedley one of the better tourist chains in that the have a nice relaxed athmosphere, but they're a bit hippy-by-numbers for this century & the toke is ok, but nothing to write home about. great if you wanna get stunned as opposed to stoned.

    language Revue a terug
    the most beautiful woman on earth!

    nevermind the place, the girl behind the counter had me talking like a freak! oh my god! i was so whipped by her beauty, my dutch came out all backwards! i didn't know whether to ask her for a white coffee or air!! even the guy working was cute. what was in that cigarette anyway?!

    language Revue a bon bon billy
    leidesplein shop is great place to chill

    i visited this shop several times during my stay this march. the staff were the lovliest ladies behind the bar of any shop i went to and they were friendly as well. i found the weed and hash to be excellent. (i liked the christmas hand press blond hash). the environment lets you sink down and relax, the music is very mellow (middle eastern i think) and just added to my sense of fun. other patrons to the rokerij also seemed friendly which is more than i can say about a lot of popular places. highly recommended, especially in the early afternoon. it gets more crowded at night

    language Revue a un visiteur
    too crowded

    this place is cool. there are hot waitresses and cool surroundings. the only problem is that it is too crowded for its own good, and there is too much of a 'bar' feel to it.

    language Revue a cooter

    this was probably the best smoke on this trip. potent but not lathargic. went to 2 of them on this trip. both had good selection and good atmosphere

    language Revue a the cannakid
    first place, the right place

    arriving in the early am, tired and jet lagged, on the rembrandtplein, we stumbled into the rokerij. we were told inside, that the goodies were down below, in hell, so to speak. descending a narrow stairway we were greeted by the sight of a window, with plenty bud in view. still even though the experience was groovy, the bud was pretty much the same quality all thought amsterdam and rotterdam. the best was to be found at the bluebird, in the form of the ice-o-lator. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    language Revue a basslady
    excellent dark chill space, awesome weed

    went to the one on singel several times and it rocked! try the white butterfly weed, hours of giggly fun. that and the cheap heineken made this my favorite coffeeshop on this my 1st a'dam trip. it was never super crowded when we went (late nights (it's open 'til 1 am) in the first week of march) and the music is low enough for conversation. all in all, highly recommended and it's so close to centraal station.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    the one on the singel canal

    i went to the one nearest the train station....it was one of the best i found in central damn....not much for seating ...try sitting in the picture window out front....the people were nice and the menu was good.....and there are 2 more coffeeshops next door

    language Revue a un visiteur
    the best coffeeshop in amsterdam

    don't tell anyone how great this place is. i don't want to share!

    language Revue a t. j. boos
    i love this place

    i found the staff to be very friendly, helpful,and respectful. i even got a free cup of coffee. now you know that just does'nt happen in a'dam. is that a sign i spent too much time there?? the leidseplein rokerij is the best and i can hardly wait to get back.

    language Revue a stoner
    watch your elbows!

    i first went to the rokerij at muntplein in 1996 when it was still called big fun. the name change was a good decision. the decision to continue offering high-quality cannabis in a friendly atmosphere was even better. the big guy who helped me make my selection (good afghan power and excellent moroccan hashish)went out of his way to ensure that i was happy. every visit thereafter has been positive. i went back again in 2001 and some new staff were equally helpful. stardust is a nice strain, but the cannabis cup means nothing. just ask the great dutch shops that ignore it. the rokerij at leidseplein is for those who love being crushed like sardines. it's also often full of drunken idiots. too easy to find.

    language Revue a tiko

    very nice place with very friendly staff. also the people i saw chillin' in there were cool people. i had good time in there, menu was good and the prices were ok, i tried nepalese cream, it wasn't as good as to get the third place in the cannabis cup but its smell and taste was very different. this shop is sometimes so crowded that you can't find a place to sit.

    language Revue a cooter
    good vibes and good buds

    this place was cool. plenty of space. good buds. stardust was excellent. some guy was being a cock and they kicked everyone out. i will come back

    language Revue a headmixer
    stars (in my head) and stripes (on my arse)

    try the rokerij on the singel, the weed was great my mates summitted k2 without leaving europe. the main bugbear is, as mentioned by many others, the seating is shite. inside is very dark and has very low african seating, which is no better than sitting on the floor. try to get onto the rope rolls in the porch area if you're staying a while. good thing is there are 3 coffee shops to choose from within a few feet so if you want to sit, go to the doors or bulldog.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    cool environs!

    taught a friendly staffer how to use a rolling machine here in the early morning before my flight. i left it with him as the service was terrific. the interior is somewhere on the web (the rokerij across from l'hotel de l'europe on the amstel) and it's magnificent with candles on the walls. great weed selection and i like the freshly squeezed oj. i'll be back...again!

    language Revue a danmc
    You'll want to stop at this place!

    Still my favorite, just as great as it was last year. Great location in the middle of everything. Great atmosphere. Decent weed, beer and wine also. Can get very crowded though - better get there early if you want a seat. Would never get away with candles on the walls in the States!

    language Revue a Keith Hopkins
    Best smoking enviornment in Amsterdam

    I visited the Rokerij just off the Liedesplein this Jan. and and i have nothing but good to say about it.This was my morning stop for coffee and or juice along with the first smoke of the day.The key to a good coffeeshop experience in my opinion is to GET THERE EARLY.These places are not big to begin with and fill up fast.As far as the smoke goes I only purchased the Jack Herer here and though it kinda sucked.It was very harsh and had that ugly ammonia taste although it did get me blasted.The coffee and the atmosphere here was BY FAR the VERY best I experienced while in Amsterdam.Very nice tunes,very nice middle eastern/Indian decor.What must be 100 candles and lots of incense accent the trippy decor.The service was great early in the morning(helped along by a small tip with every round of service)DO NOT miss this place as it by far the best place to kick back and get ripped.Ill be back for sure. Peace

    language Revue a Donald Duck
    Hash is not addictive...Rokerij is!!!!!!

    Two times in Amsterdam-Two times in Rokerij!! This place is devine!! Friendly and helpful staff, and great weedo!! Try cinnamon tea with a fat 'buddha' full of white butterfly A must-see of the most colorful european city!!!

    language Revue a un visiteur
    Great Place!!!!

    I've been to the dam several times and have enjoyed both places extremely well. Lots of kind buds and cool people. wish they wre all like that. Don't go on Saturday or you'll be shoulder to shoulder in there. Enjoy I'll be there in 2 months to enjoy some good bud again.

    language Revue a Mila
    rokerij is the best place to be

    During a sunny, warm, summer day (Yes I said Warm & Sunny) nothing beats the Rokerij on Lange Leidsedwars Straat. (near the Leidse) We arrived early and purchased two different varities. Then sat down for a delicious cup of thee. As I stumbled, trying to roll a joint with one of those huge rolling papers available at the bar, a kind english lad came to my rescue. What a delight. The mix of nationalities and gender, the incredible mix of spacey music and the warm glow of the candles makes the Rokerij among the classiest establishments in Amsterdam. I try to do the rokerij early, because the evenings are very crowded. We have tried many of the coffeeshops, and most are very nice. But, nothing compares to the Rokerij.

    language Revue a Johnny from New York
    Rokerij I is a good bet right off the Leidesplein

    I've been smoking for 25 years and I've been to AMS 5 times. I went into the Rokerij 1 on December 26th 2000 and had a great time. Weed is on par with top 10 coffeeshops in town. I landed up having a great conversation with one of the other customers, and the bar girls were also talkative and friendly. House bongs were good. This place is big and I got a seat at the bar both times I went there during that particular trip. I checked out the Rokerij II near Barneys and had an alright time there. I smoked in the front area near the entrance door. There were 4 groups of people there and almost no conversational exchange between the groups. I talked with a lot more people in the Rokerij I.

    language Revue a un visiteur
    Terrible attitude - mediocre product

    The guy claimed to be doing me a favor by selling me half a gram of menali creme. Every other coffeeshop pretty much sold you as little as you wanted (10 guilders worth at 2c Kamer). I never went back in there, and never plan to.

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