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Aalborg Hotel Amsterdam
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    Número das revisões : 1882
    Avaliação média (7.5 /10 )
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    language Revisão através um visitante
    compared to a 5star hilton it gets 2,5!

    considering that we payed only 35 eur p.p.p.n. it was pretty good! quite, clean but very small rooms with tv and shower. every day fresh towels. no problems with the service at all! the only thing to complain about might be the quantaty and the quality of the breakfast, if u like a handmade fresh pancake or scrummbled eggs every morning u should visit the hilton otherwise u can drop off at the aalborg!

    language Revisão através kc
    new brand hotel

    i see a lot of bad reviews for the aalborg hotel. i was there last week and they renovated the place. the staff is really friendly and helpfull.

    language Revisão através samual beacher
    flea bag hotel

    got a great last minute deal on airfare to a'dam for the last week in sept 2004. the vvv tourist office at centraal station recommended hotel aalborg. this was the worst stay ever of all my travels i have ever experienced. the room was dirty and smelled of feces. its appears that after the last occupents left, the bed was made without changing the sheets and little if any cleaning was done. the desk staff did not seem to care and their english seem to get poor when faced with any problems. the bed sheets only got changed after i brought down the dirty ones, to be given clean sheets to change myself. breakfast was typical dutch fare. needless to say since a refund was out of the question i checked into a hostel the next day for the remainer of my stay.

    language Revisão através um visitante
    not very nice

    my husband and i had the bad luck to stay here, the room was the smallest ever on the top floor. there was barely room to walk around the bed. the receptionist made us leave our key every time we left the hotel. the breakfast was not memorable. the room wasn't dirty, but is wasn't very nice. the bathroom was awkward, with a high step up to get in. also the shower was about half the room, and consisted of a slightly lowered area of tiles, which was another trip hazard, and a shower head, no curtain. i would not stay here again, i would stay near the airport before i did.

    language Revisão através david
    garbage hotel

    i have been in this hotel for six days in summer 2004, and i will like to advise all the travellers whom will think in rent a room there, to avoid it. when we arrived we found a very small room (the one that we knew we rent it), with dead mosquitoes on the walls, blood over some walls, ashes on the floor and some human waste on the sit of the toilet (things that wwe never expect). after speaking with a very kind recepcionist, who went to see by his own the room, he told us that he would leave a note for the clearing service, (i still wonder if this service really exists). but the next day everything was the same. after speaking with the manager of this garbage hotel, and suggest to change our room, he turn in a very rude way, so i suggested him to be polite, something that he didn´t understand quite well, due to his lack in english conversation. anyway he finally gave us a four bed room with no charge. but what was our surprise, when we found in this new room rest of pizza on the floor and some beacon near the beds. so if you want to ruin your time on amsterdam, this is your hotel with no doubt. nevertheless, i must say that the night recepcionist just as the breakfast and the people in charge of this one are the best of this hotel.

    language Revisão através um visitante
    not exactly a 3*

    i was referred to this hotel through the visitor's center as soon as i walked out of central station. all the hotels were pretty much booked except for the $300/night ones. my only option was the aalborg or hotels near the airport. they put me up in a double room for the price of a single and the staff was very friendly and helpful. they gave me some useful info on clubs,eats,etc,...public transit was good,otherwise it is a >30min walk to the main action. overslept through breakfast everyday, so no info on that. the visitor's center said it was a ***,but it's more like a **. my room was very cozy and clean and would stay there again if nothing available near the city center

    language Revisão através Rob

    THEFT AT HOTEL AALBORG I have been to a lot of crappy hotels but I have never been to one run by such incompetent and rude people. The following is an account of blatant theft compounded by extreme gross negligence at Hotel Aalborg in Amsterdam so you may avoid the same dire circumstances. At approximately 23.45 the evening I arrived in A'dam on a weeknight, I left the hotel. On the way out, I noticed that their was no one at the front desk to accept my key and remember thinking to myself how easy it would be to just grab keys from the board behind the desk. The man, supposedly looking after the front desk was in an adjacent eating room watching pornography, finally stepped out to take my key after a few minutes. Upon returning to an unlocked front door (direct access to the inside), the same man, watching more pornography, returned my key and mentioned that my friend in the next room was looking for me. I had no friend in the next room. Soon enough, I find that almost USD1,000 (thatÆs over fl 2,000 at today's exchange rate) in personal effects and electronics (no cash thankfully) was stolen from my room û from the dresser and LOCKED cabinet. Upon notifying the man, he mentioned to me that he believed the perpetrator's story since he already had the next room's key in his hand while he asked for me û all along, not noticing that my key was missing and that I had not yet returned û clearly a sorry excuse for a Dutchman with minimal mental capacity (if any). In the end, I recovered nothing and actually wasted a day re-processing a stolen passport and filing police reports (with a security force that probably couldn't tame a kindergarten class). NONE OF THE PERSONNEL AT HOTEL AALBORG OFFERED EVEN THE SLIGHTEST APOLOGY (not in English nor in Dutch û not explicitly nor in passing), MUCH LESS ANY SORT OF DISCOUNT ON THE HOTEL FEES. THEY EVEN CHARGED ME FOR CALLS TO U.S. BANKS TO HOLD CERTAIN ACCOUNTS. I like wasting my time posting about hotel theft as much as I do being stolen from. Please take heed so that you will not be subjected to the same ill-treatment.

    language Revisão através um visitante de Itália

    Non è assolutamente un hotel a 3 stelle. stanze minuscole e bagno dietro un'anta scorrevole. ma il problema principale è la scarsa pulizia. le asciugamani erano già usate, la federa del cuscino era macchiata di sangue, la spalliera del letto era unta. quando il giorno dopo siamo andati via (dovevamo stare tre notti) alle 13.30 la stanza non era ancora fatta. sconsigliato

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