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Di-Ann City Centre Hotel
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    Aantal reviews : 407
    Gemiddelde waardering (6.8 /10 )
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    language Review door een bezoeker uit Verenigd Koninkrijk
    Central location, street noisy

    Good central location, though noisy at night with trams. Stairs were steep though only 36 to contend with to our floor. Were allowed to leave our cases on last day so as to explore without hassle of luggage. only fault being the payment of the bill. We were told on arrival that on departure we would have to pay cash to settle our account as their card swiper wasn't working & wouldn't be fixed until the following week. This mean't that we were faced with an excessive exchange rate to find the 400 euro bill. If the management had pre-warned us of this through e-mail then we could have taken extra cash prior to leaving uk. friendly cat.

    language Review door Larry uit Verenigde staten
    Doesn't get any worse

    Forget this place. My wife and i stayed here for three nights in september, '08. We should have slept on the street. The staff was rude and dishonest. The room was the smallest we've ever seen. This place should not be allowed to remain in business. The food was inedible as we both became ill within a few hours of breakfast, the room was dirty and the wc was worse. Amsterdam is an incredible city, but places like hotel di-ann give it a terrible reputation. Save your money and go somewhere else.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    a major disappointment!

    i showed up with three children after a flight from america only to find out that there was a train strike the next day. the hotel staff was kind enough to provide a room for an additional night (for a much higher charge, of course). the quad room was small and very hot (in mid-june). we couldn't open the windows, as the hotel is on a major road with intense street noise all night long. even with ear plugs and windows closed, the noise was unbelieveable. we have been traveling in europe for the past six summers and this was one of the worse places that we have ever stayed. there are many steep stairs to get up to the hotel (not a major problem, but be forewarned...we planned our outings so as to not return until bedtime). the management took a very large key deposit (100 euro) and refused to return it because i didn't have a receipt (make sure you get one!). the location was good, but i would go elsewhere...whatever the cost!

    language Review door william cox
    my stay was enjoyable except for the clime.

    i read quite a few reviews before writing. it's always nice to read what people have to say about a place before renting a room. i must disagree with most of the bad ones. diann is worth the cost. the staff were polite and helpful as to where to start seeing amsterdam. i was most impressed with the business card map that got me back to the hotel after a night of drink and smoke. i was allowed to smoke in my problems what so ever. you get breakfast and there is a drink machine.'s a nice, reasonably priced place to sleep. the street nosie stopped around 10 pm which reminded me of how a country town shuts down at night. oh yeah! that climb. that climb seem to go on forever, but they will carry the bags up for you to the check in desk. one flight straight up. there's a place to sit and rest before you get to climb another flight or two to your room. you will enjoy the view and stay. d;-)

    language Review door jeff and kris
    more than we expected

    my wife and i stayed at hotel di-ann from march 5th thru the 11th and we were very pleased with the room. yes it was small, but what do you expect in europe. when we got there at 7;30am, they let drop off our bags so we could explore the city for a couple of hours. when we returned, they couldn't find our reservation (though we booked it through 'bookings nl') thankfully they had one room left, #201, and it was just great. had a nice balcony with a canal view, two landmarks (can't remember the names of them though) coffee shop down the street and a grocery store a block away that we walked past for two days without realising it! very nice staff, even let us use a crystal vase for the 50 tulips that we bought at the flower market. i didn't think the noise from the street was bad at all, usually ended around midnight anyway. it was nice to sit on the balcony and watch all the bikers on there way to wherever. rooms were cleaned every day, hot showers, great location (10 min walk from train station) very laid back cat!! we would stay here again in a heartbeat. jeff?kris

    language Review door les m
    it's actually really nice

    when i read half the reviews on this page, they made it sound as though i'd booked myself into a total hovel - but the hotel di ann is actually really nice. i can't believe the shock at the steep stairs. the majority of the traditional buildings in amsterdam are like this so i'm sure most of the centrally-located hotels will have steep staircases. that's not to say they aren't horrible. they're not my ideal route to bed after a day of walking around/visiting cafes, and yes, they are very steep, but it's not like you're running up and down to your room every five minutes. we were lucky only being one floor up - those on the fourth floor would probably have had thighs of steel by the end of the holiday, but the staff at the hotel offer you a hand with your stuff. probably not the best choice for pensioners though. the room's not massive, but it has a comfy double bed, a telly, tables and chairs, and they aren't non-smoking (the rooms that is, not the chairs). the bathroom's ok too, especially the shower which is really powerful and when you're washing your hair it's like getting a head massage. above the headboard of our bed was a huge big window so we could lie at the window watching the world go by. i won't lie - the trams and traffic outside don't exactly make it tranquil but it's not hideously loud or anything, and certainly didn't spoil my stay. breakfast is from 7.30am till 10.30am, which means you can still get a bit of a lie in and, of course, it's a continental breakfast you get. it's a help-yourselfy beakfast with brown and white bread, a toaster (for using, not for eating), butters and jams, cheese slices, freshly made boiled eggs, fresh orange, coffee, tea and herbal/fruit teas. so it might not be a five star hotel, but for the reasonable price we paid we got what we expected - a clean hotel room in a very central location. (particularly good places to visit are anne frank's house which is just along the road and also nearby coffee shop abraxas which is really chilled out and does amazing chococinos and banana milkshakes. oh, and red bull comes in glass bottles, has anyone ever seen that before?)

    language Review door lord chutty-greebling
    i am livid!

    absolutely shocking! a two star hotel? my royal arse! where was the bidet i've come to expect? what about the complimentary magnum of champagne i'd been so looking forwad to, hmmm? the kingsize four-poster bed had shrunk somewhat and had lost it's four posters - it was just plain wrong i tell you. i shan't be back! imagine, if you will, breakfast without caviar!!! i'll see to it that daddy puts them out of business. it was so ghastly that i had to leave the 'hotel' and take in some of the city - can you imagine?!? its almost six months since this nightmare gripped me and my upper-class foundations are still shaking yet!

    language Review door een bezoeker
    great hotel

    great hotel & nice hotel in a great location. staff couldn't have been more friendly. very convenient to most areas in the city.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    don't be fooled by the bogus reviews

    this place is not worth your time or your hard earned money. there are much nicer places to stay in amsterdam besides the, as we called it during our stay, the 'blow-ann'

    language Review door foxie
    bloody excellant

    i read the previous reviews before going back to amsterdam and i admit to being rather concerned. however, the di-ann is a great place to stay.yes there are a few steps up to reception but if i can manage 'em anyone can. it is ams after all! we were greeted by 3 smiling faces and asked if we could leave our luggage there til check in time, no problem. :) the room was small but nicely decorated and exceptionally clean. we were lucky to be at the front and had a balcony which was lovely. we were asked for a deposit for the tv but no probs getting it back and there are signs up reminding you to ask for it. the staff were helpful, friendly and little requests like extra pillows weren't a drama. towels were changed 3 times in 5 days so was the bed which i was most happy with.(although we did go mad with some strawberry booby drops and they made a mess!!) there was certainly no bugs no problems and no hassles. all in all i would highly recommend the di-ann. debbie in room 201.x

    language Review door david

    realy was nice hotel.. clean , good staff ... thankx for all , we will come againe for sure for this hotel ..

    language Review door peter uk
    not a bad place to stay

    i stayed at the di-ann may 2003,i found it a clean comfortable hotel, i found the staff helpful and friendly, the stairs were narrow and a lot of steps (almost forty)just to get to reception desk, which i believe is not unusual in a'dam. my room was small but adequte enough to relax/sleep after a long day of sight seeing etc. the breakfast i found to be quite good. hotel is well located for walking distance to most attraction's. i would definitely stay here again.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    awful, just awful.........

    as bad as bad can be. look elsewhere even a 1 star ranking is too much

    language Review door een bezoeker
    clean, friendly hotel

    this is the perfect hotel for a weekend stay. the hotel was close enough to everything that you needed but far enough away from all the noise. although there are alot of stairs (and no lift!) the staff were only too pleased to help with any bags etc. very clean, comfortable, friendly and reasonably priced - what more can you ask for!!!!! highly recommended

    language Review door liz
    never again!

    i would never recommend this place to anyone i knew or liked,stairs were a killer, no fire escapes! (that we could see). breakfast was a total joke, manager was very rude and to top it all, after a long day of sight seeing we were told we couldn't go to our room as they were fitting shelves etc. we had to sit in that dingy so called dining area for 1/2 hour and compensated with a free can of fizzy drink!!0/10

    language Review door amanda & glenn
    word of thanks

    dear merel & all the staff, we are writing to say a big thank you to you all at the diann hotel. for the service we received on our spring & summer holidays in amsterdam this year. we were very pleased with our room with the bal/canal view, also how good the service for the excursions was made, as we enjoyed antwerp & belgium greatly. we have just about got back to reality back home, and have got our photographs processed we have a few of our little friend the cat, which really made us feel at home as we're owners of cats ourselves. could you send us her name as we cannot remember hers only hello & goodbye from nadia hotel we can remember. thank you all once again and we hope to see you's either next year or sometime soon again. regards amanda & glenn

    language Review door richie, london
    nice staff, nice location,a bit skanky and overpriced though.

    steps were alright, its what you expect in a'dam. excellent location although a bit pricey for the standard of accommadation. (bit stinky) one more point: what would you do if their was a fire??? no smoke alarms,one exit. dont smoke in bed may 2002

    language Review door gerard gilmour
    some people seem to expect the earth

    i placed a review for this hotel back in april having enjoyed my stay there. for the money i paid it was excellent value. don't accuse me of being a fake you assholes, this is a nice hotel and the staff are unbelievably helpful. if you paid through the nose from some travel agent then that is your fault - book by phone or internet it is much cheaper. i really don't know what some people expect for the money they pay. ok so a couple of the reviews on this hotel do sound the same but if you owned a hotel you would probably post a review of your own to make it sound good,i know i would. my wife and i stayed for 2 nights in april for ú120 all in for the 2 of us and we loved it. 2 nights 2 people ú120 can't be bad?

    language Review door m1
    owners were nice! said welcome home

    stayed two nights, nice little room, overpriced, but close to everything and nice patio overlooking the back of the pallace where you may eat breakfast. would stay agian, however 120 euro for 25 square feet is a bit expensive!

    language Review door reviewer
    poor accomodations

    was not happy with this hotel at all. during my last trip to the dam i stayed here for one night and checked out as soon as possible. manager was an ass and room was ran down. the good reviews are obviously either false or written by backpackers who dont know any better.

    language Review door brian & toni

    review by brian & toni, 09/05/02 warmest regards to the kind, considerate & downright handsome people at the di-ann hotel. the first thing brian and i needed to sort out when we arrived in amsterdam was some good drugs, then somewhere to stay. we had a look at a few places before we came to your hotel and i was immediately at ease - it gave me the sensation of floating on a warm cloud over the beautiful ocean. brian and i got the feeling that you really care about your guest's. it is hard to describe the atmosphere you generate, it's almost like electricity radiates from your every pore & sunshine lights up the room everytime you enter. i was bowled over with all the help we were offered, we didn't even have to ask, all the help was volunteered, brilliant - the owner even gave us pocket money & a packed lunch before we set off for the day & even became our chaparone at night, ensuring no harm came to us after dark. on a less emotional level but just as important, the standard of our room was unbelievably superb. firstly it was vast - at least 500sq.m & it was very clean , fully serviced everyday with nothing forgotten about - they even cleaned the little bits of toothpaste from between the bristles on my toothbrush - brian was most impressed when he woke up to find the owner had thoughtfully given him a full hand & foot manicure while he slept. everything worked, not a single light bulb missing, a fantastic shower that was strong & hot & even made dinner while you shower, every detail was perfect. when we return to amsterdam i will only be staying at your hotel, thank you for the birthday card and cake, i felt very spoiled. i know you said i didn't have to pay back the 600 euros, but i'd feel bad not to - we have already made our first recommendation about your hotel to a friend and whoever asks me i will tell not to stay anywhere else. thank you for putting the icing on the cake, the butter on my toast, wiping my hole, licking my backside & generally being the best gofers in town- wishing you all the best - brian & toni from room 101.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    pleasant hotel allround

    stayed three nights at hotel diann it was clean friendly and not very far from dam square stay in room 403 and we had no troubles the staff are very friendly and keen to help i would recomend to anyone to stay there

    language Review door een bezoeker
    do you think we are stupid?

    the last review of the di-ann, 'hello to all the wonderful people at the di-ann........', is about as genuine as a 3 euro bill. please the readers here are not that dumb and those who have stayed at your hotel definately know better. improve your hotel and stop posting fake reviews!!

    language Review door kevin & coral
    hello to all the helpful, kind and generous people at the di-ann hotel.

    the first thing kev and i needed to sort out when we arrived in amsterdam was somewhere to stay. we had a look at a few places before we came to your hotel and i was immediately at ease. kev and i got the feeling that you really care about your guest's. it is hard to describe the atmosphere you generate, let me just say whatever it is you are doing, don't change a thing. i was bowled over with all the help we were offered, we didn't even have to ask, all the help was volunteered, brilliant. on a less emotional level but just as important, the standard of our room was superb. it was very clean, fully serviced everyday with nothing forgotten about. everything worked, not a single light bulb missing, a fantastic shower that was strong and hot, every detail was perfect. when we return to amsterdam i will only be staying at your hotel, thank you for the birthday card and cake, i felt very spoiled. we have already made our first recommendation about your hotel to a friend and whoever asks me i will tell not to stay anywhere else. thank you for putting the icing on the cake, wishing you all the best - kev and coral from room 305.

    language Review door a visitor
    you can find much better

    room was small!! and the noise from the street was never ending. staff was, for lack of a better description 'strange'. entire bathroom floor was soaked after every shower. your knees were up against the bathroom door when using the toilet. breakfast was o.k. location was good. web site is very deceptive. during our entire visit we nick named the hotel the 'blow ann' you can do much better than here.

    language Review door hayley
    thank you!!!

    hello i wanted to say a special thank you for sending home my sunglasses wich i left in your room (201) last weekend. they have arrived safely in london! our stay with you was really lovely and i have already recommended hotel di-ann to my friend and family as the perfect place to stay in amsterdam! thank you once again. from..... hayley

    language Review door gerard g
    good central base with very friendly and helpful staff.

    stayed for two nights in april,yes the stairs are steep but it is amsterdam for god sake. staff carry your case for you up the stairs so no problem there. we felt the staff couldn't have done anymore for us, gave us our 20 euro deposit back no problem and didn't even charge us for three phone calls to glasgow - i did mention it to the owner but he said it was ok and that we needn't pay. good central location and they give you a key for the front door so you can let yourself in no matter how late and drunk you are. all in all for the money we paid a good deal. we would definitely go back.

    language Review door pher

    the stairs from hell!! other than the stairs it was fine staff was a bit odd though.

    language Review door tomm7868
    clean but basic & good location

    as mentioned before it has steep stairs on access but they are not too bad. the rooms were small but clean and the cold buffet breakfast was ok. staff very helpful, especially helping with luggage up and down stairs. overall a basic and clean hotel in a good location at a cheap price. all we look for when we go to adam is somewhere clean to sleep and this certainly fits the bill.

    language Review door een bezoeker

    stairs are abit of a nightmare, but from what i've been told that aint rare in amsterdam. if your just after a place to crash after 'sampling the city' allday its cheap, clean, the staff were very helpful (esspecially the cute blonde) and its location and price are ideal. we'll be back....soon. ps the power showers are class aswell!

    language Review door helen g
    friendly, clean and warm

    after having read some of the reviews i was worried about this hotel, i needn't have been...the hotel is warm, friendly, clean and in an excellent location. we had a view of the herengracht canal from our window. there were a lot of stairs but then that is representative of the tall narrow buildings of amsterdam. the hotel is well priced and we would recommend it.

    language Review door angela, ireland
    very small clean room.

    the room was very small. but it was well heated, big window and clean. the staff were very nice and helped with bags. they give you a key to the front door so you can come and go as you please at night. for a 2 star hotel, it was all you could expect. the bathroom was small and the shower didn't have a separate floor. in other words the bathroom was one long rectangle with the toliet bside the door, then the sink then the shower behind a retractable curtain. so when you showered the whole floor got wet. although it was slightly slanted down towards the shower so the water drained away quickly. if you're on a budget, this is a good place. if you're on a romantic weekend away, don't stay here.

    language Review door mike
    great value for those on a budget

    stayed there for a week in late dec 01 - jan 02. staff is very friendly, room was clean, adequate for those who dont plan to spend their stay in their hotel room. excellent location! will stay there again

    language Review door scottish visitor
    clean,friendly,good value

    like many small amsterdam hotels, the stairs are steep, but staff were on hand immediately to help with luggage. the rooms are small, but very clean and recently renovated. breakfast is typically continental, but adequate. location is superb, two minutes from the centre of amsterdam. staff extremely friendly and attentive. winter discount rates great value. worth giving it a try.

    language Review door julien le vaux
    guess what?

    guess what? the rooms do not resemble the pictures on the hotel's will have to ask for your deposit back for tv remote(50 guilders)(see also nadia hotel is the same story), my advice , stay somewhere else.

    language Review door jazzykid
    watch these people

    very bad first impression, with those terribly steep stairs. staff rude, and the guy at the desk, tryed to charge me 30 guilders for a phone call i never made. make sure you dont pick up the phone if it rings in your room. use the payphones throughout the city. also make sure you get your deposit back(50 guilders) for tv,key remote. do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

    language Review door dave
    you can find better

    stayed here with a friend (winter '00) and it was really bad. the rooms are tiny and are nothing like what is presented on the hotel's web site. the included breakfast consisted of boiled eggs, white bread, coffee & juice (which was o.k.), but the staff always seemed to be spying on us from around the corners. there are two long, steep flights of stairs up to the reception area. if you're a smoker take a rest before attempting to climb them (i'm not joking) you had a leave a deposit for - an extra room key, the t.v. remote, hairdryer, tea pot etc. and this was for each individual item! the only redeeming thing about this hotel is the location, nothing else.

    language Review door gilbert thompson
    comfortable and great location

    the stairs are a bit steep but do not let that discourage you from enjoying the hospitality,cleanliness,comfortable beds and the feeling of amsterdam. our hosts were most accomadating to our needs. my mother in law of 73 years old enjoyed the stay too.

    language Review door een bezoeker
    The rooms are deninitely tiny. Staff extremely rude. No bugs though...

    As I mentioned...The rooms are deninitely tiny. Staff extremely rude. No bugs though...however, we were there during New Year's. What were we expecting. It was totally the seller's market. BUT, BUT, BUT...the guy at the front desk...

    language Review door Shiuli
    It was okay

    The Hotel Di-Ann was just okay....

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